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Background: manuscript of John Keats. “Ode to a Nightingale,” May, 1819.

Clockwise, from top center:

Mark Tansey. Close Reading . 1990, oil on canvas, 121.5x46in.

Mary Yaeger. Christine de Pisan at her computer . 1999, emblem on satin with hand embroidery, 3.75in.

Christine de Pizan. Christine de Pizan, One Hundred Ballads (c. 1411). British Museum, MS Harley 4431, f.4

Bruce Conner. Film strip from Cosmic Ray . 1961, USA 4 mins.

Sioux warrior Howling Wolf (ca. 1870s). From a series of drawings depicting various battles and the eventual incarceration of Sioux leadership at Fort Merion .

Castle Hours #3, use uncertain. F1r. Bryn Mawr Library Rare Book Collection.

Tom Phillips. A Humument . p. 85. London , Tetrad Press, 1970[-75].

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Quotation: William Shakespeare. The Taming of the Shrew , V.ii.



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