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Slate: The Undercover Economist

Cuts and Shutdowns Are Hurting Science

<p>On Oct. 1 last year, the U.S. federal government shut its doors after Congress failed to pass a budget. For 16 days, around 800,000 government employees twiddled their thumbs. Many of them...

The Longform Guide to Cuba

<p><em>There was a lot of attention this week on Yasiel Puig's escape from Cuba, with features in both </em><a href="

High Maintenance

<p>The Web series <em>High Maintenance</em>, about which I’d been hearing good things at a low rumble for the past couple of months, had a few hurdles to clear before it could r...

British Airways Is Going Back to the Future

<p>In an attempt to combat rising fuel prices, British Airways is channeling their inner Doc Brown. The airline's new project, know as GreenSky, will convert garbage and waste into jet fuel. ...

How Not to End Racial Discrimination

<p>The right has always been against race-conscious remedies to racial discrimination, touting “colorblindness” as the “constitutional” approach to making policy. But it’s only been...

Warren’s World

<p>Elizabeth Warren only ever encounters three kinds of human obstacles: proud, tragic, or pathetic. You can plunk <a href="

“The Risks Are Enormous”

<p><em>WARSAW, Poland—Poland's foreign minister, Radoslaw &quot;Radek&quot; Sikorski, has been intimately involved in the Ukraine crisis, including in the negotiation of an ag...

I Ran the Pyongyang Marathon

<p><em>Each&nbsp;Friday&nbsp;<strong><a href="">Roads &amp; Kingdoms</a></strong>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<strong>Sla...

Data Doesn’t Lie?

<p>Five weeks into the search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, <a href="">more than $30 million</a> has been spent scouring gre...

Happy Crossmas!

<p><em>This Sunday, people around the world will be celebrating Easter. But unlike Christmas and other holidays, Easter seems to resist commercialism and retain its religious purity. In...