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Dear Prudence Live Chat

<p>Need help getting along with partners, relatives, co-workers, and people in general? Ask Dear Prudence! Emily Yoffe takes your questions on manners, morals, and more. Please keep your ques...

All Happy Families Are Microbially Alike

<p><em>This </em><a><em>article</em></a><em> originally appeared in the </em><a href=""><em>Conversati...

Techno Sapiens: The Automate Everything Edition

<p><strong>Listen to Techno Sapeins Episode No. 5 with the audio player below:</strong></p>

Listen to Our August Music Roundup

<p><strong><em>Slate</em></strong>’s <a href="">Brow Beat</a> team covers the latest pop music daily, from <a ...

The Potemkinism of Privacy Pragmatism

<p>A revolution is afoot in privacy regulation. In an assortment of <a href="">white</a> <a href="

In Defense of Amazon

<p>Last August, Amazon flew about 80 writers on its Thomas &amp; Mercer mystery and thriller imprint—including me—to Seattle for a conference. They put us up at the Westin downtown, a...

Close Your Heart

<p>Even by the standards of<strong> </strong>Bangui, the capital of Central African Republic and one of the poorest cities in the world, Sa&iuml;dou is poor. Unlike the distri...

The Most Important Figure in School Reform We Never Talk About

<p>As we go back to school this fall, parents will naturally be fretting about teachers—mainly, did their kids get the best ones? But what if, in the interest of educational improvement, we...

Lego in the Lab

<p><em>This article originally appeared in</em>&nbsp;<a href="">New Scientist</a>.</p>

House of Cards: Magic and Probability

<p>Listen to Episode No. 16 of Slate Money:</p>