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The Economist: Free Exchange

Big, bad Amazon

LAST week, the Nobel prize in economics was awarded to Jean Tirole (see this week's Free exchange column) for his work examining the difficulties in regulating firms with substantial market power. ...

The great unbundling

THIS week our correspondents discuss deflation, the TV business and the politics of wages

Poverty elucidation day

FRIDAY October 17th was China’s first official “Poverty Alleviation Day”, an annual convocation of “forums and fundraisers”, designed to rally efforts to combat deprivation. Of course, th...

An enigmatic slowdown

Simon Cox is Investment Strategist for Asia-Pacific at BNY Mellon Investment Management in Hong Kong.THE chart below shows growth and inflation in an unidentified economy. Even without naming the p...

China no more

IN THIS week’s print edition we published a chart that looks at the world’s biggest economies over time. We timed it to coincide with the news that China, at least in purchasing-power parity te...

Get a life—or get fat

IN THE last year we have written a series of articles on working hours, many of which were rather popular. We have tried to explain why the rich now work longer than the poor, and why working short...

When will they learn?

THE monetary economics of a world in which interest rates are close to zero are not especially mysterious. Stimulating the economy at that point requires central banks to raise expected inflation. ...

Gloomy outlook

THIS week our correspondents discuss Germany’s worsening economy, China’s growing debt pile and the consequences of the falling oil price 

The Nobel prize goes to Jean Tirole

AFTER last year's three-way split, this year's Sveriges Riksbank prize in economic sciences in memory of Alfred Nobel goes to a single receipient, Jean Tirole of Toulouse University ...

Asia redux?

JUST how bad is IMF forecasting? The Fund’s economists have come under fire in the past few days. Critics have bemoaned its World Economic Outlook (WEO) predictions, which ended up being way too ...