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Approved Electives

 Approved Electives for the Environmental Studies Minor

Category A) Environmental Science, Math and Engineering

Bryn Mawr
BIOL 210 Biology and Public Policy
BIOL 220 (L) Ecology
BIOL 225 * Biology of Plants
BIOL 250 * Computational Methods                                                         BIOL 255 (L) Microbiology                                                                     BIOL 323  Coastal and Marine Biology

BIOL 332 Global Change                            
GEOL 101 (L) How the Earth Works

GEOL 102 Earth:  Life of a Planet
GEOL 103 (L) Earth Systems and the Environment
GEOL 203  (L) Paleobiology
GEOL 206 * Energy Resources and Sustainability
GEOL 209 Natural Hazards & Human Populations
GEOL 302 Low Temperature Geochemistry
GEOL 314 Marine Geology
MATH 210 * Differential Equations w/ Apps (Environmental Problems)

BIOL 123 * Perspectives in Biology: Scientific Literacy (half-credit)
BIOL 124 * Perspectives in Biology: Tropical Infectious Disease (half-credit)
BIOL 310 * Molecular Microbiology (half-credit)
BIOL 314 * Photosynthesis (half-credit)
CHEM 112 * (L) Chemical Dynamics
CHEM 358 Topics in Environmental Chemistry (half-credit)

ENVS 201 Intro to Geographic Information Systems for Social and Environmental Analysis

ENVS 203 Imagining the Arctic:   Reading Contemporary Ethnographies of the North
PHYS 111 Energy Options and Science Policy


BIOL 002 Organismal and Population Biology

BIOL 036. Ecology

BIOL 037. Conservation Biology

BIOL 039. Marine Biology

BIOL 137. Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function

ENGR 004A. Environmental Protection

ENGR 063. Water Quality and Pollution Control

ENGR 066. Environmental Systems

PHYS 024. The Earth’s Climate and Global Warming

Category B) Environmental Humanities, Social Sciences and Arts

Bryn Mawr
ANTH 203 Human Ecology
ANTH 210 Medical Anthropology

ANTH 237 Environmental Health

ANTH B244 Global Perspectives on Early Farmers and Social Change

ANTH 245 The Archeology of Water
CITY 201 Introduction to GIS for Social and Environ. Analysis            

CITY 229 Topics in Comparative Urbanism-Global Exurbia

CITY 250 Growth and Spatial Organization of Cities

CITY 278 American Environmental History
CITY 329 Advanced Topics in Urban Environments: Sensing the City
CITY 345 Advanced Topics in Environment and Society - Environmental Studies
EAST 352 China's Environment: History, Policy, and Rights
EAST 362 Environment in Contemporary East Asia
ECON 225* Economic Development
ECON 234 Environmental Economics
ECON 242 Economics of Local Environmental Programs     

ECON 335 East Asian Development
EDUC 268 Educating for Environmental Literacy

EDUC 285 Ecologies of Minds and Communities
ENGL 204* Literatures of American Expansion                 

ENGL 216 Re-creating Our World                                                          ENGL 218 Ecological Imaginings                     

ENGL 251 Food for Thought
ENGL 275 Food Revolutions

HART 377 Topics in Modern Architecture
HIST 212 Pirates, Travelers and Natural Historians
HIST 237* Urbanization in Africa

PHIL 238 Science, Technology and the Good Life
PHIL 240 Environmental Ethics
POLS 222 Introduction to Environmental Issues

POLS 256 Global Climate Politics
POLS 310* Comparative Public Policy
POLS 354* Comparative Social Movements
SOCL 165 Problems in the Natural and Built Environment
SOCL 247 Environmental Social Problems
SPAN 203 La Naturaleza Como Identidad Political

ANTH 252* State and Development in South Asia
ANTH 263* Anthropology of Space: Housing and Society
ANTH 281 Nature/Culture: Introduction to Environmental Anthropology
ENGL 217* Humanimality
ENGL 257* British Topographies
ENGL 356 Studies in American Environment and Place
HIST 119* International History of the United States
HIST 227* Geographies of the Occult and Witchcraft
HIST 253 History of the US Built Environment
POLS 261* Global Civil Society
POLS 260 Environmental Political Theory (temporary course, 2011/2012)
POLS 360 Global Environmental Politics (temporary course, 2011/2012)
POLS 370 Environmental Political Thought


ANTH 023C. Anthropological Perspectives on Conservation

CHIN 087. Water Policies, Water Issues: China and the U.S.

CHIN 088. Governance and Environmental Issue in China (Cross-listed as POLS 088)

CHIN 089. Tea in China: Cultural and Environmental Perspectives (check title)

ECON 076. Environmental Economics

ENGL 009C. First-Year Seminar: Imagining Natural History

ENGL 070G. Writing Nature

ENGL 089. Race, Gender, Class and Environment

ENVS 003. Environmental Policy and Economics

FMST 035. Histories of the Water (Cross-listed as HIST 061)

HIST 033. Environmental History of the Soviet Union

HIST 061. Histories of the Water (Cross-listed as FMST 035)

HIST 089. Environmental History of Africa

JPNS 035. Narratives of Disaster and Rebuilding in Japan

LITR 086R. Nature and Industry in Russia (Cross-listed as RUSS 086)

PHIL 035. Environmental Ethics

POLS 043. Environmental Policy and Politics

POLS 043B. Environmental Justice: Theory and Action

POLS 087. Water Policies, Water Issues: China and the U.S.

POLS 088. Governance and Environmental Issue in China (Cross-listed as CHIN 088)

RELG 022. Religion and Ecology

RUSS 086. Nature and Industry in Russia (Cross-listed as LITR 086R)

SOAN 020M. Race, Gender, Class and Environment

SOAN 030P. Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

Cognate and Interdisciplinary Courses

ANTH 080B. Anthropological Linguistics: Endangered Languages (Cross-listed as LING 120)

ARTH 033. Pictured Environments in East Asia

BIOL 009 Our Food (Cross-listed with ENVS 009)

BIOL 016. Microbiology

BIOL 017. Microbial Pathogenesis and Immune Response

BIOL 020. Animal Physiology

BIOL 025. Plant Biology

BIOL 026. Invertebrate Biology

BIOL 034. Evolution

BIOL 115E. Plant Molecular Genetics - Biotechnology

BIOL 116. Microbial Processes and Biotechnology

ECON 032. Operations Research (Cross-listed as ENGR 057)

EDUC 074. Social Problems in Philadelphia (Cross-listed as SOCI 006H)

ENGR 003. Problems in Technology

ENGR 004B. Swarthmore and the Biosphere

ENGR 035. Solar Energy Systems

ENGR 057. Operations Research (Cross-listed as ECON 032)

ENVS 002. Human Nature, Technology, and the Environment

ENVS 004. Sustainable Community Actions

ENVS 005. Changemakers

ENVS 009 Our Food

ENVS 070. Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

ENVS 071. Remote Sensing of Environment

LING 120. Anthropological Linguistics: Endangered Languages (Cross-listed as ANTH 080B)

MATH 056. Modeling

PHYS 002E. First-Year Seminar: Energy

POLS 010F:  First Year Seminar: When Disaster Strikes

POLS 048. The Politics of Population

SOCI 006H. Social Problems in Philadelphia (Cross-listed as EDUC 074)

Interdisciplinary Courses

Bryn Mawr
ENVS 403 Independent Study
ENVS 415 Teaching Assistant