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Step-by-Step Fulbright Application Guide


Step 1: Submit Internal Preliminary Application (Strongly Recommended-July 21)

  • Students interested in applying for a Fulbright are encouraged to contact the Fellowships Adviser early in the summer before the senior year, with a brief write-up of possible project ideas.  Students interested in receiving feedback on their ideas should submit the Fulbright Advising Questionnaire by the preliminary deadline of July 21.


Step 2: Submit Official Fulbright Fall Internal Application via the Fulbright application portal (Friday September 8)

Once students have submitted their preliminary application for review and have received the necessary feedback, we are asking students to submit the complete Fulbright online application for the internal deadline (September 8). This application includes the following elements:


  • Biographical information: name, addresses, schools attended, activities and honors, employment, etc.
  • A statement of proposed study, research, or plans for teaching
  • A personal statement “giving a picture of yourself as an individual.
  • Three letters of recommendation.  For study or research grants, all three letters will generally be from faculty, at least two of whom should be in your major field (or the field in which you are applying). For ETA positions, at least two letters should be from faculty, at least one from your major. 
  • A Foreign Language Report, completed by a professional language teacher, if applicable.
  • Uploaded official transcripts from Bryn Mawr and from all colleges or universities attended during your time here, including study abroad.  If you have a hold on your account, please note that you will not be issued a Bryn Mawr transcript


Step 3: Attend an on-campus Fulbright interview

  • On the basis of this application, you will be interviewed by the Fellowships Committee
  • The dean’s office will contact you to schedule your interview
  • Interviews are generally in late September or early October.


Step 4: After the interview

  • The Committee will complete a Fulbright Campus Evaluation Form, which will be submitted to the Fulbright Commission.
  • You will receive some feedback on your application. 
  • Revise your materials for your final application.


Step 5: Submit Official Fulbright Fall External Application via the Fulbright portal (October 2)

  • Plan to complete all revisions and resubmit at least three business days before the final external deadline (October 6) .