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World Languages Certification, Grades K-12


Students must major in French or Romance Languages. Students must attend the 3-day training workshops for teaching assistants that are held prior to the opening of classes in the fall. Study abroad, participation in a summer immersion program (if study abroad impossible), or participation in a summer immersion program, and/or experience as a teaching assistant are strongly recommended.


Students must major in Latin or Classical Languages, or Classics. Haverford Classics majors must plan their programs so that a Roman civilization course is included in their coursework. Study abroad in Rome is strongly recommended, as is experience as a tutor to undergraduates, if opportunities are available.


Students must major in Spanish or Romance Languages. We also strongly recommend that certification candidates study abroad and tutor in Spanish (note that student drill instructors participate in a 3-day workshop before the fall semester begins).


Pursuit of certification in the following languages is also possible but subject to availability of student teaching placements:


Students must major in East Asian Studies, including East Asian Studies 282 (Structure of Chinese) in their coursework. Experience as a teaching assistant and/or undergraduate tutor is also required. Study abroad or participation in a summer immersion program is strongly recommended.


Students must major in German. They must also become a teaching assistant/drill instructor for at least one semester (which involves attending the 3-day training workshop prior to the opening of classes in the fall). Further, they are advised to attend a summer immersion program or participate in a study abroad program for a semester or summer.


Students must major in Russian. Certification candidates are encouraged to pursue advanced language study in Russia on summer, semester, or year-long academic programs. If they do not study abroad, they are required to take Russian 350/570, “The Acquisition of Russian as a Second Language.”