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The Economist: Free Exchange

The right call

CHINA has cut interest rates for the first time in more than two years, a powerful signal that the government wants to step up support for the slowing economy. As fate would have it, a rate cut was...

It is really that bad

SINCE OUR print-edition piece last week, Ukraine’s economy seems to have stabilised a little. The currency fell by about 2% this week against the dollar, much better than what happened the week b...

A glut-wrenching experience

IN THE mid-2000s the Federal Reserve found itself facing something of a problem. Beginning in 2004 the Fed has started raising the federal funds rate in response to strengthening economic condition...

About that debt

IT HAS been a tumultuous couple of weeks for Japanese policy makers. First, the Bank of Japan dramatically scaled up its quantitative easing programme in response to weak growth and inflation figur...

Surprising results

THIS week: A look back at the G20 summit in Brisbane, Japan enters a recession and retailer Amazon and publisher Hachette agree on a deal over the price of e-book

Delay the second consumption tax hike

Yusuke Horiguchi is the former director of the International Monetary Fund's Asia and Pacific Department, and former chief economist of the Institute of International FinanceTHE time for a decision...

Lazy graduate students?

“IF THE objective of graduate training in top-ranked [economics] departments is to produce successful research economists, then these graduate programmes are largely failing.” That’s the star...

Rouble runes

THE Russian rouble runs into trouble, Ukraine's economy takes a dive, big banks become lesser risks and China and Japan shake hands at APEC

Deflation, deflated

WHEN people think of a large Asian country on the brink of deflation, they probably have Japan in mind. But China, the biggest of them all, is now skirting close to outright falls in prices across ...

Target the SMEs

Rounding off our discussion of what the ECB can do to save the euro zone is Sony Kapoor, managing director of the think-tank Re-Define. The effectiveness of long-overdue quantitative easi...