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The Economist: Free Exchange

How to make negative rates less painful

NEGATIVE interest rates are intended to give the economy a boost. But one potential side effect can be to damage the banking system. A cut to official interest rates feeds through into money market...

A peer-to-peer Ponzi scheme

PONZI schemes abound in China and the latest has bilked nearly one million investors; and we also look at why...Continue reading

The rouble has not depreciated by as much as it may seem

IN RUSSIA at the moment, lots of people are talking about "import substitution". The price of the nation's main export, oil, has collapsed; and the West has slapped on sanctions as punishment for t...

The Fed makes the best of the bad situation it created

SUPPOSE for a moment that you are sitting on the Federal Open Market Committee and therefore share the FOMC's view of what's going on in America's economy, and therefore think that it was sensible ...

The Ukrainian economy is not terrible everywhere

IN 2014 Ukrainian GDP fell by 7%; in 2015 it shrunk by an astonishing 12%. The whole economy is indeed in trouble; the hryvnia, the currency, has lost about 70% against the dollar in the past two y...

The tax man cometh

A DEAL struck between Google and the British government over back payments signals change in the way multinationals will be taxed, though it is proving controversial

Are results in top journals to be trusted?

PUBLICATION bias in academic journals is nothing new. A finding of no correlation between sporting events and either violent crime or property crime may be analytically top class, but you couldn’...

Do falling markets mean recession is on the horizon?

MARKETS have begun the year in extremely wobbly fashion. Plunging equities have generated most of the headlines; major indexes in Asia and Europe are now in bear market territory, meaning that they...

The drawback of cheap oil

OUR energy and economics editors explain why the plummeting oil price may not be as good as usual for the world economy and our Buttonwood columnist discusses his award-winning article on the deep-...

China's government faces extremely unappetising policy options

CHINA’S wild stock markets command attention, but it’s the foreign-exchange moves that really bear watching, for those worried about the Chinese economy and its effect on the world. The backdro...