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Quantitative Readiness Assessment      


Bryn Mawr’s graduation requirements will engage you in a variety of fields, expose you to emerging areas of scholarship, and prepare you to live in a global society and within diverse communities.   

What is Quantitative Readiness?

Part of that preparation is the development of quantitative literacy.  During your time at Bryn Mawr, you may want to take courses that require “quantitative readiness.”  And at some point during your first few years, you will be required to complete at least one course which makes significant use of mathematical reasoning and analysis, statistical analysis, quantitative analysis of data, or computational modeling. 

What is the Quantitative Readiness Assessment?
To make sure you are well prepared for these courses, we have designed an assessment of quantitative skills (aka “Q test”) which each entering student will receive in an email link on June 3, and will be required to complete by July 8. This assessment will help us place you correctly in the quantitative courses that you will need at Bryn Mawr.  No matter how well (or how poorly!) you performed in your high school math courses, or on your SAT’s, ACTs or AP exams, we ask that you complete this assessment to the best of your ability.  (If you plan to take Calculus courses at Bryn Mawr, you must take the Mathematics department’s placement exam in addition to the Q test.)

Every entering student must complete this assessment by July 8. If for any reason you are unable to do so, you will need to interrupt your Customs Week activities to take it instead on Thursday, August 28.

What to Expect
Those of you who like problem solving are likely to enjoy this exercise.  Others might find it a little anxiety producing.  We encourage you to persevere!  The questions vary in difficulty, and questions that will be easier for you are scattered throughout.  Please do not get discouraged if you encounter several in a row that you find very hard.  Keep going and complete every question, as this will give us the most accurate assessment of your preparation.  Your results will be made available to your advisor so that you may be placed appropriately, but they will not be noted on your transcript in any way. 

Preparing for and Taking the Assessment
Since the purpose of this assessment is correct placement, it is very important that you do the work yourself.  Bryn Mawr’s Academic Honor Code asks that you collaborate with others on your assignments only in ways that are permitted for each exercise.  In the case of this assessment, you may review material before you open the test link, but you may not ask for or receive help, or use any references, as you are taking it. 


This year marks the fourth year of Bryn Mawr’s Quantitative Reasoning Project.  Among many other activities, it offers courses and study sessions designed to help students who do not arrive at Bryn Mawr with quantitative readiness, or who have some quantitative areas in which their background is weak.  The director of this program, Betsy Horner, will be available this summer by email (, and will be very happy to answer your questions about the assessment and the Q project.


Summer 2014