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Alice Lesnick

Alice Lesnick is Term Professor of Education, the Director of the Bryn Mawr/Haverford Education Program, and Coordinator of Africana Studies at Bryn Mawr College. Her current research focuses on contradiction and interruption in teaching and learning; she is also beginning to study community radio as pedagogy. A literacy researcher with particular interests in community-based learning and distributed knowledge, Alice has created and teaches a broad range of courses at the College, where she is in her 19th year. The recipient of the Rosalyn R. Schwartz Teaching Award; a faculty associate/teacher development facilitator with the Institute for Writing and Thinking at Bard College; and a former preschool, elementary, middle, and high school teacher, Alice also now directs Lagim Tehi Tuma/Thinking Together, in which BiCo and Ghanaian university students join with community mentors for action research and study by working with three education projects: an early education NGO, a community radio station, and a technology training center in Northern Ghana. Alice's other passions include her family, painting, and Tai Chi.

Recent research

Alice's research focuses on collaboration and collaborative learning, moral education, and gender and schooling. Her academic publications include:

Cohen, J., Cook-Sather, A., & Lesnick, A. (2013). “Students as Leaders and Learners: Toward Self-Authorship and Social Change on a College Campus.” Innovations in Education and Teaching International, 50, 1.

Cohen, J. & Lesnick, A. (2012). Beyond ‘Open-Mindedness:’ Practices for Understanding the Myth of Meritocracy in Teacher Education Classes.”  In Gorski, P., Osei, Kofi, N., Sapp, J, & Zenkov, K.,Cultivating Social Justice Teachers: How Teacher Educators Have Helped Students Overcome Cognitive Bottlenecks and Learn Critical Social Justice Concepts, Sterling, VA: Stylus Publishing.

Lesnick, A. (2012) “360 Degrees of Pedagogy.” Teaching and Learning Together in Higher Education. Issue 7, Fall.

Grobstein, P. & Lesnick, A. (2011). “Education Is Life Itself: Biological Evolution as a Model for Human Learning.” Evolution: Education and Outreach, Vol. 4, Issue 4, pp. 688-700.

Dalke, A. & Lesnick, A. (2011). “Teaching Intersections: The Surprise of Gift-Giving and -Getting in the Cultural Commons.” Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy.

Cook-Sather, A., Cohen, J., & Lesnick, A. (2010). “Students as Learners and Leaders: Towards Intellectual Community.” Innovations in Education & Teaching International.

Cook-Sather, A., Cohen, J., & Lesnick, A. (In press). “Students as Learners and Leaders: Towards Intellectual Community.” Innovations in Education & Teaching International.

Lesnick, A. (2010). “Teaching and Learning in Community: Staff-Student Learning Partnerships as Part of a College Education.” Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship, 3,1.

Lesnick, A., & Cook-Sather, A. (2009). “Building Civic Capacity and Responsibility through a Radically Inclusive Teaching and Learning Initiative.” Innovative Higher Education, 3, 1.

Lesnick, A. (2009). “Odd Questions, Strange Texts, and Other People: Collaborative Learning and New Knowledge Through Writing, Thinking, Talk, and Play.” In Vilardi, T. & Chang, M. (Eds.), Essential Practices, Enduring Questions: 25 Years of Writing to Learn from the Institute for Writing and Thinking. SUNY Press, Albany, NY.

Cook-Sather, A., Lesnick, A., & Cohen, J. (2009). “Learning from the Tensions: Constructing Educational Studies within a Traditional Liberal Arts Context." In Liberal Arts Education and Teacher Education: A Lasting Relationship. AILACTE.

Manuscripts in progress

Lesnick, A. "Hopeful Impossibility: Speaking Between Risk, Restriction, and Learning in Collaborations by American and Ghanaian Educators."

Curl, H. & Lesnick, A. “An Individualized Theory: Students Thresholding Theories of Change in a Capstone Educational Studies Seminar.”

Recent academic presentations

“Suspending Hopelessness: Supporting Students as They Create Theories of Change to Guide their Current and Future Practice” (with Heather Curl), Critical Questions in Education Conference, Baltimore, MD, November, 2015.

Writer as Reader (with Alfred Guy), Workshop on Writing to Read Strategies to engage texts by James Baldwin, Walt Whitman, and John Green, Institute for Writing and Thinking, Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY.

Co-Curator and Co-Organizer, Backtalk: Exposures, Erasures, and Elisons of the Bryn Mawr College African Art Collection, February-May, 2015.

“An Invisible Education: Provisionally Shared Spaces of Learning in a Transnational Collaborative.” Invited talk at Drexel University, Global Education Colloquium, June, 2015.

Conference Convener, Panel Organizer and Participant, Negotiating Global Feminisms, Bryn Mawr College, May 8-10, 2015.

“In a Constant State of Becoming: Learning from Ghana,” Invited Talk at Project Educate, Bryn Mawr College, April 2015.

“Participatory Action Research as a Mode of Entry.” Invited talk at Tufts University, Professor of Music David Locke’s course in field methods, October, 2014.

Conference co-planner and co-convenor; panel on “Pedagogical Encounters,” TriCollege (IR)Reverence Conference in celebration of Chinua Achebe’s Arrow of God

"Each a Teacher: Reflection as a Tool for Seeking Right Relationships" (with Theresa Cann). Friends Association for Higher Education, Haverford College, May, 2014.

"Reflection with C.A.R.E as a Global Competency in an International Summer Community Fellowships Project" (with Theresa Cann and Esteniolla Maitre). NAFSA: Association of International Educators, San Diego, May, 2014 [peer-reviewed].

"’How do I learn from you all?' Students Negotiaing the Risk to Learn via an In-Class Gaming Community" (with Thomas Lord, Alezandra Wolkoff, and Wendy Chen). Blended Learning Conference, Bryn Mawr College, May 2014.

"Beside the Looking for / The finding's always tame: Mining, Crafting, Writing, Thinking" (with Erica Kaufman and Tyler Schmidt). Conference on College Composition and Communication, Indianapolis, March, 2014. [peer-reviewed].

“Mapping What’s Not There: Complexifying the Classroom in the Age of Globalization” (with Anne Dalke and Susan Sutton). CUNY Center for Collaborative Online International Learning, New York, NY, April 2013 [peer-reviewed].