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Merion Hall

The heating system for your dorm is controlled by a boiler, which is natural gas fired. This boiler heats water that gets pumped through a Main Heating Valve (MHV) and then the radiators in each room at Merion. 

Merion Temp SensorThere is one temperature sensor on each floor located in the hallway. (See photo)  The energy management system averages the sensor temperatures and “calls for heat” when the average is below set point (usually between 68°F and 72°F).  On that call for heat, the MHV in Merion boiler room opens, sending hot water to the radiators in each room. 


RadiatorEach student has a knob on their radiator that controls air flow. (See photo) This knob will not adjust the temperature of the air being distributed, but will increase or decrease the air flow. It is important to keep the space around your radiators clean and clear of personal items. Blocking air flow to the radiators can cause poor heat circulation.

**Note: The main heating valve closes any time the outside air temperature is above 60°F. This means that the heat is essentially “off” when the outside temperature reaches 60°F.

Between the hours of 11:00AM and 3:00PM Monday through Friday during the heating season, the target temperature range in all the dorms will be set back to 65-67°F.