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Fulbright Application Timeline 2017-18 Academic Year

May 19-July 21: During the summer it is strongly recommended that you discuss your project, application and any questions that you might have with the deans office for initial review and feedback.  If you are on campus for summer research, you are welcome to schedule an appointment to meet with the deans office.

Friday, July 21: Last day by which you submit an internal preliminary application and the Fulbright Advising Questionnaire to  You will no longer be able to access the application on line after this deadline.

Friday, September 8: Last day to submit official Fulbright fall Internal Application via the Fulbright portal. 

Mid-September: Attend on campus interview with the Fellowships Committee.  Receive feedback and comments from Committee members provided to students.  Students make revisions to their applications. Committee sends evaluation forms to Fulbright. 

Monday, October 2at 5pm: Recommended deadline to submit final external application.

Friday, October 6 at 5pm: National deadline for Fulbright. You must submit application via the Fulbright portal. NO EXCEPTION

October 6 - January : All applications will be evaluated in a preliminary national screening.  Results will not be announced before January.

Mid-to late January: In recent years, news about the first round has arrived during the second half of January. You will receive an email notification of your status of Recommended or Not Recommended. Not Recommended means that you will not be going forward this year. If you receive this status, you can re-apply during the next cycle and often people are successful after revising their applications or selecting a different country. Recommended means that you will advance to the panel in the country to which you’ve applied.

January–March: The panel in the host country reviews recommended applications and makes the final award decisions. If you receive this status, your chances are good but not yet definite. Sometimes, students might be invited for a phone interview.

Mid-March-June: Final award decisions are emailed on a country by country basis. Some countries notify students sooner than others.