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Tuesday Newsletter - July 29, 2014

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Message from Dean Christina Rose Regarding Preregistration

Dear Entering Students,

I can’t believe how quickly the summer is coming to an end!  In less than a month, you’ll be on campus, starting this next great chapter of your lives.  So far this summer, you’ve completed many tasks to prepare you for the fall semester – housing forms, placement tests, and learning modules.  Starting next week, you’ll be able begin the process of preregistering for fall classes.  You’ll be using BiONiC to preregister; hopefully you’ve already had some time to experiment with this online system, but we also wanted to provide you with some information about how to use it in general.  Please read through this document, available at, for tips and information that will make your BiONiC experience more pleasant!  Keep in mind that the summer preregistration (August 5-20) is just the first step in choosing your overall course schedule for the fall.  The selections you make are not final and will likely change during Customs Week after you attend the academic fair and have an advising appointment. 

Speaking of advising, we're proud of our programs and what we offer students, but we're always looking for ways to enhance our services.  We'd like to tell you about two different programs that some of you will be participating in. 

  • The pilot faculty advising program
    For a few years now, we have been researching whether having an assigned faculty member adviser as well as a dean positively impacts a student’s experience during the first year of college.  In order to figure that out, we have been randomly assigning approximately 75 first-year students to this program each year.  Students who have a faculty adviser will learn more about their adviser and about this program in August.  Those students will meet with their faculty adviser during Customs Week and have at least three more meetings with their adviser during their first year at Bryn Mawr.
  • Alternative PE wellness program
    The second new program we’re piloting this year is an academic alternative to the Wellness Issues Seminar that every first-year students must take during the first half of the fall semester (providing your first 2 PE credits).  The alternative to the traditional Wellness course will last the entire first semester and will allow students to earn 2 PE credits plus 0.5 units of academic credit!  The course, called Metacognition and the Transition to College, will include the traditional Wellness topics, but also allow students to investigate their own learning styles and identities while providing strategies for the transition from high school to college.  FurChristina Rosether information about the course can be found below.  I’ve decided to design and teach this course because I wish I had had something like it when I went to college!  I hope you’ll join me for it.  



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Fall 2014 Semester Payment – DUE AUGUST 1
The Fall 2014 semester payment is due to the College on August 1, 2014. Please make sure that your financing plan is in place.  If you have questions about accepting your student loans, applying for a Parent PLUS Loan, or signing up for the College Payment Plan, please contact Student Financial Services at:  610-526-5245 or

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Overview of BiONiCBionic Logo
As Dean Rose mentioned in her message, a general overview of BiONic is available here:  Please read the information on this page to become more familiar BiONic before preregistration begins on August 5th.  With a little practice over the summer, you’ll hopefully be a BiONic pro by the time you arrive on campus!

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Alternative PE Wellness Course

  • Are you worried that your high school didn’t prepare you well enough for the demands of college? 
  • Do you often battle the beast that is procrastination? 
  • Do you wish you knew your individual learning style and strengths? 

This class could be for you!

Metacognition and the Transition to College (GNST B048) is an alternative pathway to fulfill your Wellness requirement.  In addition to earning 2 Physical Education (PE) credits, students in this class will also earn 0.5 academic credits while learning how to use metacognition to bring out their best selves in and out of the classroom.  The seminar will be a small, inquiry-based course that will promote and encourage intellectual confidence by developing student success tactics including critical thinking, written and oral communication, research skills, self-reflection, and self-regulation – all while addressing larger questions of justice, identity, and community.   First-year students will have an opportunity to preregister for this course starting when preregistration opens on August 5th.

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Housing Assignments Coming Soon!
Look out for an email from the Residential Life Office by August 1 with your housing assignment, roommate assignment and your mailbox number.  You can also expect to hear from your Customs People soon! 

In the meantime, you can check out the New Students section of the Residential Life Office website for move-in details, an overview of dorm life, advice from Hall Advisors and Customs People, and answers to your residential life questions!  Visit Roommates Alex Francendesce and Anna Kalinsky

Please not that once you’ve received your mailbox number you can use the following shipping address to send packages to campus:

Bryn Mawr College
101 N. Merion Ave.
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

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Campus Employment for New Students

Every year first-year students work for Bryn Mawr College Dining Services (BMCDS). Dining Services Student Coordinator, Olivia Hollinger '16; Assistant Director, Richard Clow; and Student Supervisors from all Dining Operations would like to welcome new students who will work on-campus this year.  In their welcome letter to the Class of 2018, they emphasize the advantages for first-year students and explain which documents they must present during the sign-ups for campus employment with Dining Services. These sign-ups will take place during the following days and times during Customs Week:  Erdman Student Worker

  • Thursday, August 28, 2014  11:00 am - 5:00 pm - Sign-up tables outside of Erdman Dining Hall (rain site: Erdman Dorm Entrance)

  • Friday, August 29, 2014  9:00 am  - 7 :00 pm - Sign-up tables outside of Erdman Dining Hall (rain site: Erdman Dorm Entrance)

For information about new student employment and to access the student application form, please visit

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Pre-Professional Advising (Health, Law, Education)
As you may already know, pre-professional advising is available to Bryn Mawr students interested in careers that require entrance exams or long-term preparation, such as health professions, law and secondary education.  If you are interested in one of these career paths, you will have ample opportunity to connect with an advisor once you are on campus.  

To learn more about these professions and the advising available, consult these pages:

Mark your calendars! On Thursday, August 29, 8:00-9:00 am during Customs Week, Health Professions Adviser Mary Beth Davis will lead an orientation for new students who plan to pursue a career in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine or public health.

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Information for Your Parents and Guardians
Your parent(s) and guardian(s) should have recently received a packet of information either via email or by post from the Dean’s Office.  Information for parents and guardians is also available on the For Parents and Guardians page on the Entering Students website.  Please direct the appropriate members of your family to that page. Parent Guardian

Health Center staff will join other campus resources on Monday, August 25 at a session for parents and families during the International Students Orientation and on Wednesday, August 27, 11:00 am-12:30 pm during Customs Week at an informal resource fair in the Campus Center main lounge.  Kay Kerr, MD, the Medical Director of Student Health Services, and Reggie Jones, MSS, LCSW, Director of Counseling Services, will be available for appointments to meet with parents and guardians to discuss medical or counseling concerns. Parent(s) or guardian(s) who would like to with the Medical Director or the Director of Counseling may email Ronda Taylor ( at the beginning of that week, indicating their availability on Wednesday or at other times during that week. 

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Themes of Customs Week Orientation
Customs ThemesLearn more about the year-long Customs program and the themes of the Customs Week orientation at

The schedules for the International Students Orientation and for Customs Week will be posted at on August 1. Updates will be added to this page throughout Customs Week.

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Who’s Whoooo at Bryn Mawr – Profiles of Arleen Zimmerle (Libraries) and Katie Feno (Help Desk)
This week we’re featuring fun factoids about, not one, but TWO Bryn Mawr staff members – Arleen Zimmerle and Katie Feno – who work for Information Services.  The Library and Help Desk staff work alongside one another to provide students with top-notch research assistance and computing support.  In fact, the Help Desk is conveniently located on the first floor of Canaday Library, the main branch of Bryn Mawr’s three libraries.  They are always happy to help students, so don’t be shy about reaching out to staff in person at the library reference desk, through the Ask a Librarian service, at (for research help) or at (for computing help). 

Be sure to say hello to Arleen and Katie if you see them during your Information Services and Library Tour on Thursday, August 28 of Customs Week!

Arleen Zimmerle, Reference & Media Librarian Arlene Zimmerle

  • What I do: I help students with media requests and research in the humanities -- English, Creative Writing, Performing Arts and Film Studies.
  • Favorite book, song or movie: Recent favorites were Richard Linklater's film, Boyhood, and Karen Thompson Walker's novel, The Age of Miracles
  • Dream vacation spot: I've visited 17 countries so far, but would love to go to Japan or India.
  • Favorite dessert: My mother's Czech Kolaches.
  • Best thing about Bryn Mawr: You can hang out with the faculty! We have some really great professors.
  • Best thing about BMC Libraries/Help Desk: Our personal service... we still offer one-to-one help with your research, just email us at
  • BMC club/activity I’d like to join: Anime Club - they're great, and donate their DVDs to the library, so everyone can enjoy them.
  • Tip for the first year at BMC: Learn who is the subject librarian for your major(s)! Their pictures and info are on our Research Guides -  Don't be afraid to contact them for help or advice.
  • What I like about working with new students: Hearing their suggestions for books and movies that the libraries should buy. Taft Garden
  • Favorite thing about my job: Every day there's an opportunity to learn something new. 
  • Favorite spot on campus: Quita's Corner, our fun book nook in Canaday, or the Taft Garden (see photo) for some peaceful relaxation.
  • In my free time, I enjoy: Travel! Nothing beats hitting the road.
  • If I were an animal, I'd be: A cat - well fed and napping whenever I pleased.
  • Little known fact about me: I am married to the Religion & Fine Arts Librarian at Haverford.
  • My secret talent: I love to scour thrift shops for vintage earrings, scarves, etc.

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Katie Feno (BMC ’06), Manager of Public Service Desks Katie Feno

  • What I do: I'm responsible for the Help Desk and Canaday Circulation Desk. My days involve things like writing documentation, managing student and professional employees, answering Help Desk calls, going to meetings, and paging books.
  • Favorite book, song or movie: The Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia C. Wrede -- If only I had a robe (or magical door!) like Morwen!
  • Favorite Quote: "And, above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in the magic will never find it." - Roald Dahl
  • Favorite dessert: Floating Island
  • Best thing about Bryn Mawr: The diversity! You really can learn something from everyone you meet.
  • Best thing about BMC Libraries/Help Desk: The human interaction. You can really get know the reference and special collections librarians and help desk professionals. We also have a really great set of student employees that keep the library and help desk going into the wee hours. Plus, we offer the fun of 24-Hour Canaday, the couple weeks at the end of each semester when we keep the library open 24/7!
  • BMC club/activity I’d like to join: Lighted Fools (Bi-Co improve group)
  • Tip for the first year at BMC: Connect your computer, phone, iPad, whatever to the eduroam network! It's a secure network that you can use to get on the internet at other eduroam institutions (like Swarthmore, Drexel, Cornell, and Oxford). See the IS blog for more info (, and look for our Connect Your Device Clinic during Customs Week.
  • What I like about working with new students: As an alum, I like seeing how new generations see Bryn Mawr and our traditions.
  • Favorite thing about my job: Working with my student employees! And, getting to explore the photography books on Canaday’s B-floor.
  • Favorite spot on campus: Quita's Corner in Canaday; I love seeing the fun books and the Staff and Student Picks that are added there!
  • In my free time, I enjoy: Traveling, eating, and reading.
  • If I were an animal, I'd be: A unicorn 
  • Little known fact about me: I have watched the full Buffy the Vampire Slayer series 3 times. It's still my favorite television show!
  • My secret talent: Helping people plan trips to Disney World

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