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Slate: The Undercover Economist

Ronald Reagan Is Kobe Bryant

<p>In a recent <a href=""><em>New York </em>magazine interview</a> with Frank Rich, Chris Rock...

Whither the Barf Bag?

<p>I threw up on a plane once. It’s not my favorite travel memory, but one that came up again during a recent flight, when I noticed that the seatback pouch in front of me was ill-equipped....

Everyone Drink Up

<p>The holidays are all about extended family, which means, by necessity, they’re also all about alcohol. But what if you’re a nursing mom? On the one hand, you’ve probably been told by...

Santa Claus Is Coming to Town, Eventually

<p>Santa Claus is meticulous—we know this. He spends the entire year preparing for a single evening. He assembles a comprehensive list of childhood behavior that is presumably hundreds of m...

Battered and Blue

<p>On Saturday, Ismaaiyl Brinsley shot a former girlfriend in Baltimore. Hours later, in Brooklyn, New York, he <a href="

How Creative Is Your Computer?

<p><em>This article originally appeared in </em><a href="">New Scientist</a><em>.</em></p>

The Music Club, 2014

<p>Hey <a href="">flexers</a>,</p>

The Quadraphonic Edition&nbsp;

<p><strong>Listen to Episode No. 32 of Slate Money:</strong></p>

Bad Movies, Good Podcast

<p><strong>Listen to Episode 160 of <em>Slate</em>’s The Gist:</strong></p>

The Music Club, 2014

<p>Hey <a href="">Starbucks lovers</a>,<br /> </p>