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Faculty Housing


Office of the Treasurer


Bryn Mawr College operates a limited number of rental units under licenses issued yearly by the Lower Merion Township. This program is one of many incentives that allow Bryn Mawr College to remain competitive in attracting and retaining faculty and staff. This program is not an employee benefit but is operated solely for the greater good of the institution.

Newly- hired Tenure Track faculty receive preference. Annual leases may be renewed for up to seven years or for one year after receiving tenure, whichever occurs first.

Newly-hired Continuing Non-Tenure Track (CNTT) faculty members receive the next preference.  Annual leases may be renewed for four years, or one year after being reviewed for the first reappointment.

Interim faculty members and postdoctoral fellows on full-time, multi-year contracts receive the next preference.  Annual leases may be renewed for the number of years of the initial contract.

Interim faculty on full-time, one-year appointments receive the next preference.  Annual leases may be renewed for two years, if the contract renewal is for a full-time appointment.

Tenured faculty and non-faculty staff members will be offered the opportunity to apply for Faculty Housing if any units are not required for newly-hired faculty.  Lease options will not exceed three years. Non-faculty staff and tenured faculty will be notified of unit availability at the same time. All requests must be in writing and supported in writing by the community member's department head. These applications should stress the benefit to the College if the staff member is assigned a unit.

Eligible faculty and postdoctoral fellows should confer with the Provost's Office about on-campus housing opportunities.  The Provost's and Housing Offices work together to assign available units on a space-available basis.

Once it is determined that new faculty hires will not fill available units or that the number of available units exceeds the new faculty pool, the Housing Office will open the applications process to the College community.

The Housing Office maintains a waiting list.

All application material will be collected and compiled by the Faculty Housing Office. This information will be forwarded to the Chief Administrative Officer for final selection and approval by the Provost of the College.

Bryn Mawr College has total of twenty-three apartments in the Faculty Housing Program available for rent. The goal of the Faculty Housing Office is to provide safe and secure housing for all tenants. Faculty Housing Office reports to the Treasurer of the College and develops all Faculty Housing operating policies.

These apartments are in following locations (see map): Arnecliffe - 719 New Gulph Road- 7 units; and Pen-Y-Bryn - 909 Montgomery Avenue-16 units.

The number of units available varies from year to year. In January, all tenants are surveyed to determine their intentions for the upcoming year.

Leases are issued for one-year. Tenants' renewal options will be determined prior to initial lease. Tenant must request in writing approval to sublet units from the Faculty Housing Office. Sublets may only be offered to Bryn Mawr College faculty and staff and must be approved by the Faculty Housing Office.

The rental price for units is targeted at 85% of the fair market value in the area surrounding the College. Rental surveys are conducted periodically to establish the rental rates. In addition, slight rent increases are established to cover increase associated with the operation of the properties.

Each tenant must provide security deposit equal to one month's rent prior to occupancy. All rent payments are made by payroll deduction. Deduction plans are set up according to tenant's pay period. Utilities cost at Pen-Y-Bryn are currently included in the monthly rent. Arnecliffe tenants pay only electric cost; all other utilities are included in the monthly rent.

All maintenance requests should be forwarded to the Facilities Services Department via the service request system or contacted directly at 610 526-7930 Monday through Friday 7:00 am to 5:00 pm.  In case of emergency or during non-working hours, all inquires should be reported to Public Safety at 610 526-7911.  All property repairs and improvements made by the tenants need written approval of the Faculty Housing Office.

All pet owners must comply with all licensing requirements of the Township or County. A license information and required vaccination information must be filed with the Faculty Housing Office. Pets are required to be leashed and attended to while in public place. Owners will be required to remove any animal that presents any health or safety risk to other tenants.