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Slate: The Undercover Economist

Michigan Fans 1, Dave Brandon 0

<p>On Sept. 27, the Michigan football team was losing badly at home to Minnesota, a team the Wolverines typically destroy. The loss would drop Michigan to 2–3 on the season, a new low point...

Obama’s Quagmire

<p>America’s war against ISIS is quickly turning into a quagmire.</p>

The Melting Pot Is Broken

<p>I’m obsessed with the idea of America as a melting pot. We owe the term to Israel Zangwill, who wrote a <a href="">mostly fo...

Wolf Wars

<p>John Burch spent 20 years studying a family of 11 wolves. Then one day last winter, the entire pack was shot dead.</p>

Lousy Judgment

<p>If you really think about it, who among us <em>hasn’t</em> been accused on television of coddling child molesters?</p>

Great and Small

<p>For 40 years, the <a href="">Nikon Small World photomicrography competition</a> has displayed the most beautiful, unusual, and technically sophis...

“We Are Here”

<p>WARSAW, Poland—There were ministers and presidents and an audience full of people from around the world. But at the opening of the beautiful <a href="">Museum of ...

Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights, Katha Pollitt

<p>Listen to Katha Pollitt discuss her new book, <em><a href="">Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights</a></em>, and take ques...

The Next Mitt Romney

<p>Mitt Romney is not going gentle into that good night. Despite the rough ending of his presidential bid, he’s been busy in Republican Party politics, crisscrossing the country to campaign...

You, The Gabfest, and a Hotel Room

<p>The Gabfest is coming to Chicago! Hopefully you’ve already purchased tickets to <a href="