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Four Categories Worksheet

Worksheet for annotating the next two years of your courses

Here are the categories of range and depth in literary study that we describe as constituting a robust path through the major.

As you construct your major, you should seek to broaden your experience of literature in four ways. Select courses that will give you:

  • Historical depth (a sense of the construction of traditions)
  • Formal breadth (experience with more than one genre and more than one medium: poetry, prose fiction, drama, letters, film, epic, non-fiction, essays, documentary, etc.)
  • Cultural range (experience with the Englishes of more than one geographical location and more than one cultural tradition, experience of the exchanges and transactions between these locations; a course from another language or literary tradition can be valuable here)
  • Different critical and theoretical frameworks: (the opportunity to experiment with several models of interpretation and the debates that animate them.

As you choose your path through the major you should also seek courses that build on one another, that may lead towards a senior essay project.”

Please use the following grid with your adviser to talk through these four categories

Courses that provide historical depth to your major

Courses that provide formal breadth

      Courses that provide cultural range

Courses with different critical and theoretical  frameworks