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The Economist: Free Exchange

Americans are spending more of the oil-price windfall than they realise

BETWEEN June 2014 and February 2015 the price Americans paid for petrol fell by a third. Economists predicted this would boost growth by causing consumers, newly flush with cash, to spend more on o...

Optimistic IMF forecasts could be undone by financial woes

THE developing world is catching up with advanced economies, but no longer as quickly as anyone would like. That has spooked investors. The slump in commodity prices and fears of an increase i...

The art of the tax dodge

CORPORATE tax avoidance schemes cost governments an estimated $240 billion a year. Can new measures to curb the practice keep company profits away from offshore havens? 

The Fed should have abandoned inflation targeting

BEN BERNANKE'S book is officially out and available. The Economist's full review will be published later this week (it's a big book). But debate about the book's arguments is already unfolding, and...

The dominant and dangerous dollar

TAKE at look at this week's special report on the global economy, focussing on the role of the dollar in the wider world:The world economy: Dominant and dangerous (Leaders)This week's special repor...

The money wave hitting emerging markets

AS WESTERN countries struggled out of the financial crisis in 2009, they hoped emerging economies in Asia and Latin America could be relied upon to prop up global growth. Instead, emerging countrie...

Lousy jobs numbers suggest the Fed was right not to hike rates

THE world was on tenterhooks on September 17th, when it appeared the Fed might just be about to raise interest rates in America, for the first time in more than nine years. Although monet...

The patient awakes

UKRAINE has just released balance-of-payments data for August. In terms of Ukraine’s recent past, at least, it makes for good reading. Exports are rising and the country is running both current-a...

Why some emerging-market leaders say they want the Fed to hike

SCARCELY is one Federal Reserve meeting over before the doves and hawks start circling again. The hawks, who hope for a rate increase, had some unlikely companions in their flock in the run-up to t...

The business of skin

FROM newspapers to music, the media world has been upended by the internet. Porn is no exception. How has the industry survived amid an endless torrent of free adult content?