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Fellowship Descriptions

Seniors and alumnae will find opportunities for formal graduate and professional study or for independent research and travel. Juniors, sophomores, and even first-year students may find programs that offer funding for their studies here or abroad or for graduate and professional school. 

Fellowships for Seniors and Alumnae

Fellowships for Students Before the Senior Year

Fellowships for Bryn Mawr Graduate Students


A few things to keep in mind:

1.  Some fellowships require institutional nomination. Many don't. For those that do, we provide a detailed description of how the internal application process works at Bryn Mawr.  For those that don't, we provide only a brief description and a link to the official fellowship website. 

2. Most of these fellowships do require US citizenship.  In some cases, permanent residents are also permitted to apply.  We've noted these stipulations in the brief description. 

3. In all cases, the official website of each fellowship is the ultimate authority.  If you see any contradictions between what we say here and what is said on external websites, please let us know.

4.  There are many fellowships that are not listed on this website.  We urge you to use all the resources at your disposal as you investigate programs and opportunities.