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Raymond Ricketts


Raymond J. Ricketts (Ph.D., Rutgers University, New Brunswick) specializes in British literature of the eighteenth century, focusing particularly on nonfiction prose, performance, sexuality, and aesthetics.  His book project, Dance as Social Practice in Eighteenth-Century Literature and Culture, explores the longstanding dual nature of dance as both a spontaneous expression of individual desire and a careful choreographing of social order, and argues that this duality continues into the eighteenth century, reflecting the period’s emerging divisions—of labor, of public and private, the market and the domestic, ancient and modern, and of men and women—that shape our lives today.  An article on Locke and dance drawn from this work appears in Annals of Scholarship.  Beyond eighteenth-century British literature, his teaching interests also include transatlantic literature, performance and drama, poetry, philosophy, sexuality, and the body.  A former professional ballet dancer, Ricketts has also worked as an editor for Raritan Quarterly, and writes and speaks on the arts in a variety of venues. 

Courses Taught

CSem: The City Imagined and Explored
CSem: Anxious Masculinity
English 253: Romanticsm
English 273:  Masculinity in English Literature: from Chivalry to Civility
English 288: The Novel
English 297: Terror, Pleasure, and Gothic Imagination
351: Jane Austen
English 355: Perfomance Theory
English 368:  Pleasure, Luxury, and Consumption in English Literature and Culture