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NPR Topics: Economy

Why The Contradiction? Stocks Fall While Unemployment Claims Are Down

David Greene talks to economist Mohamed El-Erian, chairman of President Obama's Global Development Council, about recent turmoil in the stock market despite good employment numbers.

How Bernie Sanders' Wall Street Tax Would Work

His proposed "speculation tax" — a small levy on every stock, bond or derivative sold in the U.S. — would fund higher education. Estimates of how much revenue it might raise vary greatly.

North Dakota Residents Weather Downturn In Commodity Prices

North Dakota's fortunes have taken an abrupt turn for the worse. The state was recently a destination for thousands of people seeking a better life and high paying jobs in the Bakken oil field. But...

Global Markets Slide As Fed Chair Janet Yellen Briefs Congress

Stock markets around the world were down again Thursday. In the U.S., the Dow and the S&P were down about 2 percent at mid-day. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen is on Capitol Hill briefing la...

Saudi Arabia Turns To Plan B As Low Oil Prices Rattle Economy

Planet Money tries to find out how low oil prices will change Saudi Arabia economically and culturally.

Morgan Stanley Will Pay $3.2 Billion For Contributing To Mortgage Crisis

The investment bank, agreeing that it misrepresented the risk and value of mortgage-backed securities, reached the settlement deal with state and federal authorities.

Global Markets Are Tanking. Why, And What's To Come?

David Greene talks with David Wessel of the <em>Wall Street Journal</em> and the Brookings Institution about the causes and effects of the ongoing slide in global markets.

Fed Chair Janet Yellen Warns Of Growing Risks To U.S. Economy

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen made clear in congressional testimony Wednesday she sees an economy that faces increased risk. Her assessment was sufficiently downbeat to practically remove the ...

Outlook 'Uncertain' For Global Economy, Yellen Tells Congress

Testifying for the first time since the Federal Reserve raised interest rates, Janet Yellen says volatility in the global markets means that "as is always the case, the economic outlook is uncertain."

Low Prices Cause Carnage In The Oil Industry

When you pull up to the gas pump, low oil prices may make you smile. Low prices are wreaking havoc in oil states. We check in with a big oil field services firm based in Texas to assess the damage.