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Bethany Schneider

Bethany Schneider (Ph.D. Cornell) specializes in nineteenth-century American literatures with teaching and research interests in American Indian studies, race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, slavery and childhood.   Writing as Bee Ridgway, she is the author of an acclaimed time-travel novel, The River of No Return (Dutton, 2013).  Her published essays include:  "A Modest Proposal: Laura Ingalls Wilder ate Zitkala-Sa," "“The Consummate Hermaphrodite,” “Thus, Always: Julius Caesar and Abraham Lincoln;” “’Not for Citation: Jane Johnston Schoolcraft’s Strategies of Synchronic Presence;” “Oklahobo: Following Craig Womack’s Native American Queer Studies;” and “Boudinot’s Change: Boudinot, Emerson and Ross on Cherokee Removal.”  

Courses Taught:

204: Literature of American Expansion
254: Subjects and Citizens
268: Native Soil
270: American Girl
309: Native American Literature
330: Writing Indians
359: Dead Presidents