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Tuesday Newsletter - July 22, 2014

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Welcome Message from Director Student Activities Mary Beth Horvath

Greetings Class of 2018!

Bryn Mawr is a college rich in history and traditiMary Beth Horvathon and soon you will be joining the community as the newest dark blue class. Did you know that each class has a class color and that the color does not repeat until the class graduates? The class colors dark blue, light blue, red, and green were chosen as representatives of the four elements: water, air, fire and earth. The McBride color is purple. All incoming students receive a tote bag in their class color from Student Activities during Customs Week. Class colors and your class color tote bag are two of the many traditions you will experience as a Bryn Mawr student.

As Director of Student Activities, my role is to help you become part of the community outside the classroom.  In addition to me, the Office of Student Activities consists of four undergraduate Activities Assistants and a graduate student intern. Together we plan activities, events, and trips to help you become engaged in not only the Bryn Mawr community but Philadelphia as well. The Activities Assistants are a great resource for what’s happening on and off campus and regularly offer information on our Facebook site. If you haven’t yet joined, look us up at BMC Activities!

This summer I’ve been working with the Traditions Mistresses on the first major tradition of the year, Parade Night. Parade Night is a celebration of the completion of the first week of classes and will be held on September 5. First year students are introduced to their sibling class, the juniors, as well as to their adversarial class, the sophomores, and the apathetic seniors. Parade Night roles are based on the relationships defined by the classes. The juniors and seniors "mentor" the first year students and sophomores, respectively, until as juniors and seniors, they receive younger sibling classes. These relationships are prevalent throughout the first three major traditions (Parade Night, Lantern Night, and Hell Week).

While I spend much of my time helping students become engaged in the campus community, I also tackle difficult and challenging topics to help you prepare to live in a residential community. So, don’t forget to complete Alcohol.Edu and Lasting Choices. These programs are important so that everyone has a common knowledge base about alcohol use and misuse and sexual assault. If you haven’t received the email with instructions for completing these courses, please email

I’ll spend the remainder of the summer planning out a semester of activities for you to enjoy. Here’s a sneak preview of what’s in happening in September:

  • September 6: Outdoor movie on Merion Green
  • September 11: We’re going to see the Tony award winning musical Book of Mormon!
    Tickets are $10 and will available beginning September 2.
  • September 12: Fall Frolic

Bryn Mawr has over 150 student clubs and organizations; there truly is something for every interest. Joining a club will not only help you become more connected to the Bryn Mawr community it will also help you gain essential personal and professional skills such as decision making, time management, communication, delegation, motivation, problem solving, and budgeting. Come and find a club that fits you at Fall Frolic!

  • September 12: After Fall Frolic check out a baseball game as the Phillies take on the Marlins at Citizens Bank Park! Tickets are $10 and will available beginning September 2.
  • September 27: College Fest
    Explore what Philadelphia has to offer! Many museums and cultural institutions are free for college students during this special welcome event sponsored by Campus Philly and the City of Philadelphia.

You have a lot to look forward to at Bryn Mawr. SClass Color Tote Bagee you soon!

Mary Beth Horvath, Ed.D.
Director of Student Activities

P.S. - Your class color tote bags arrived last week and they look great!

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ESem Registration – Due July 25
Friday, July 25 is the deadline to register for your Emily Balch Seminar.  If you haven’t yet registered, please read this July 22 update from Professor Gail Hemmeter.

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Fall 2014 Payment – DUE AUGUST 1 Money
Is your Fall 2014 semester bill not yet paid?  It is not too late to enroll in College Payment Plan, Pay Online, or mail a paper check.  Payment information and options are available at the “Pay your bill” link located at

Questions? Contact Student Financial Services at 610-526-5245 or

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It’s not too late to enroll in the College Payment Plan!
Not sure how to pay for the family’s portion of the Fall 2014 Bill?  It is not too late to enroll in the automatic monthly payment plan.  For enrollment instructions, see

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Perkins Loan Promissory Notes Mailed and Entrance Counseling Required
Your Perkins Promissory MPN will be mailed to your home during the first week of August.

You can go in now and complete your Perkins Loan entrance interview at the following link:  Under Student Accounts Related Links, click on “Perkins Loans Entrance Interview.”

Questions? Contact Student Financial Services at 610-526-5245 or

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Bi-Co Dietitian Special Diet Needs Form – DUE AUGUST 10
If you are required to pay special attention to ingredientsFruit Platter, please submit the Bi-Co Dietitian Special Diet Needs Form to Nicole Patience, our registered dietician, by August 10. This form will help Nicole understand your dietaryneeds and help facilitate a discussion with you about potential accommodations at Bryn Mawr.

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Self-Governance at Bryn Mawr
Dear incoming students,

On behalf of the undergraduate student body, the Bryn Mawr College Self-Government Association Executive Board welcomes you to Bryn Mawr and to SGA!

Bryn Mawr, in 1892, was the first college in the nation to become self-governing. Today, all Bryn Mawr undergraduate students are members of the Self-Government Association, an association built on trust and respect within our community. As Mawrters, we constantly grow stronger in our autonomy, authority, and abilities. As a community, which includes students, staff, faculty, administration, and alumnae, we gain a sense of responsibility and respect. As young people, we become confident in our thoughts, our ideas, and ourselves. We become empowered through our self-governance.

As entering students, you will soon be exposed to this self-governing student body, which touches all corners of Bryn Mawr’s campus. We hope that you keep self-governance in mind while preparing for your arrival and what will be four empowering and unforgettable years!

Best wishes,SGA Executive Board

Syona Arora ’15, President

Alexis De La Rosa ’15, Vice-President

Charlie Bruce ’16, Secretary/Parliamentarian

Namita Dwarakanth ’15, Treasurer

Melanie Bahti ’16, Head of the Honor Board

2014-2015 Bryn Mawr College Self-Government Association Executive Board

Learn about self-governance, the Self-Government Association, and more at the SGA website.

Also check out our Twitter @bmcsga, and like us on Facebook at Bryn Mawr College Self-Government Association.

Here are some things to look forward to in the fall:

  • SGA sessions during Customs Week
  • SGA 101 and Plenary 101 during the first week of classes
  • Weekly SGA meetings on Sundays at 7 PM in the Campus Center
  • Bryn Mawr Leadership Orientation Workshops
  • Elections (click here for more information!)
  • Appointments (click here for more information!)
  • Plenary (learn more about Plenary!)

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Like to Bike?
If you are thinking about bringing a bicycle to campus, this message is for you. Biking is no doubt a great way to get around, but Campus Safety suggests that you hold off on bringing your bike or purchasing one locally until you are familiar with the campus and the surrounding neighborhood.  Each year many bikes are left behind on campus, so you may want to wait to bring a bike when you know for sure that you will ride it.  Bike

Luckily there are many transportation options available to students. Bryn Mawr has a very walkable campus and transport is available to Haverford (Bi-Co Blue Bus), Swarthmore (Tri-Co Van), or Philadelphia (SEPTA’s Paoli-Thorndale and R-100 lines).

Bikes can pose a safety hazard when students place them in front of the emergency exits in residence halls, so, if you use a bike at Bryn Mawr, please be sure to park it responsibly.

For more information on transportation and safety at Bryn Mawr, please visit and

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Checking the Summer To-Do List

Last week approximately 275 of you To-Do Listchecked the Summer To-Do List. Be sure to check keep checking this list over the summer for updates.  The AlcoholEdu and Lasting Choices online learning modules have been added to the to-do list.  In the coming weeks you’ll receive information regarding the Academic Integrity Tutorial, which has also been added to the list.

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Ballet Placement ClassBallet

Students with experience in ballet should attend a placement class on Thursday, August 28 from 4:00 - 5:30 pm in the Pembroke Dance Studio.  Please come dressed to dance; no need to prepare anything.  

Students new to ballet should not take this placement class but simply register for Ballet I.  Send questions to Professor Linda Caruso-Haviland, or phone 610-526-5601.

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Who’s Whoooo at Bryn Mawr – Profile of Patti Lausch, Assistant Director
International Student and Scholar Services and Advising
Patti Lausch

This week we’d like to introduce you to Patti Lausch, who organizes and facilitates the International Student Orientation (ISO).  Find out about her favorite things about campus, BMC students and the summer.

  • What I do: I serve the international population on campus through advising, immigration services, programming, advocacy, and outreach.
  • My major in college: Early Childhood Education B.S., Counseling Psychology M.A.
  • Favorite book: Unbroken by Laura Hillebrand
  • Dream vacation spot: BEACH
  • Favorite dessert: Chocolate Coconut Cake
  • Favorite spot on campus: So many to choose from --Cambrian Row, Wyndham, Quita Woodward, Sunken Gardens
  • BMC club/activity I’d like to join: She's the First
  • Tip for the first year at BMC: Stay open to all that is around you. Try new things. Take care of yourself.
  • What I like about working with international students: We learn from each other. My advising assists students as they navigate the U.S. system as they pursue their education. International students teach me more about the world then I ever imagined.
  • Favorite thing about my job: Welcoming students from all over the world, witnessing them grow and change during their time at BMC, and knowing they are out in the world making a difference.
  • Favorite song or movie: A League of Their Own
  • Best things about Mawrters: No two are the same and yet they are one.
  • In my free time, I enjoy: Biking, whitewater rafting, travel, board games
  • If I were an animal, I'd be: Chipmunk.  Always running around crazy busy.
  • Little known fact about me: I saw Mother Theresa in person.
  • Something on my summer to-do list: Play and Relax

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