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The Economist: Free Exchange

The money wave hitting emerging markets

AS WESTERN countries struggled out of the financial crisis in 2009, they hoped emerging economies in Asia and Latin America could be relied upon to prop up global growth. Instead, emerging countrie...

Lousy jobs numbers suggest the Fed was right not to hike rates

THE world was on tenterhooks on September 17th, when it appeared the Fed might just be about to raise interest rates in America, for the first time in more than nine years. Although monet...

The patient awakes

UKRAINE has just released balance-of-payments data for August. In terms of Ukraine’s recent past, at least, it makes for good reading. Exports are rising and the country is running both current-a...

Why some emerging-market leaders say they want the Fed to hike

SCARCELY is one Federal Reserve meeting over before the doves and hawks start circling again. The hawks, who hope for a rate increase, had some unlikely companions in their flock in the run-up to t...

The business of skin

FROM newspapers to music, the media world has been upended by the internet. Porn is no exception. How has the industry survived amid an endless torrent of free adult content?

The strangest chart

WE DID not have space for the following chart in our lead note on housing this week, but I think it is worth sharing. It comes from Neal Hudson, of Savills, and reveals a bizarre relationship. For ...

Murphy’s law unto himself

THE Guardian carried an interesting article on Tuesday, written by Zoe Williams, about Richard Murphy, the architect of much of the economic policy of Labour's new leader, Jeremy Corbyn. In it, Mr ...

Why the Paris conference may not be enough

In December talks in Paris involving more than 200 countries may result in a new agreement aimed at reducing carbon emissions. In the months leading up to the conference, The Economist will be...

Why Britain is not so unequal after all

ONE of the key aims of taxation and public spending is to redistribute income from rich to poor. The way most statisticians, economists and policymakers think about this is in terms of a cross-sect...

Noxious business

VOLKSWAGEN confessed to cheating on emissions tests in America in the latest corporate blow-up. How do firms deal with costly disasters both accidental and self-induced?