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The Economist: Free Exchange

Regulating the digital economy

HOW should digital platforms like Google and Facebook be regulated? And quinoa has impressed everyone from Oprah to the United Nations but is quinoa competition putting farmers in Bolivia and Peru ...

America’s central bank picks a poor time to get hawkish

THE members of the Federal Reserve's monetary-policy making committee have been desperate to hike rates, often, for most of the past year. They were keen to begin hiking in September, but were put ...

Bailout in Brussels

Do British housing markets suffer from market failure?

IT IS OFTEN said that London is becoming a city just for the rich, particularly as far as housing is concerned. This sweeping statement means different things to different people, and it is actuall...

I am Bitcoin

CRAIG WRIGHT claims to have founded the cryptocurrency. Our technology and business affairs editors debate whether his 'proofs' add up. Plus China's looming debt crisis - and the economics of Game ...

The link between pro-austerity and anti-Brexit

IN RECENT years one of the most divisive issues in economics has been whether or not you see the Baltics as a success. When the financial crisis hit they decided to pursue what the IMF called "unpr...

Emerging market déjà vu

COMMODITIES, emerging markets and inflation expectations may all have reached a turning point. Is it 1999 all over again? And we explore whether China's strategic ambitions in Africa are overstated

The fiscal-devolution deal to Scotland is very generous

IT HAS now been two weeks since Scotland got control over income tax, the so-called Scottish Rate of Income Tax (or SRIT). Under this deal, Scotland has put in its own 10p rate of tax, and Westmins...

Single and ready to spend

UNMARRIED women are becoming an increasingly potent economic force and we check in with the author of our Special report on business in Africa

How Russia bounced back from the oil crash

THE agile response of the Russian central bank to the oil crisis caught many off guard; so, how did the organs of Russian finance weather the crash? And, as the Panama papers threaten global tax ha...