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Tuesday Newsletter

Issue #16 - August 18, 2015 (LAST ISSUE!)

In this issue:

Last Tuesday Newsletter and Final Friendly Reminders

Image of owl reading last Tuesday NewsletterIf you can believe it, this will be the last issue of the Tuesday Newsletter!  This issue is longer than usual because there’s a lot of information we want to impart to you before you come to campus, especially about ways to get involved, both on and off campus, when you’re here. But first, here’s an important reminder:

Final days to preregister! 
BiONiC closes for pre-registration on Wednesday, August 19 at 12 noon, so if you haven't completed your preregistration, do so now.   Even though you'll have the chance to update your preregistration on August 28, it's still important to complete this task now.  For one thing, the courses you choose now will be the starting point for your Customs Week Advising Appointment on August 28!  Not sure what to expect from that advising appointment?  Don't worry…we'll be providing a checklist soon, along with information about who you will be meeting with and when and where.  Be sure to check your email early next week for this info!

Accessing information after today
After today, please refer to the FAQ page on the Entering Students website and your BMC email for any additional information and updates prior to your arrival on campus.  In addition, be sure to check the last few items off of the Summer To-Do List and take a look at the Athena’s Guide blog for tips for living and learning at Bryn Mawr.  You can continue to send your questions to

What to expect when you arrive
There will be many people on campus, including staff and student orienteers (ISO Assistants, Customs People, Peer Mentors, Hall Advisors, etc.), who will help you navigate your first week on campus. You'll also receive a tote bag when you arrive that will be full of goodies and information, including the latest issue of The Lantern.  For arrival and move-in information, please refer to  

We wish you safe travels to Bryn Mawr!  We can’t wait to welcome you to our community!

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Getting Involved on Campus - Message from Mary Beth Horvath

Dear Class of 2019,

Bryn Mawr is a college rich in history and tradition and soon you will be joining the community as the newest green class. Did you know that each class has a class color and that the color does not repeat until the class graduates? The class colors dark blue, light blue, red, and green were chosen as representatives of the four elements: water, air, fire and earth. The McBride color is purple. All incoming students receive a tote bag in their class color from Student Activities during Customs Week. Class colors and your class color tote bag are two of the many traditions you will experience as a Bryn Mawr student.

As Director of Student Activities & Orientation, my role is to help you become part of the community as you arrive on campus and throughout your years here.  In addition to me, the Office of Student Activities consists of four undergraduate Activities Assistants and a graduate assistant, Kristin Vines. Kristin recently joined the office and is a graduate student here at BMC! Together we plan activities, events, and trips to help you become engaged in not only the Bryn Mawr community but Philadelphia as well. The Activities Assistants are a great resource for what's happening on and off campus and regularly offer information through the BMC Activities Facebook group. Join us on Facebook!

This summer I've been working with the Traditions Mistresses on the first major tradition of the year, Parade Night. Parade Night is a celebration of the completion of the first week of classes and will be held on September 4. First year students are introduced to their sibling class, the juniors, as well as to their adversarial class, the sophomores, and the apathetic seniors. Parade Night roles are based on the relationships defined by the classes. The juniors and seniors "mentor" the first year students and sophomores, respectively, until as juniors and seniors, they receive younger sibling classes. These relationships are prevalent throughout the major traditions.

While I spend much of my time helping students become engaged in the campus community, I also tackle difficult and challenging topics to help you prepare to live in a residential community. So, don't forget to complete AlcoholEdu and Lasting Choices. These programs are important so that everyone has a common knowledge base about alcohol use and misuse and sexual assault. If you haven't received the email with instructions for completing these courses, please email

I'll spend the remainder of the summer putting the final touches on our Customs orientation program and planning out a semester of activities for you to enjoy. Here's a sneak preview of a few events happening in September:

  • September 4: Parade Night
    Be sure to look out for information from the Traditions Mistresses, Celeste and Jasmine, for more information!

  • September 5: Fall Frolic on Erdman Green
    Bryn Mawr has over 150 student clubs and organizations; there truly is something for every interest. Joining a club will not only help you become more connected to the Bryn Mawr community it will also help you gain essential personal and professional skills such as decision making, time management, communication, delegation, motivation, problem solving, and budgeting. Come and find a club that fits you at Fall Frolic!

  • September 6: Sunday Funday
    Our Sunday Funday series kicks off the afternoon of September 6. Sunday Funday’s are stress busters that may involve crafts, coloring, who knows! It’s something you can easily drop in on for a few minutes to take a break from studying.

  • September 8: A special dessert reception with President Cassidy!
    Look for more information soon!

  • September 11: The Bryn Mawr Film Series kicks off its semester calendar. Look for more information at Fall Frolic!

  • September 12: College Fest!
    Explore what Philadelphia has to offer! Many museums and cultural institutions are free for college students during this special welcome event sponsored by Campus Philly and the City of Philadelphia.

  • September 19: Late Night Film Series
    Our Late Night Film Series kicks off on this date. A calendar will be announced soon.

  • September 27: We’re going to an Eagles game!
    The Eagles are Philadelphia’s NFL football team and I’m so excited to offer tickets to a game. Tickets will be available in Guild L-06 beginning September 8 and roundtrip transportation is provided.

Mary Beth HorvathYou have a lot to look forward to at Bryn Mawr. I look forward to meeting you at Customs in a few weeks! See you soon!

Mary Beth Horvath, Ed.D.
Director of Student Activities & Orientation 

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Summer Communications Survey
This is a reminder to submit the Summer Communications Survey.  Let us know how you accessed information from the College over the summer and how we can improve summer communications.  This survey is anonymous and should only take 5 minutes to complete.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

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Online Customs Week Schedule

You’ll receive a hard copy of the Customs Schedule when you arrive on campus. However, for quick reference on your phone or mobile device during Customs Week, you can refer to the Customs page - - or add the events to your device’s calendar by downloading the Customs Schedule .ics file.

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Mawrter to Mawrter: Advice from the Class of 2018
This week, Cara Maisel ‘18 lets you know what you can expect during Customs Week:

“Customs Week can be super exciting, overwhelming, thrilling, and scary all at the same time.  Even though during Customs Week you will have all these different emotions at the same time, you will survive and be fine.  Take advantage of this opportunity to get to know people during a time when there is low stress and fun activities. Also, try to get to know people in and out of your customs group because once the school year starts you might not have as much time to get to know other students.  Good luck!”

-- Cara Maisel ‘18

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Fall 2015 Payment was due August 1! 

If you have paid your bill, thank you and please disregard this notice. If your bill is not yet paid, please consider enrolling in the College’s Automatic Monthly Payment Plan. You can also pay online or mail a paper check.

For financial aid recipients, make sure you have done the following:

  • Accepted your grants and either accepted or declined your loans on BiONiC.

  • Completed all other steps necessary to obtain your loans.  For Federal Direct Loans and Federal Perkins Loans, you must complete a Master Promissory Note and complete Entrance Counseling.  For instructions, read your Student Financial Services Handbook:

  • Make absolutely sure, according to BiONiC, that your Fall 2015 bill will be a zero balance once all your accepted financial aid has been applied.

Details regarding payment information and options are available at the "Pay your bill" link located here:

Questions? Need help determining that your Fall 2015 bill is at zero balance?  Need to speak to someone regarding a special circumstance?   You can contact Financial Aid at 610-526-5245 or or Student Accounts at 610-526-5500 or   We look forward to helping you!

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Use Summer Earnings to Pay for Fall Semester Books and Transportation

  • Students are expected to arrive on campus prepared to pay for books, supplies, and personal expenses.

  • Estimates of Fall 2015 non-billed expenses are $500 for books and supplies and $500 for personal expenses. Transportation costs will vary from student to student.

  • Students may use on campus earnings to pay for Spring 2016 non-billed expenses.

  • Anticipated problems should be discussed with your financial aid counselor.  Email to connect with help.

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A Guide to Fall Frolic by Meera Jayaraman ‘17
Bryn Mawr has pretty much every club, sport, and activity under the sun. Whether you’re interested in fencing, Shakespeare, a capella, soccer, affinity groups, or beekeeping, we’ve got it all!  As a first year, you’ll feel like you have an overwhelming number of choices, but a good place to check it all out at once is Fall Frolic.

During Fall Frolic, scheduled for Saturday September 5, almost every club and organization at Bryn Mawr will set up a booth on Erdman Green. You can walk down the path, speak to representatives from every group, and get your questions answered.  Fall Frolic can be an intense experience – like a lot of your first few weeks at Bryn Mawr, you’ll have a lot of information coming at you at once. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your first Fall Frolic:

    • Bring a friend.  Whether that’s your roommate or a group of people in your hall or your customs group, talking to people feels less intimidating when you have backup.

    • Sign up. Don’t be afraid to put your name down on an email list if you are even the least bit interested. Signing up doesn’t mean signing your life away in blood – it just means you’ll get emails updating you about meetings and you can decide yourself whether you want to attend.

    • Visit as many booths as you can. At least walk by and read the posters. The booths are set up in a “T” formation, so don’t forget to make a left walking toward Erdman where you’ll find even more of them.

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Civic Engagement: Get Involved, Get Off Campus, Get Involved Off Campus!

Welcome to Bryn Mawr! One of your first priorities as a Bryn Mawr student is bound to be exploring your new home – and our campus is definitely a beautiful place to live. Not only are you moving into a new room, a new dorm, and a new campus, but also into a new community!

One of the best ways to become familiar with your new environment is to become involved with it.  Civic Engagement, part of the Leadership, Innovation, and Liberal Arts Center (LILAC), offers a wide variety of ways to do just that – by providing community-based learning and volunteer opportunities that will help you get off campus and into our local communities.  Through the Praxis community-based learning courses and co-curricular volunteer opportunities like the Belmont Mentoring Program and the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program, our office provides opportunities that fit the needs of all students, whether or not you've ever participated in service programs before and no matter how busy your schedule.  Through our Summer of Service program we provide funding for off-campus summer internships with an on-campus residential and reflective component and through the Community Based Work Study program we offer opportunities for federal work-study eligible students to work at paid off-campus internships during the academic year. 

By engaging in our sponsored programs, you'll make new friends, become a pro at navigating SEPTA (Philadelphia's public transportation system), share your skills with others and develop new ones by providing needed service in local community agencies.  You'll discover connections between the theories you are studying in your classrooms and your observations and experiences in the real world.  Most importantly, these experiences will help you learn about yourself as you become more aware of your competencies, your passions, and your interests.  By becoming involved in activities that take you off campus, you'll be taking advantage of one of Bryn Mawr's best assets outside the classroom – the local communities in Philadelphia and Montgomery County. 

Interested in civic engagement opportunities? Visit our website (, attend our Information Sessions, or just stop by our house on Cambrian Row!


Ellie Esmond
Director of Service and Activism

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Fall 2015 Audition Schedule:  Dance, Music, Theater

The performing arts are another great way to get involved on campus! Interested in trying out for a dance ensemble, play, or a musical group? Check out the Fall 2015 Arts Program Audition Schedule at

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World-Class Dance, Theater, Music, Readings, and More at Bryn Mawr

  • Performing Arts Series logo

    Performing Arts Series - This season's collection of virtuosic live performances that move the mind and spirit includes the inventive choreography of the Trisha Brown Dance Company, cross-genre collaborations from Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture, an integration of traditional African dance with contemporary choreography and spoken word from Ronald K. Brown / Evidence, and more.

  • Creative Writing Program Reading Series - This series brings major American and international writers in all literary genres to engage with students and the Philadelphia area community. This year's roster of distinguished guests includes novelist and essayist Colson Whitehead; poet Louise Glück; and essayist, fiction writer, and poet Philip Lopate, and others, to visit classes and present free public readings from their work.

  • Learning to Listen Series  - Our salon-like Learning to Listen Series offers free music events on campus and a spring trip to Philadelphia's Kimmel Center.

  • And More! - Our robust arts curriculum offers a wide range of vocal, chamber and orchestral concerts, dance of all types, and adventurous theater. 

Tickets for these events are FREE for Bryn Mawr students. To order tickets or for more additional information, visit, call 610-526-5210 or email

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Summer Facilities Projects
New DormThere have been many physical transformations and repairs taking place on campus over the summer, including improvements to Thomas Hall, the architectural jewel of Bryn Mawr's campus, and the construction of the New Dorm (see photo).  For photos and information about these and other major facilities projects, visit  

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Study Abroad – Message from Dean Theresa Cann
Each year, close to half of the Bryn Mawr junior class studies abroad.  As a first year student, you still have plenty of time to think about study abroad.  Read the welcome letter to the Class of 2019 from Theresa Cann, Assistant Dean and Director of International Education, for her recommendations on how to connect with the BMC community and begin to engage in cross-cultural experiences on campus.

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Who's Whoooo at BMC: Profiles of Ellie Esmond (Civic Engagement), Vippy Yee (Civic Engagement), and Lauren Ward (Dean's Office)

Who's Ellie Esmond, Director of Service and Activism, Civic Engagement

  • Ellie EsmondWhat I do:  As Director of Service and Activism, I work with individual students and student groups who want to become engaged in the community through direct service, activism, and advocacy.  I also work with community members and local and national organizations to help develop and publicize civic engagement opportunities through service, internships, and work-study experiences to students.  Additionally, I'm involved in campus leadership development programs like LEAP and TriCo.
  • Favorite book: Right now I am reading my way through the Inspector Gamache mystery series by Louise Penny.  And, as a result, I've decided that I want to move to Canada--and preferably live in the fictional town of Three Pines.
  • Best thing about Bryn Mawr: I think that Bryn Mawr is a really supportive community.  In the 15 years that I've been here, I have seen students, faculty, and staff encourage each other to try new things, work to each of our fullest potential, and pull together to help one another when we struggle.  I feel like I am always learning here and that keeps me feeling energized and enthusiastic about my work.
  • Best thing about engaging in community service:  I think the best thing about engaging in community service is the chance to broaden your perspective.  Working in true partnership with others allows us to see social justice issues in a more authentic way.  Engaging with the community instead of just in the community means that we open ourselves up to listening to new voices and stories, contribute our own, and by integrating experience with learning we can begin working to solve problems collaboratively.
  • BMC club/activity I'd like to join: Swim team--I can't really swim, but I would love to learn.
  • Tip for the first year at BMC:  Take your time and enjoy your time here!  Everyone starts Bryn Mawr really eager to get started, both academically and co-curricularly. But there's really no need to rush!  Savor your classes and activities and be present for them--try not to always think of what you should do next.  Enjoy what you're doing as you do it!
  • In my free time, I enjoy:  Traveling, reading, playing with my 4 year old son, and trying to knit.
  • If I were an animal, I'd be: A cardinal 
  • Little known fact about me: I'm a twin--my twin sister, Amy, is a professor in Boston, MA.
  • My secret talent: I'm a really good speller.
  • Nickname: Ellie is my nickname!  My real name is Eleanor.
  • How I practice self-care:  I’ve been working on creating clearer boundaries between work and home life—realizing that it’s good to leave work at work when I can so that I can be more present in my family and social life. 

Vippy Yee, Assistant Director of Volunteer Programs, Civic Engagement

  • Vippy YeeWhat I do:  As the Assistant Director of Volunteer Programs with Civic Engagement at LILAC/Civic Engagement, I supervise and coordinate Bryn Mawr’s volunteer and community service programs. I work closely with the student coordinators for these volunteer programs and coordinate campus-wide civic engagement activities like our MLK Day of Service, Voter Registration Drive and the Community Garden. I also work closely with our community partners to ensure that our volunteer programs are best meeting their needs.
  • Favorite book: My favorite book of all time is To Kill A Mockingbird.
  • Best thing about Bryn Mawr: I joined the Bryn Mawr community in January of this year and am very impressed with the sense of community and collaboration amongst the staff, faculty and students. There are a lot of caring people on this campus, and I’m very fortunate to work with them.
  • Best thing about engaging in community service: There are many reasons why students love to volunteer and serve our local communities. As a BMC student, you’ll have the opportunity to explore communities beyond our campus, develop relationships with your fellow volunteers and the communities with whom you work, gain new perspectives on social issues, discover new interests and passions, deepen your commitment to social justice, and have fun!
  • BMC club/activity I'd like to join: I love to dance (especially salsa) and would join the Latin Dance club on campus!
  • Tip for the first year at BMC:  I’m also in my first year at BMC and what I’m discovering is that BMC is a very student-driven campus that places a high value on personal relationships. Don’t be afraid to seek out faculty or staff for help or guidance. We really do care and are here to support you. Also, take advantage of the incredible resources that are available to you on campus. Come visit LILAC and learn about the many programs we have to help you develop your passions and lifelong goals.
  • In my free time, I enjoy:  Traveling the world, creating music, eating wonderful meals, engaging in volunteer work and spending time with my twin daughters and husband.
  • If I were an animal, I'd be: A hummingbird.
  • Little known fact about me: Vippy is my real name. My parents (who are originally from Indonesia) were looking through an English dictionary and discovered the acronym V.I.P. My name is a combination of Very Important Person (V.I.P) and the last two letters of the word happy.
  • My secret talent: I love karaoke.
  • Nickname: With a name like Vippy, I’ve had a lot of fun nicknames – Vipster, Vipparama, Viper – but most people call me Vip.
  • How I practice self-care: My tendency is to overcommit, so I’m learning to say no and focus on projects and activities that have deep meaning for me.

Lauren Ward, Program Coordinator, Dean’s Office

  • Lauren WardWhat I do: I provide support for Dean’s Office initiatives. This summer I've been organizing the Tuesday Newsletter and maintaining the Entering Students website. I am also available to answer students’ questions about course selection, preregistration, credit/no credit, fifth course drop and other academic policies and processes during appointments and walk-ins throughout the year.
  • Favorite book: Fear and Trembling by Amélie Nothomb - a hilarious and touching fish-out-of-water story about a maladroit but endearing young Belgian woman who spends a year working at a large corporation in Japan.
  • Best thing about Bryn Mawr:  It's place where you can really be yourself and freely explore your passions.  There's also a strong sense of community here - everyone is so different and yet very supportive of one another. 
  • In my free time, I enjoy: dancing, learning how to juggle, playing with my dog Lucy, spending time in Philly, lounging in one of the hammocks along Senior Row, and watching documentaries (feel free to share your recommendations!)
  • BMC club/activity I'd like to join: Folk Club.  I love contra dancing.
  • Tip for the first year at BMC: Find your mentors – they may be professors, a dean, upperclass students or supervisors.  I learned so much from the supervisors at my on-campus job; they provided me with great life and career advice.  Also, be sure to take lots of "mental photos" of all the special moments during Customs Week, traditions and late nights hanging out with your hallmates. You’ll cherish these memories for years to come.
  • If I were an animal, I'd like to be:  A sloth. They seem to have the right attitude about life - take it slow, enjoy the view, and savor your sleep.
  • Little known fact about me: I’m a Bryn Mawr alum and a member of the Green class (check out my lantern)!
  • Nicknames: Laur, Laur-Laur, Ren
  • How I practice self-care:  When I feel stressed I like to talk it out with a friend or family member.  I also practice deep breathing and body scan exercises – two mindfulness practices covered in the Mindfulness Class I’ll be teaching this year!

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Have any questions? Send them to

Missed an issue of the Tuesday Newsletter? Check out the Tuesday Newsletter Archives for all past issues.

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