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Tuesday Newsletter

Issue #13 – July 28, 2015

In this issue:

Summer To-Do List
Here’s another friendly reminder of the some of the remaining items on the Summer To-Do List:



Resiliency Project

August 19

Special Diet Needs Form*

August 21

Music Interest Survey*

August 21

AlcoholEdu and Lasting Choices

August 24

Access Services Registration*


* - Optional, applies to some students

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Message from Dean Christina Rose Regarding Preregistration

Dear Class of 2019,

I can't believe how quickly the summer is coming to an end!  In less than a month, you'll be on campus, starting this next great chapter of your life.  So far this summer, you've completed many tasks to prepare you for the fall semester - housing forms, placement tests, and learning modules.  Starting next week, you'll be able begin the process of preregistering for fall classes.  You'll be using BiONiC to preregister; hopefully you've already had some time to experiment with this online system, but we also wanted to provide you with some information about how to use it in general.  Please read through this document, available at, for tips and information that will make your BiONiC experience more pleasant! 

Summer preregistration is just the first step in choosing your overall course schedule for the fall.  Please keep in mind that the selections you make during preregistration are not final and will likely change during Customs Week, when you will have various opportunities to discuss, question, and alter your choices. The Academic Fair takes place on Thursday, August 27, and will give you the opportunity to talk to faculty from virtually every department and program offered at Bryn Mawr.  Professors are present at the fair to provide advice on course placement, workload, and paths to potential majors or careers.  Then, on Friday, August 28, you will have a one-on-one advising appointment with either your dean or a volunteer Customs Week adviser.  This is your opportunity to really map out your academic interests and goals for the semester, make sure you are creating a balanced schedule, and meeting first semester requirements (like ESEM, Wellness, and possibly QSEM).  Keep in mind that once you’re on campus, you’ll also have upperclass students like your Customs People and Peer Mentors to give you advice about classes and scheduling as well!  It is only after you’ve had all these important conversations that you finalize your schedule, so don’t stress too much about what you choose in August. 

And speaking of courses, I’m teaching one this fall – it’s an academic alternative to the Wellness Issues Seminar that every first-year student must take during the first half of the fall semester (providing your first 2 PE credits).  The alternative to the traditional Wellness course will last the entire first semester and will allow students to earn 2 PE credits plus 0.5 units of academic credit!  The course, called Metacognition and the Transition to College, will include the traditional Wellness topics, but also allow students to investigate their own learning styles and identities while providing strategies for the transition from high school to college.  Further information about the course can be found below.  I've decided to design and teach this course because I wish I had had something like it when I went to college!  I hope you'll join me for it.  

I look forward to meeting you all very soon.  In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying the summer and making the most of this time with your family and friends. Christina Rose


Christina Rose

Assistant Dean

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BiONiC Overview
As Dean Rose mentioned in her message, the BiONiC Overview is available to help you navigate BiONiC, which you will use to preregister for fall courses. With a little practice over the summer, you'll hopefully be a BiONiC pro by the time you arrive on campus!   We also encourage you to look again at The Lantern (also available in your Advising Center on Moodle) for useful advice about how to approach course selection and build a schedule.

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Alternative PE Wellness Course

  • Are you worried that your high school didn't prepare you well enough for the demands of college?
  • Do you often battle the beast that is procrastination?  
  • Do you wish you knew your individual learning style and strengths? 

This class could be for you!

Metacognition and the Transition to College (GNST B048) is an alternative pathway to fulfill your Wellness requirement.  In addition to earning 2 Physical Education (PE) credits, students in this class will also earn 0.5 academic credits while using metacognition (a fancy term for learning about your own learning) to bring out their best selves in and out of the classroom.  The seminar will be a small, inquiry-based course that will promote and encourage intellectual confidence by developing student success tactics including critical thinking, written and oral communication, research skills, self-reflection, and self-regulation - all while addressing larger questions of justice, identity, and community.  First-year students will have an opportunity to preregister for this course starting when preregistration opens on August 4.  Simply search for the course under the General Studies subject in the drop down list. 

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Fall 2015 Payment - DUE AUGUST 1
If your bill is not yet paid, please consider enrolling in College Payment Plan.  Other options:  Pay online or mail a paper check.

Details regarding payment information and options are available at the "Pay your bill" link located here:

Questions?  Need to speak to your counselor regarding a special circumstance?   Contact Student Financial Services at 610-526-5245 or

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AlcoholEdu and Lasting Choices - DUE AUGUST 124
On July 27 you should have received two emails from Student Activities with the login information and instructions on how to complete the AlcoholEdu and Lasting Choices: Preventing Sexual Assault online learning modules, which must be completed by all incoming students.  These modules address drug and alcohol use and abuse as well as topics of consent and sexual assault on college campuses. 

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Campus Employment for New Students

Dining Services Student WorkerEvery year, first-year students work for Bryn Mawr College Dining Services (BMCDS). Dining Services Student Coordinator, Olivia Hollinger '16; Assistant Student Coordinator, Valerie Salas '17; Assistant Director, Richard Clow; and Student Supervisors from all Dining Operations would like to welcome new students who will work on-campus this year.  In their welcome letter to the Class of 2019, they emphasize the advantages for first-year students and explain which documents they must present during the sign-ups for campus employment with Dining Services.

Job Sign-Ups during Customs Week
Job sign-ups will take place during the following days and times: 

  • Thursday, August 27, 2015  11am- 5pm - Sign-up tables outside of Erdman Dining Hall (rain site: Erdman Dorm Entrance)
  • Friday, August 28, 2015  9 am- 7pm - Sign-up tables outside of Erdman Dining Hall (rain site: Erdman Dorm Entrance)

Required Forms and Documentation
To access the BMCDS student application form and the list of documents and forms you must bring to campus, visit

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Mawrter to Mawrter: Advice from the Class of 2018
Mawrter to Mawrter logoWondering what work study is like?  Learn about Jen Quinter’s experience working for Dining Services during her first year at Bryn Mawr:

“Hi incoming freshmen! Many of you are thinking about doing work study at Bryn Mawr.  Whether you are guaranteed a work study for your financial aid or you just want to earn extra cash, work study at the dining halls is a great idea. There is the obvious reason of earning money to pay for textbooks, food, etc. But you might not realize that working at the dining halls here can actually be fun.

As a freshman I worked at Erdman dining hall. Of course, there are some downsides to working. For example, for the first few weeks, my back would be sore after standing for hours at work. But you might make some unexpected friendships during your work study that will make work more fun.  Your supervisors treat freshmen workers like peers and are willing to help you learn.  Through working with others, your teamwork and sense of responsibility will improve.  And truth be told, the work is not really hard.  Overall, my first semester as a dining hall worker was a good experience! You should definitely consider work study.”

Jen Quinter ‘18

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Housing Assignments Have Been Sent to Your Bryn Mawr Email!
Two Bryn Mawr RoommatesLook out for your email from the Residential Life Office with your housing assignment, roommate assignment and mailbox number.  You can also expect to hear from your Customs People soon! 

In the meantime, check out the New Students section of the Residential Life Office website for move-in details, an overview of dorm life, advice from Hall Advisors and Customs People, and answers to your residential life questions!  Visit

Please note that once you've received your mailbox number you can use the following shipping address to send packages to campus:

Bryn Mawr College
101 N. Merion Ave.
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

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My Roommate Experience by Meera Jayaraman ‘17
I never shared a room before getting to college, so I had plenty of apprehension going into the whole freshman rooming situation. Luckily, I had a lot of trust in Bryn Mawr Res Life – trust that was not misplaced. For the most part, they do a great job in evaluating your housing questionnaire and put you in a room with a person or people that you can live with, even if you aren’t necessarily best friends. Come early August, I found that I had been placed in a quad in one of the biggest dorms on campus. This meant that I would be living with not just one other person, but three! We got in touch almost immediately by Facebook (Don’t worry, though – if you don’t have Facebook you can always start a group email message through your Bryn Mawr email!) and introduced ourselves and sorted out logistics. The four of us met in person during move-in, which was awkward to say the least. But as the year went on, my three roommates and I became closer than ever. I will always share a special bond with them – something that’s closer to family than friendship. We spent so many nights having deep conversations and eating bad takeout. It didn’t mean we did not have rocky patches, but luckily we were able to sort them out between ourselves and our Customs People. The roommate contracts that we had established and signed at the beginning of the year got us through a lot, and were a useful basis for how to live with three other people. Now, we all have incredibly busy lives, but when we get together every once in a while for a meal or see each other on campus, it feels like nothing has changed.

I’m not guaranteeing that everyone’s rooming situation will be the same as mine was at all, because no system is perfect. What I am saying is that when you see your roommate/roommates’ name in that email, be open-minded, because you may just grow together.

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Who's Whoooo Profiles - Anne Marie McElwee and Sameerah Richards (Dean's Office)
This week we are very pleased to introduce you to Anne Marie McElwee and Sameerah Richards, the Administrative Assistants to the Dean's Office.  Chances are you've already communicated with Anne Marie, as she is the person who sends you information and answers your questions via the email account.  Sameerah is the person you will talk to when you make an appointment with your dean after Customs Week.  Be sure to stop by the Dean’s Office front desk to say hello to Anne Marie and Sameerah!

Anne Marie McElwee, Administrative Assistant, Dean’s Office

  • Anne Marie McElweeWhat I do: As one of two administrative assistants in the busy Dean's Office, I work with the deans to help prepare the entering students for their arrival at Bryn Mawr in August.  I help coordinate and process the Tuesday Newsletter and emails to entering students and answer or direct their questions and concerns to the appropriate person.  I coordinate the Academic Fair during Customs Week when students can meet with the professors.  The best part is when I finally get to meet the students I've been communicating with all summer when they finally arrive on campus.
  • Favorite movie: Planes, Trains & Automobiles, a very funny and poignant movie, though you would never guess it from the title
  • Dream vacation spot:  Any place where there are lots of walking or bus tours
  • Favorite dessert:  Peach & cranberry pie
  • Best things about Mawrters:  Their independence
  • Best thing about working for the Dean's Office:  The day-to-day interaction with the students and watching them grow
  • BMC club/activity I'd like to join: BMC Outdoors Club or any of the A capella groups
  • Tip for the first year at BMC:  Read your Bryn Mawr emails and give yourself some free time.
  • What I like about working with new students:  Their fresh outlook and enthusiasm
  • Favorite thing about my job: Always something new every day!
  • The best concert I've been to:  Any Springsteen concert
  • Favorite spot on campus: Guild courtyard - it's very relaxing.
  • In my free time, I enjoy: Swimming, hiking, sightseeing and spending time with my children & friends
  • If I were an animal, I'd be:  A seal - I love being in the water.
  • Little known fact about me:  I enjoy reading maps.
  • Nickname: My children and their friends call me "Molly."


Sameerah Richards, Administrative Assistant, Dean’s Office

  • Sameerah RichardsWhat I do: Administrative Assistant – I assist students with setting up appointments with their deans.
  • Favorite book:  To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Dream vacation spot: Italy
  • Favorite dessert: Strawberry Shortcake
  • Best thing about working for the Dean's Office:  Interacting with the students from the beginning and watching their transition over the years to graduation. 
  • BMC club/activity I'd like to join:  Pre-Law Club
  • Tip for the first year at BMC: Don't STRESS!! Everything will work itself out!
  • What I like about working with new students: Seeing them quickly adapt to Bryn Mawr's campus and culture. 
  • Favorite thing about my job: Working with the deans and individuals who support the deans! They're really an overall nice and great bunch of people to work alongside.
  • Favorite spot on campus: Merion Green
  • Little known fact about me: I wish I would have attended Bryn Mawr!  

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