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Up to three hundred Goldwater Scholarships are awarded each year to sophomores and juniors planning to pursue careers in mathematics, engineering and the natural sciences. Goldwater Scholars receive $7500 for each of their remaining years of undergraduate studies. The scholarship confers a good deal of prestige and can greatly strengthen future fellowship and graduate school applications.

ADVISERS: Katherine Marenco, Geology Department                                                    Michelle Mancini, Undergraduate Dean's Office

ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible, you must be a U.S. citizen or resident alien or national. You must also be in the top quarter of your class. Eligible students will be notified at the beginning of fall semester. Please note that class ranking may shift a great deal between sophomore year and junior year, so many times students not eligible as sophomores may be eligible as juniors.

CRITERIA FOR SELECTION: The Goldwater Committee looks for evidence of involvement in science and for potential to carry out scientific research. Research experience is helpful but not necessary. Goldwater Scholars are expected to pursue advanced degrees. Career plans could include any research positions in the sciences. Students who plan to study medicine must plan a research career rather than a career as a clinician.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Students interested in being nominated should submit the online internal application to the Dean’s Office by 5:00pm on the listed deadline. Please read the Internal Application Overview before submitting your internal application.

You will find out whether you have been selected as a nominee by early December.

External application, due to Dean Mancini by the listed deadline:

  • A 3-page application, including a list of science-related activities, a brief description of an activity or experience important to your decision to become a scientist, and a concise statement of your professional aspirations.
  • A two-page discussion of “a significant issue or problem in your field of study that is of particular interest to you.” This should be written for someone knowledgeable in science and math, but not necesarily an expert in your particular specialization. The content and style of this essay will be considered in the selection process.
  • Three letters of recommendation from professors.
  • Official secondary school transcript, Bryn Mawr transcript, and transcripts from any colleges or universities from which you have transferred credit.