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Anne Dalke


Anne Dalke has been teaching at Bryn Mawr since 1982, and takes a particular delight in all the collaborative opportunities open to her here.

With Jody Cohen, she is currently creating a book and interactive website, Steal This Classroom: Teaching and Learning Unbound, which is under contract with punctum press. Two of her recent co-written articles are On Being Transminded: Disabling Achievement, Enabling Exchange, with Clare Mullaney, Disability Studies Quarterly 34, 2 (2014) and Teaching Intersection, Not Assessment: Celebrating the Surprise of Gift Giving and Gift Getting in the Cultural Commons, with Alice Lesnick, Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy 8 (2011).            

In 2015 (with Alice Lesnick and Elizabeth McCormack) Anne hosted "Negotiating Global Feminisms," a 3-day workshop sponsored by a grant from the Alliance for the Advancement of Liberal Arts Colleges, and attended by faculty from a range of U.S. colleges, the University of Ghana and the University of West Indies. In 2014 (with Ann Dixon and Jody Cohen), she received a Mellon Digital Curricular Development Award. In 2012 she received the Rosabeth Moss Kanter Change Master Fund award for her contributions to social betterment through scholarship, and was also awarded a Tri-Co Environmental Studies Grant to support course development in her newest areas of interest, those of ecological re-imaginings and environmental activism. Her other areas of research include emergent pedagogies and assessment practices, disability studies, feminist theory and narrative traditions, and revisionary work in the canon of American literatures. She also has a long-standing commitment to various forms of digital dialogue.

In 2007-8, Anne co-edited two special issues: one with Jan Trembley of the Alumnae Bulletin on emergence theory, and one with Elizabeth McCormack of the Physics Department on interdisciplinarity. During her sabbatical in 2006, she kept a travel blog about her experiences studying in Guatemala, Costa Rica and Chile. The collection of Quaker teaching stories Anne co-edited with Barbara Dixson, Minding the Light: Essays in Friendly Pedagogy, was published in Peter Lang's Education and Spirituality series in 2004. Anne's collection of Bryn Mawr teaching stories, Teaching to Learn/Learning to Teach: Meditations on the Classroom, was published in the same series in 2002. See her CV for other publications and activities.

On campus, Anne has been very much involved in steering and co-teaching in the 360° program; she also serves on the Steering Committee for the digital eco-system that is Serendip Studio. She is a member of the Haverford College Corporation, and participates in other Quaker initiatives in the area and nationally, including Friends' Association for Higher Education.

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