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NPR Topics: Economy

The Restaurant With No (Visible) Workers

A new, highly automated restaurant in San Francisco looks to speed up service through efficiency. You won't see any people taking your order or serving you at Eatsa, a fast-casual quinoa eatery.

What Do Low Oil Prices Mean For Unconventional Extraction Methods?

NPR's Robert Siegel interviews Barbara R. Shook, senior reporter-at-large at the Energy Intelligence Group, about how low oil prices need to go to make "unconventional oil" extraction too expensive.

U.S. Treasury Holds Public Forum On $10 Bill Redesign

A woman will likely be on the $10 bill by 2020, but which one? The U.S. Treasury held a forum in Seneca Falls, N.Y., Monday to get the public's input.

Oil Market Bust Yields Unexpected Boom For Texas Repo Men

The price of oil has dropped to its lowest point in years in recent weeks. That's meant layoffs and people falling behind on payments for the fancy vehicles they bought during the good times.

What's Better For Afghanistan's Future: Buddha Tours Or A Copper Mine?

A vast archaeological site sits atop one of the world's biggest untapped copper deposits. Afghanistan must decide which resource will be a greater boon.

On Wall Street: Not Much Fun, But It Sure Was Interesting

Markets have been seeing some of the biggest stock-price swings in years. And economists say the extreme volatility is starting to weigh down consumer confidence.

A Close Look At The Volatility Index

As the stock market has swung wildly this week, investors have gotten intimately acquainted with volatility. Robert Whaley, a professor at Vanderbilt, explains the VIX, his gauge of market volatility.

China's Tricky Economic Transition: From Steel Mills To E-Commerce

Shanghai's stock market rose Friday and investors are relieved. That doesn't change the fact that China's economy is undergoing a wrenching transition away from manufacturing, with more pain to come.

White House Explores Ways To Do Business With Cuba

It will take an act of Congress to lift the trade embargo against Cuba. President Obama, however, does have ways to make it easier for Americans to go to Havana or to sell goods there.

NLRB Ruling Could Pave The Way For Fast-Food Unions

The National Labor Relations Board ruling says companies that use franchises and contractors will be held responsible for working conditions of employees, even if they don't directly supervise them.