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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: May I paint my room?

A: Students are not allowed to paint their rooms. If rooms are painted, the fine will be between $75 and $250.

Q: Whom do I call if my ceiling is leaking?

A: If you have a ceiling leaking contact our office.  We will issue a work-order and one of our carpenters will respond. Unfortunately, roof leaks are sometimes difficult to locate and correct. Sometimes the leak is due to roofing issues that require major repair projects.

Q: Whom do I call if I get locked out of my room and/or dorm?

A: You will need to contact Campus Safety (X7911). If your key has been stolen or lost, contact Facilities Services. The locksmith will recore your lock and issue new keys. The fine for recoring a room lock is $50.

Q: What is the College's Heating Policy?

Heat will be turned on across campus once we are experiencing sustained nighttime temperatures of 40°F or less with predicted continuing trends in that range. This is a guideline that will be used along with common sense dictated by specific weather patterns and operational necessity. Even during the heating season, any time the outside air temperature is above 60°F, the main heating valves will shut off automatically. This means that the heat is essentially “off” when the outside temperature reaches 60°F. For more information, please visit How my Heat Works.

Q: Whom do I call if my room is too hot or too cold?

A: If your room is too hot during the summer, the only recourse is to open a window or turn on a fan. If your room is too hot or too cold in the winter, please contact Facilities Services.  When a "too hot" or "too cold" service request is received, the mechanic assigned to that building will respond and investigate the concern. Every call during business hours (M-F 7a-5p) will be responded to the same day. Complaints received off-hours will be handled the next business day. In the event that the entire building is experiencing heating issues, you can always contact Campus Safety(X7911), who will dispatch a mechanic through the On-Call system. Please see the How my Heat Works page for your dorm. There are valuable instructions on your dorm room’s specific heating system and how to operate it.

Q: How does the Heating Policy affect the campus energy policy?

A: The following conservation policies are in effect with the dual purpose of reducing both our operating expenses and carbon footprint:

  • The target temperature range for all spaces during the heating season is 67-69°F.
  • Between the hours of 11:00AM and 3:00PM Monday through Friday during the heating season, the target temperature range in all the dorms will be set back to 65-67°F.
  • The use of electric personal space heaters on campus is not permitted. Any exceptions to this policy must be requested through and approved by Facilities Services.

For more information on the Campus Energy Policy and other sustainability efforts, please visit the Sustaibility Blog.

Q: Whom do I call if I see bugs in my room?

A: We do not have an exterminator on staff. We do have an agreement with a local exterminator who comes to campus once a week to perform extermination services. If you notice bugs, contact Facilities Services.

Q: May I keep my bike in my room?

A: No. Bike racks are located at or in each residence hall.

Q: Whom do I contact if a light is not working?

A: Contact your housekeeper. If the housekeeper cannot replace the light, then she or he will contact Facilities Services for assistance.

Q: Whom do I contact if my blinds or shades are not working properly?

A: Contact your housekeeper.

Q: Whom do I contact if I need to borrow a vacuum cleaner?

A: Each dorm has a student vacuum cleaner. Contact your HA for the location of your vacuum cleaner.

Q: Whom do I contact if the washer or dryer (or other common-use appliance) in my dorm isn't working?

A: Contact Facilities Services to schedule the repair.

Q: Whom do I contact if the vending machine isn't working?

A: Contact Dining Services at x7400.

Q: Is there storage area provided by the College?

A: No. All personal items must be stored in the student's room.

Q: How do I identify an authorized construction worker on campus?

A: All authorized construction workers are required to sign in at Facilities Services when they arrive on campus. Each worker receives a white badge that they are required to display at all times. If you have any concerns about people in your hall, contact Campus Safety.

Q: What can I recycle here on campus?

See our recycling page.