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The Economist: Free Exchange

Was the crash that big?

HOW big was China’s stockmarket crash? Dubbed “Black Monday”, August 24th ended with Chinese equities down 8.5%, wiping out hundreds of billions of dollars in market capitalisation. Like many...

The Bank of England will follow the Federal Reserve

THE UPWARD revision to American GDP on August 27th provided a shot in the arm to global stockmarkets, which have endured their most volatile week of trading in years. The American economy is now th...

How natural resources breed violence

AFRICA is home to a tenth of the planet’s oil, a third of its mineral reserves and produces two-thirds of its diamonds. High prices may pep up the continent’s short-term economic growth, but sc...

How exposed are American households to the stock market?

Should the Federal Reserve worry about tanking stock markets? One reason for calm is that they do not much affect household finances. Just over half of Americans say they are invested in the stock ...

China's boom gone bust

THE stockmarket rout in China could be the first step towards a recasting of the global economy or a summertime speedbump in an otherwise healthy economy

China's stockmarket keeps plunging but cooler heads prevail

EIGHT is an auspicious number in China, because in some dialects it sounds like the word for prosperity. Negative-eight, it seems, means just the opposite. After two consecutive days of 8% losses...

Ukraine’s debt negotiations are reaching a conclusion

AFTER months of talks, markets are expecting an announcement soon about the resolution of Ukraine's debt crisis. On August 24th news leaked that Ukraine and its creditors had agreed to a 20% haircu...

Fed leaders begin to recognise that September is too soon to hike rates

THE combination of weaker-than-expected CPI inflation and some dovish comments in the minutes of the Federal Reserve’s July meeting have caused the dollar, and yields on Treasury bonds, to fall. ...

Trying to count China's jobless

DESPITE all the ups and downs in China’s economy over the past decade, its official unemployment rate has remained incredibly stable. Incredible in the sense of “impossible to believe”. The r...

Not so hot commodities

COMMODITIES take a further dive which has impacted inflation globally and America finally eases its ban on crude oil exports