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Rockefeller HallRock Fan Coil Switch

The heating system for your dorm is controlled by a boiler that heats water that is then pumped through fan coil units located in the ceiling of each Rockefeller dorm room. There is a fan switch located on the ceiling just inside your room that reads “low, medium, and high” and controls the speed at which the fan distributes air (See photo). When air from the room is drawn across the hot fan coil units, it warms the air and blows that warm air back into the room.


**Note: The main heating valve closes any time the outside air temperature is above 60°F. This means that the heat is essentially “off” when the outside temperature reaches 60°F.

Facilities Services controls the temperature of the water sent to your unit, generally set at 100°F.  We ‘set back’ that temperature by 10°F between 11am and 3pm, Monday through Friday.