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Victor Donnay, ES Director
Department of Mathematics
Park 330, 101 North Merion Avenue
Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr PA, 19010

Bryn Mawr Faculty and Staff



Victor Donnay
Math Professor, Environmental Studies Director

Victor Donnay studies chaotic properties of dynamical systems, and is interested in mathematical modeling. He also is working to improve K-12 math and science pedagogy, and to bring mathematics to a wider audience.

Don Barber

Don Barber
Geology Associate Professor
Harold Alderfer Chair in Environmental Studies

Don Barber is a marine sedimentologist who studies the response of coastal environments to sea level change, storms and human perturbations.



Peter Briggs
English Professor

Peter Briggs works on American and English literature, specializing in 18th century British literature. Of special interest to the ES concentration, he has written about American landscapes and offers a course on Nature Writing and Environmental Concerns.

      josh caplan                  

Joshua Caplan                                                                       
Biology Postdoctoral Fellow

Josh is an ecologist who primarily researches plant responses to environmental change. These changes include elevated CO2, nutrient proliferation, and urbanization. He has also studied stream restoration and coastal water contamination.

Richard Davis
Anthropology Professor

A Paleolithic Archeologist, Richard Davis conducts fieldwork in Asia and the Aleutian Islands. He studies human adaptations to the changing environments of the Pleistocene and Holocene, as well as the development of technology in a social context.


Jonas Goldsmith
Chemistry Associate Professor

Jonas Goldsmith combines the techniques of inorganic, physical and synthetic chemistry to develop and investigate novel transition metal complexes for solar energy conversion..


Karen Greif
Biology Professor

Karen Greif studies neural development, and also maintains an active interest in science policy-making. Her policy course, Biology and Public Policy, includes environmental issues.



Carol Hager
Political Science Associate Professor and Chair

Carol Hager specializes in comparative politics. While her focus is on Germany, she also studies environmental politics and environmental policies in an international perspective.


Megan HeckertMegan Heckert
Growth & Structure of Cities Visiting Assistant Professor (Visiting Tri-Co Environmental Science Professor)

Megan Heckert is an urban geographer focusing on the use of geographic information systems and spatial analysis to explore social issues.  She is particularly interested in urban sustainability and how sustainability initiatives complement and/or conflict with urban revitalization efforts.


Mozdzer-1Thomas J. Mozdzer
Biology Assistant Professor

Thomas Mozdzer is an ecosystem ecologist and studies how multiple interacting global change factors including rising atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations, nitrogen pollution, sea level rise and invasive species affect coastal wetlands.

Michael Rock
Economics Professor

Michael Rock specializes in economic development, and is an authority on the interaction of development and pollution-control policy in Asia. He has taught in the US, Thailand and Vietnam.


David Ross

David Ross
Economics Associate Professor and Chair

David Ross’s teaching and research interests include the economics of imperfectly competitive markets and of local environmental programs.   He serves on the Planning Commission for West Nottingham Township and is active with the Friends of the State Line Serpentine Barrens


Bethany Schneider
English Associate Professor

Bethany Schneider works on 19th century US literature, focusing on the literature surrounding Indian Removal policies of the 1830s and 40s. She studies the shifting cultural and legal understandings that radically changed both Native and white senses of belonging and responsibility to the land.

Ellen StroudEllen Stroud
Growth and Structure of Cities Associate Professor
Johanna Alderfer Harris and William H. Harris M.D. Chair in Environmental Studies (on leave 2013-2014)

Ellen Stroud is an environmental historian whose research and teaching focus on human interactions with the natural world over the course of U.S. history. She is particularly interested in resource issues, and in issues of environmental justice within American cities.


Nathan Wright


Nathan Wright
Sociology Associate Professor (on leave 2013-14)

Nathan Wright's teaching and research interests include sociology of religion, public opinion, sociology of culture and research methods.



Bonnie Hallam
Administrative Assistant

Haverford Faculty

Haverford Director:
Helen White, Chemistry

Affiliated Faculty at Haverford College:
Kim Benston, English
Craig Borowiak, Political Science
Kaye Edwards, Independent College Programs
Steve Finley, English
Andrew Friedman, History
Megan Heckert, Independent College Programs and Environmental Studies, Tri-Co GIS
Karl Johnson, Biology
Joshua Moses, Anthropology
Iruka Okeke, Biology
Rob Scarrow, Chemistry
Jonathan Wilson, Biology

Swarthmore Faculty

Swarthmore Director:
Peter Collings, Physics and Astronomy

Affiliated Faculty at Swarthmore College:
Elizabeth Bolton, English Literature
Timothy Burke, History
Erich Carr Everbach, Engineering
Giovanna Di Chiro, Political Science
Megan Heckert, Political Science and Environmental Science, Tri-Co GIS
Alison Holliday, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Eric Jensen, Physics and Astronomy
José-Luis Machado, Biology
Arthur McGarity, Engineering
Rachel Merz, Biology
Carol Nackenoff, Political Science
Hans Oberdiek, Philosophy
Christine Schuetze, Sociology and Anthropology
Mark Wallace, Religion