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Slate: The Undercover Economist

The Tape Shelf

<p>In the video above, a nifty method passed down from The Shortcut’s dad to avoid the crumbly mess that comes with drilling into drywall. All it takes is a little tape and a couple folds.&...

Procedural Purgatory

<p>The Senate went home on Friday for a two-week spring break without confirming Loretta Lynch as attorney general. By the time lawmakers return, it will have been more than five months since...

Don’t Blame It on Depression

<p>Because Germanwings pilot Andreas Lubitz killed <em>himself</em> when he purposefully drove a plane carrying 149 other people into a mountain in the Alps, there has been an ass...

Biggest Sellout

<p>The Champagne tasting was over, and things had gotten tense. On one side of the discussion were representatives of <a href="">the Knot</a>, the wedding-...

Is This Thing On?

<p><em>This article is part of Future Tense, a collaboration among&nbsp;</em><a href=""><em>Arizona State University</em>...

The “How Does a U.N. Official Work?” Edition

<p><strong>Listen to this episode of Working with guest Tony Banbury:</strong></p>

Clock Off

<p>Over the summer, <a href="">inspired by events in last year’s Elite Eight</a>, I investigated whether it was fe...

Sympathy for the Devil

<p>The NCAA is the worst. This is a <a href="">well-documente...

Here’s How to Ace Your Next Job Interview

<p>After endlessly tweaking your resume and cover letter, finally hearing that you’re getting an interview can seem like a relief. But job interviews can be as difficult as they are essenti...

Amicus: Mercury Rising

<p>Listen to Episode 14 of <strong><em>Slate</em></strong>’s Amicus:</p>