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Important Message Regarding BMC Email

This message contains important information about email usage policies, as well as instructions on how to set up your BMC email account, sync it to your smartphone or mobile device, forward your emails, and reset your password.

Dear Class of 2019,

Today we have one question for you.  Have you logged into your Bryn Mawr email account yet?

As a member of the Class of 2019, your account is ready and waiting for you.  You can log in at with the same name and password you have used to log into Bionic (to check your Admissions status or Financial Aid), or Moodle (if you have taken placement exams).  For getting started with your account and learning how to change your password, start at

Why is it important that I log in?
Not only will the Tuesday Newsletters arrive at that address, it's the email address the College will use for official communications, and where your professors will send course information throughout your time at Bryn Mawr.  Communications about your orientation and fall semester will begin long before your arrival on campus, and you don't want to miss out.

Can I get my email from my smartphone or mobile device?
Very likely.  Take a look at the instructions at -- iPhones/iPads and most Android devices are no problem (although the Android devices differ between carriers and manufacturers). 

If none of these instructions work for you, you may be able to make use of the instructions at to manually setup a connection in your device's email program.  A third option is to go to in your device's web browser -- our Webmail has a mobile option for phones and tablets, though some larger devices can use the full version.

I like my existing email service.  Can I get my Bryn Mawr email sent there?
According to the College, your official email address is your address.  You do have the option of forwarding your email elsewhere, but please be aware of the potential drawbacks (see below).  If you prefer to use another account, you are responsible for forwarding your email and configuring your outside account to accommodate your Bryn Mawr College email.

IMPORTANT: If you choose to use an outside email account, Bryn Mawr cannot guarantee delivery of emails, and you are responsible for missed information.  For example, if you forward your email to your Gmail account, then information about a class project or a registration deadline is sent to your Bryn Mawr address and you don't receive it for some reason, there is no reason to believe you will receive an extension or free pass -- by having forwarded your email you take responsibility.  For more information see

There are many reasons why email may not reach its destination, from a typo in the address, to an account problem, to the whim of the internet.  Within the Bryn Mawr system, our staff has the ability to look at an issue and determine the cause of a problem.  When other email providers and internet traffic are involved, we have no control of the email ecosystem and little ability to diagnose and resolve delivery issues. 

If you want to forward your email to another address, instructions can be found at:

I can't seem to log in, what do I do?
If you set up security questions when you last changed your password, you can use to answer a few of those questions and set a new password.  Note: you will end up at a web page with both Bryn Mawr and Haverford logos -- this is a shared system between the two colleges.

If this doesn't work for you, or if you have never changed your password, or never logged in to a Bryn Mawr system, please call the Help Desk at 610-526-7440.   The Help Desk summer hours are 9am-noon and 1pm-5pm. 

If you are absolutely unable to call, send an email to from the email address we have on file for you and ask for a new authorization code to be sent to your home email account -- include your full name, your username (NOT your password) and your ID number if you know it.  While this will not address all possible issues, following the instructions in the email response is likely to restore your access.

What else should I know?
Use of your Bryn Mawr email (and all of your Bryn Mawr accounts and network access) requires you to obey the Bryn Mawr Acceptable Use Policy posted at

Your Bryn Mawr login is a form of legal identity (like showing an ID card or signing your name).  It is important that you keep it (and your personal accounts) secure, or you can find yourself in a heap of trouble.  Every year, a number of Bryn Mawr students respond to fraudulent emails and have their accounts taken over by scammers -- they lose access to their email, have emails deleted out of their accounts, and have their accounts used to send thousands of spam messages. has some great resources on avoiding email scams -- if you look around you'll also find tips on staying safe on social media and on your computer as well. 

Remember that no official Bryn Mawr person will ask you for your password, especially over email, and you should be suspicious of anyone who does ask even if they claim to be from a Bryn Mawr office.  Also, be cautious in clicking links in email unless you were expecting to receive them-- look at for some good tips on identifying email scams. 

Where can I find out more about how Webmail works and its capabilities?
Start with  More can be found at


Undergraduate Dean’s Office
Library & Information Technology Services (LITS)

May 12, 2015