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For College Supervisors and Cooperating Teachers:

Guidelines for Evaluating the Student Teacher's Performance

Bryn Mawr/Haverford Student Teaching Evaluation and Narrative Assessment Form

At the mid-point and end of the student teaching experience, student teachers, cooperating teachers, and college supervisors complete the Student Teaching Evaluation and Narrative Assessment Form. At both these points, the supervisor will conduct a three-way conference including the student teacher and the cooperating teacher. The four categories included in this document reflect the areas in which we believe student teachers should develop.

It is important that everyone complete the form as thoroughly as possible because it constitutes the main instrument of assessment and evaluation of actual teaching during the student teaching semester. For student teachers, completing this form is an essential exercise in reflecting on your learning and teaching and assessing your development. For cooperating teachers and supervisors this form offers you the opportunity to share with your student teacher in fairly extensive detail the ways in which you see him or her developing as a teacher. In completing the form, please include detailed, specific examples whenever possible to support your responses.

While it is essential to be as thorough and comprehensive as you can be in completing this form, you should select two or three areas of strength and two or three areas that need further development upon which to focus during your conference. The student teacher can read all written comments and responses to the questions on his or her own and follow up if appropriate. Use the meeting times to focus on key areas of accomplishment and key areas for improvement.

While the primary purpose of the form is as an assessment and evaluation tool for those directly involved in the student teaching experience, there are other audiences for the form as well. To alert us to problems or potential problems, please submit a copy of your complete form to the Program Coordinator (Ann Brown) and to Practice Teaching Seminar Instructor (Heather Curl).

The competencies reflected in the categories and by the specific questions on the form are goals toward which we expect student teachers to be working. We do not expect student teachers to be experts at this point in their preparation. At the midpoint of the student teaching experience in particular, it would be perfectly acceptable for a student teacher to receive some mixture of Satisfactory and Superior ratings or even one or two Unsatisfactory ratings, and those would be the focal points for development for the remainder of the student teaching experience. It is essential that, at the mid-point of the student teaching semester, any serious problems or concerns be identified.

Writing Letters of Reference to Prospective Employers (if requested by the Student Teacher)

  • Use school (if a Cooperating Teacher) or Bryn Mawr/Haverford Education Program (if a College Supervisor) letterhead (Supervisors: you can ask Ann Brown for Education Program letterhead).
  • Address letters "To Whom It May Concern."
  • Include the dates that the practice teaching encompassed.
  • Specify the grade level(s) and class(es) for which you supervised or observed your student teacher.
  • Indicate your relationship to the student teacher (cooperating teacher, supervisor, major department representative) and indicate the role you played (met with, helped in planning, observed weekly, observed once, etc.)
  • Discuss areas of strength (What did s/he do that was particularly effective or impressive and why?) and why you think this person would be an asset to a department and or school.
  • Follow the Student Teacher's guidelines about where to mail the letter (e.g., to the Career Development Office for the student's credentials file or to the student teacher).

Recommending a Grade for Lesson Plans

A portion of the grade for the Practice Teaching Seminar student teachers participate in while teaching encompasses their "consistency, improvement and mastery" in writing daily lesson plans. While Heather Curl, the Practice Teaching Seminar instructor, will base this grade partly on lesson plan presentations each student completes in class, she also factors in the Cooperating Teacher's and College Supervisor's grade recommendations (based on a 4.0 grading scale).