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The Economist: Free Exchange

Important, shocking, but lacking

UNICEF, a branch of the United Nations, has just released an interesting report on child poverty during the Great Recession. The report’s results have been reported widely and are distressing. It...

A mixed bill of health

THIS week: The European Central Bank's health-check of big European banks and the state of American business 

Putting the boot in development

I’VE STUMBLED across an interesting paper, which looks at the economic impact of TOMS Shoes. When you buy a pair of TOMS, they give another pair to an impoverished child. TOMS has come under a fa...

The human-driven driverless car

TECHNOLOGY companies from Google to Audi have made remarkable strides in autonomous vehicle technology over the past few years. This progress is the more impressive given the fact that a decade ago...

A market unto itself

AMID the sell-off in global equities over the past month, one market has made for an unlikely safe haven. While American, European and Japanese stock indices have fallen by roughly 5-9% since late ...

Breaking the rules

AS UNPLEASANT as global economic conditions look just now we can at least be thankful that things aren't anywhere near as bad as they were in 2009, to say nothing of 1931. Neither are those sorts o...

Big, bad Amazon

LAST week, the Nobel prize in economics was awarded to Jean Tirole (see this week's Free exchange column) for his work examining the difficulties in regulating firms with substantial market power. ...

The great unbundling

THIS week our correspondents discuss deflation, the TV business and the politics of wages

Poverty elucidation day

FRIDAY October 17th was China’s first official “Poverty Alleviation Day”, an annual convocation of “forums and fundraisers”, designed to rally efforts to combat deprivation. Of course, th...

An enigmatic slowdown

Simon Cox is Investment Strategist for Asia-Pacific at BNY Mellon Investment Management in Hong Kong.THE chart below shows growth and inflation in an unidentified economy. Even without naming the p...