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The Economist: Free Exchange

The start of the rebellion?

THORSTEIN VEBLEN, an economist who dabbled in sociology, reckoned that the best-off members of a community established the standards that everyone else followed. Less-well-to-do individuals, he rec...

A bit of a pickle

Sorry, no tort reform hereIN 2002 Caesar Barber, an obese man, sued McDonald’s and other fast-food firms for making him fat. Their crime, Mr Barber argued, was to withhold nutritional information...

Finding equations to explain the world

JOHN NASH may be best known for being portrayed by Russell Crowe in the biopic “A Beautiful Mind”, but his essential and lasting contribution is in the world of economics. In 1994 he shared the...

A crazy casino

CHINA'S stockmarket has often been called a casino, with share prices bearing little connection to underlying economic conditions. But while the market has strayed from growth trends in the past, i...

Crunch time for Athens

GREECE approaches a real deadline with creditors on June 5th, America's economy shakes and China's stockmarket wobbles

Nash's Nobel prize

Our coverage on the award of the Nobel prize for economics to John Nash in 1994The games economists play | Oct 15th 1994  Game theory is now part of almost every economist's tool-kit...

Financial crime, Ukraine's economic mess and "basic income" policies

THIS week's print edition has an array of economics articles that may be of interest. The following have particularly caught our eye:Why America's approach to punishing financial crime is muddled, ...

Slipping away from the West

IN A LEADER this week we argue that the West should treat Ukraine like it treated Poland in the early 1990s. Poland has had bucketloads of aid and economic assistance thrown at it since the 1990s, ...

What goes down, must come up

FOR the first time since 1960, the price of British goods and services has fallen over the course of a year—but only just. Prices fell by 0.1% in the year to April 2015, having been unchanged in ...

Hurrying up

GREECE'S looming debt payments, America's deadline for prosecuting white collar financial crimes and Europe's improving economy