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Rhoads North & South

Rhoads Bench ControlThe heating system for your dorm is controlled by a boiler that heats water that is then pumped to the heating units located in each room of Rhoads. There are two different types of heating units in Rhoads. Some students will have heaters in their window benches. These students can control their heat with the controller located on the wall by adjusting the dial to distribute cooler or warmer air. (See Photo to left) For example, if your room is too cold and you want warmer air, choose “warmer.” You can also adjust the speed of the fan by choosing “hi, med, or lo.” If your room is too hot, you can choose “cooler,” or turn the unit off using the switch in the middle.Rhoads Unit

Other students will have a heating unit in their room that looks like the one in the photo to the right. In these rooms, students can also adjust the temperature by positioning the dial to align with the arrow marker. For example, if you align the arrow marker with 70°, the unit will run until that temperature is reached. You can also adjust the fan speed, or turn the unit off if you are too warm.

**Note: The main heating valve closes any time the outside air temperature is above 60°F. This means that the heat is essentially “off” when the outside temperature reaches 60°F.

Facilities Services controls the temperature of the water sent to your unit, generally set at 100°F.  We ‘set back’ that temperature by 10°F between 11am and 3pm, Monday through Friday.