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Bryn Mawr College Tuesday Newsletter for the Class of 2018
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Tuesday Newsletter - August 19, 2014

In this LAST issue:


Welcome Message from Theresa Cann, Assistant Dean and Director of International Education

Dear Entering Students,

In a few weeks you will be joining us and we, in the Dean’s Office, are looking forward to meeting you.  As you transition to college life at Bryn Mawr, you may be faced with the dilemma of choosing from the many exciting opportunities that Bryn Mawr has to offer.  This can sometimes be overwhelming. However, remember that you don't have to do all these amazing things at once!  One of the things you can look forward to, as you progress through your academic career at Bryn Mawr, is the opportunity to study abroad. Every year over 40% of Bryn Mawr students study abroad in their junior year at one of the eighty programs on Bryn Mawr’s study abroad approved list. 

One of the reasons why, I think, Bryn Mawr students are ready for this challenging but rewarding cross-cultural experience is because of the sense of community they develop while at Bryn Mawr.  I encourage you to take the time to connect with the Bryn Mawr community, to discover yourself, and to learn from the everyday interactions because these will be valuable ways to prepare for other opportunities that will later come your way.  Here are some ideas to get you connected to the Bryn Mawr community as you gradually discover and engage with future opportunities:

  • Be proactive about making friends during Customs Week.  A student you become friends with during Customs may be an exchange student from one of the exchange institutions on the study abroad approved list.  That friendship can provide you a personal perspective on a country that you may want to know more about later if you choose to study abroad there. 
  • Your residence hall can be a place to learn about a whole new world because there might meet a student who has returned from study abroad who is eager to share insights about another country or region of the world.    
  • While you are settling in, some of the members of our community are studying abroad this fall.  You can connect with those students and learn about their experiences by reading their posts on the BMC study abroad blog "Time Abroad."  You can also check out the photos from study abroad students that are posted on the study abroad notice board in the lower level of Guild Hall.
  • Attend a study abroad event and meet the Study Abroad Coordinators (Rebekah Adams ’15 and Adriana Volterra ’15) and students from the bi-college community who share an interest in increasing campus awareness about international issues.
  • Join the Bi-College community at the International Dessert Reception this fall to celebrate the return of students who studied abroad during the spring 2014 semester.

Dean Theresa Cann

I hope these suggestions will help you connect with and understand your new community at Bryn Mawr, but most importantly that the knowledge you gain from these connections will prepare you to engage with a more global world. 

Again, a warm welcome to Bryn Mawr!

Theresa E. Cann
Assistant Dean, Director of International Education

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Owl reading the last Tuesday NewsletterLast Tuesday Newsletter and Final Friendly Reminders
If you can believe it, this will be the last Tuesday Newsletter.  After today, please refer to the FAQ page on the Entering Students website and your BMC email for any additional information and updates prior to your arrival on campus.  Also, be sure to check the last few items (we swear!!) off of the BMC Summer To-Do List:

And a few other items:

* - denotes tasks for all entering students

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Summer Communications Survey
We’d love to know how you accessed information about the College over the summer.  Please complete the Summer Communications Survey to let us know what information you found particularly helpful or interesting and how we can improve our summer communications for entering students.  This survey is anonymous and should only take 5 minutes to complete.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

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Which meal card do I use?

During preseason for fall athletes and Customs Week there will be a few things done differently regarding meal access in Bryn Mawr dining halls.

First-year students in any early return group (e.g. Athletics, ISO, Tri-Co) will receive an Early Return Meal Card that they will swipe at each meal.

During Customs Week, beginning on Wednesday, August 27th and ending with brunch Sunday, August 31st, first-year students will gain entrance to the dining hall using their Customs Button, which you will receive when you check in at your residence hall.

Finally, starting at dinner on Sunday, August 31st, students will need their Bryn Mawr OneCard to gain access to the dining halls. From this point on only the OneCard will be used for dining hall use!

If a student is without their Early Return Meal Card, Customs Button or Bryn Mawr OneCard at any time when trying to enter the dining hall, they will be asked to return to their dorm to retrieve the appropriate item.

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Arrival and Move-in Information
Want to know more about what you can expect when you first arrive on campus?  Please refer to the arrival information available at  Remember there will be many people on campus, including staff and student orienteers (ISO Assistants, Customs People, Peer Mentors, etc.), to help you navigate your first week on campus. You’ll also receive a tote bag when you arrive that will be full of goodies and information, including the latest issue of The Lantern.   

If you have any questions before your arrival, please contact or 610-526-5375.

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Customs Week Schedule Updates

Please keep referring to the Customs page - - for regular updates to the Customs Week schedules.  Bookmark this page on your phone or mobile device for quick reference during Customs Week.

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Your Friday 8/29 Advising Appointment
Your individual advising appointment will take place on Friday, August 29.  You may be wondering how exactly that will work.  In your Customs Packet that you will receive on Wednesday, August 27 you will have a letter telling you when and where your advising appointment will be.  Your letter will also tell you whether you’ll be a participant in the Pilot Faculty Advising program we told you about at the end of July.  If so, you will have your first meeting with your adviser that Friday.  If you were not randomly selected to be a participant in that program, two possibilities exist for your Friday session: you’ll either meet with your dean or with one of many talented faculty and staff advisers who have volunteered and prepared carefully for this one-time advising session.  Whichever category you’ll fall into, you’ll find someone eager to talk with you about possible schedules and able to help you find answers to the questions you have.  The courses you preregistered for will be the starting point for this conversation, but remember to keep an open mind to suggested changes. Your adviser will likely ask you why you selected these courses in particular.  The more prepared you are for this conversation, the more helpful it can be!

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Join Us for World-Class Arts at Bryn Mawr!

Performing Arts Series graphicPerforming Arts Series
Mark your calendars for a season of courageous and captivating art! Share in the transformative power of live performance as virtuosic artists revel in the brilliance of past masters, reflect on complex issues of our times, and point a way to the art of the future in the 2014-2015 Bryn Mawr College Performing Arts Series, with performances by Camille A. Brown & Dancers, the Jasper String Quartet and singer/songwriter Emel Mathlouthi, among others.

Creative Writing Program Reading Series
The Creative Writing Program Reading Series brings major American and international writers in all literary genres to engage with students and the Philadelphia area community. This year's roster of distinguished guests includes award-winning writers Rivka Galchen, Tracy K. Smith and Aleksandar Hemon, and others, to offer classroom visits and present free public readings from their work.

Learning to Listen Series
Our salon-like Learning to Listen Series offers free music events on campus and a spring trip to Philadelphia's Kimmel Center. Kicking off will be the renowned soprano Julianne Baird with members of Tempesta di Mare on September 27.

And More!
Our robust arts curriculum offers a wide range of vocal, chamber and orchestral concerts, dance of all types, and adventurous theater. 

Tickets are FREE for Bryn Mawr students.  To order tickets or for more information on shows, directions or accessibility, visit, call 610-526-5210 or email  For a downloadable brochure, visit

We hope to see you in our theaters soon!

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Summer Facilities Projects
Over the summer many physical transformations and repairs have been taking place on campus, including improvements to Thomas Hall, the architectural jewel of Bryn Mawr’s campus. Other projects include construction of a new dorm, accessibility updates, energy saving measures and landscape improvements.  For photos and more information, visit   

(Photo: side-by-side comparison between the front entrance to Oriel College in Oxford and the front entrance to Bryn Mawr’s Thomas Hall)

Comparison between entrance of Oriel College in Oxford and entrance of Thomas Hall

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Who’s Whoooo at Bryn Mawr – Profiles of Stephanie Nixon (Pensby Center) and Lauren Ward (Dean’s Office)
This week we’d like to introduce you to two individuals you will be meeting very soon.  Stephanie Nixon will be facilitating several sessions during Customs Week on the topics of diversity and consent and sexual assault on college campuses. These sessions include the “I am from…” diversity exercise, the presentation on Title IX, the “Speak About It” group discussions, and the Living in a Diverse Community workshop.  Stephanie’s is an incredibly dynamic and engaging presenter and her energy is contagious as is her passion for Bryn Mawr and social justice.

And finally, the profile you’ve all been waiting for, the woman behind the headlines, the person who put together this newsletter every single week: Lauren Ward ‘03, Program Coordinator, Dean’s Office!

Stephanie Nixon, Director of Diversity, Social Justice & Inclusion and TitleStephanie Nixon IX Coordinator for the College

  • What I do: I work with diversity and social justice initiatives on campus like the Diversity Council, Diversity Leadership Group, supporting the Alliance of Multicultural Organizations, advising the Community Diversity Assistants, and Spectra, among other programs. I also serve as the coordinator of the Colleges's educational efforts around sexual harassment and sexual assault and support reporting and follow up processes related to our policy.
  • Favorite book, song or movie: Favorite book is a tough one as I am an avid reader and bounce between non-fiction and fantasy and sci-fi. One of my favorites is Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman, although I must admit to having a lot of favorite books.
  • Best things about Bryn Mawr: Self-governance and commitment to challenging Bryn Mawr to constantly evolve into a better version of itself
  • Best thing about Pensby: Pensby is a great place to explore new ideas and to complicate existing understandings of ourselves and communities.
  • Tip for the first year at BMC: Take a risk and try something new just for the fun of it!
  • What I like about working with new students: I value the chance to learn from all students constantly, and I appreciate the new perspectives and questions the newest members of our community bring.
  • Favorite thing about my job: I am so blessed and privileged to work in a role that aligns with my values and brings me learning and meaning each day.
  • Favorite spot on campus: Almost anywhere outside on a warm and sunny day
  • In my free time, I enjoy: Spending time with my partner, my dog, my family and squeezing in time for reading and knitting, except during the World Cup when I must watch soccer.
  • If I were an animal, I'd be: My dog, Cleo. She has kind of a sweet life.
  • My secret talent: Like all superheroes, I feel I must keep my powers and my alterego secret to protect those I love.
  • Nickname: Snixon
  • On my summer to-do list: World Cup and time with family (see above).

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Lauren Ward ‘03, Program Coordinator, Dean’s Office

  • What I do: I provide general support for the deans and Dean’s Office initiatives.  I also provide general advice to first-year students as they get to know the College and how it works.  In addition, I work with Dean Cann on the administration of the Study Abroad program.  I organize Lauren Wardstudy abroad events and manage the Study Abroad programs’ online presence.  I’ve also been organizing the weekly Tuesday Newsletter and maintaining the Entering Students website. 
  • Favorite book: Fear and Trembling by Amélie Nothomb - a hilarious and touching fish out of water story about an incredibly quirky, error-prone but endearing young Belgian woman who spends a year working at a large corporation in Japan.
  • Dream vacation spot: Bali or Corsica
  • Favorite dessert: stracciatella gelato
  • Best things about Bryn Mawr:  It’s place where you can really be yourself and freely explore your passions.  There’s also a strong sense of community here – everyone is so different and yet very supportive of one another. 
  • Favorite spot on campus: As an alum, so many spots on campus evoke happy memories for me.  But I’d say my favorite outdoor spot is the Taft Garden behind Canaday Library and my favorite indoor spot would be Thomas Great Hall – it’s a beautiful and majestic space. 
  • In my free time, I enjoy: Dancing, playing with my dog Lucy, spending time with my husband and my friends, people (and dog) watching in Philly, lounging in a hammock, watching documentaries (feel free to share your recommendations!)
  • BMC club/activity I’d like to join: Folk Club. I love a good contra dance.
  • Tip for the first year at BMC: Find your mentors – they may be professors, a dean, upperclass students or a supervisor.  I learned so much from my supervisors at my on-campus job; they provided me with great job search tips and career advice.  Also, be sure to take lots of “mental photos” of all the special moments during Customs, traditions and late nights hanging out with your hallmates!
  • If I were an animal, I'd like to be: A sloth.  They seem to have the right attitude about life – take it slow, enjoy the view and savor your sleep.
  • Nicknames: Laur, Laur-Laur, Ren, McWardo
  • On my summer to-do list: I’m going to check out the Spruce Street Harbor Pop-up Park on the Delaware River.

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A Special Photo Message from Athena, BMC’s Patron Goddess

I look forward to meeting you and receiving your generous offerings. Wishing you safe travels to Bryn Mawr!  Anassa kata!

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