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Slate: The Undercover Economist

Chris Christie’s Hard Truths

<p>New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has launched a “telling it like it is” campaign for president. It’s his theme. “I mean what I say, and I say what I mean, and that's what America nee...

Awkward Silence Is Our Polio

<p><strong>Listen to Episode 290 of <em>Slate</em>’s The Gist:</strong></p>

The Landscape of Civil War Commemoration

<p>The recent debate over the meaning of the Confederate flag has launched a broader discussion about how we commemorate the Civil War. As Jamelle Bouie <a href="

The Google Labs You Should Be Using

<p>Looking for a refined Gmail experience but don't feel like spending time enabling, testing and disabling Google labs? Here's your solution. In the video above, discover five Google Labs th...

What We Like Right Now

<p>Curious about what we’re digging? What We Like Right Now is a curated recommendations list from <strong><em>Slate</em></strong> editors and writers, just for <...

Twiggy the Waterskiing Squirrel Is a Superstar

<p>Hello, friend. Are you struggling through the last hours of your week before the joy of July Fourth festivities? Do you need a reminder that happy times and a weekend of water-centric acti...

Put the Pumpkin in the Boat

<p>Prison slang is forged under pressure. A word that means one thing on the outside can mean something entirely different when used by people leading highly restricted lives in cramped, ofte...

Supreme Court Breakfast Table

<p>Now that the Supreme Court term has ended, there’s a natural inclination to try to characterize it as a whole, or at least to view the results of the past few months as a harbinger of im...

Try, Try Again

<p>Just before the Supreme Court closed out its term on Monday, it condemned a man to death. Richard Jordan, who has been on Mississippi’s death row for <a href="

The Digital Demagogue

<p>Once again, negotiations between Greece and its creditors have stalled, and now a hastily called referendum set for Sunday raises the shocking possibility of Greece leaving the European Un...