More Information about Placement Exams

Before completing the placement tests, students are  expected  to review the Bryn Mawr honor code (and in the  case of the Japanese language placement, the Haverford honor  code).  Customs  Week and the  introductions to many of  your  classes will provide  opportunities to come to better understand your  responsibilities and to seek clarification and examples of the social and academic  codes. This summer, the Honor Board Head , Irene Shin ’13 ( or the  deans  ( will be available if you have concerns or  questions  about the honor  code.

Estimated times to complete Placement Tests

The estimated times for completing the various placement exams vary. According to test directions, writing a brief essay may or may not be involved. Sometimes testing materials are adaptive.  Whether students proceed to later sections of a test occasionally depends upon their results on an early section.

  • Chemistry exam is 50 minutes for Part I and up to additional 50 min if Part II is needed.
  • Mathematics sections are not timed but are meant to be completed in one sitting.
  • The Chinese exam is to be taken in one sitting for no longer than 3 hours.
  • French includes a brief personal info sheet, a 20 minute oral, and up to a 60 minute reading section.
  • German allows up to 90 minutes.
  • The Italian placement time limit is approximately 2 hours
  • Spanish is on a BYU web site, not on Moodle. Please follow the links in the directions. Estimated time is 20-28 minutes.


Updated June 29,2012