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Slate: The Undercover Economist

Amicus: Mental Illness and the Death Penalty

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The “Matching Gift” Edition&nbsp;

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The Buck Starts Here

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A Better Solution to America’s Immigration Problem

<p>Whether you agree or disagree with President Obama’s use of his executive authority to temporarily <a href="

Hate Thy Neighbor

<p>Across Israel, anger at Arabs is building. In the wake of a horrific Palestinian terrorist attack on a Jerusalem synagogue—and concurrent with violent protests by Palestinians—<a hr...

Barbie Really Is a Computer Engineer

<p>It isn’t that anyone expected Barbie to be a role model for aspiring engineers. Maybe that’s why <a href="

Colleges and Cosby

<p><a href=";utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_term=partner"&g...

Big Bucks or Bogus Betting Baloney?

<p>Last week, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver published <a href="">an op-ed in the &...

Can an Airline Pilot Really Make Up Time During a Flight?

<p><em>Though it’s a myth that Thanksgiving is the <a href="">busiest travel time of the year</a&...

What Happened at Slate This Week?

<p>Greetings, <strong>Slate Plus</strong>-sters!</p>