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Host Teachers

Involving college students in the classroom

We see the school placement as a chance for students to both observe classroom interaction and teaching methods and reflect on educational theories and policies discussed in the college class and participate in and contribute to actual classroom activities, taking as active and helpful a role as is appropriate. Through their experience in hosting teachers' classrooms, students can explore their interests in teaching and learning and hopefully offer some help.

Though sometimes observing is most appropriate (and in some cases, is required by the school), we invite host teachers to ask the visiting student to take a more active and helpful role if the host teacher sees anopportunity for this and if the student is ready. For example, the student might:

  • Work with small groups or single students, particularly those who need extra help;
  • With younger students, read and discuss stories;
  • Answer individual student questions during homework review, group work, etc.;
  • Plan some lessons, parts of lessons, worksheets, activities, etc., which would fit in with the host teacher's overall plans; or
  • Teach parts of a lesson the host teacher or he/she has planned (for students with a greater degree of experience).

Education courses

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Evaluating college student visitors

Towards the end of the semester, we ask host teachers to offer some feedback about the visiting student's participation by responding to these questions.

  • Has the student been professional - i.e., punctual and reliable in attendance, appropriate in his or her interactions with you and your students, and responsive to communications?
  • If applicable, in what ways has the student become an active participant in your classroom? (Please note that it's OK if the student mostly observes.)

Program contact

If for any reason the placement is not working well, or if you have any questions, contact Ann Brown, Field Placements Coordinator, at abrown@brynmawredu or (610) 526-5376.