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St Andrew's

Five scholarships are awarded each year to sophomores from Philadelphia-area colleges and universities planning a full year of study in Scotland.

ADVISER: Eleanor Stanford, Fellowships Adviser, Undergraduate Dean's Office

ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible, you must be a US citizen, enrolled in a full-time course of study, and in the top quarter of your class. You must also be willing to spend a full academic year in a Scottish university. (Students who receive this scholarship are automatically exempt from Bryn Mawr's one-semester limitation.) Potentially eligible students will be notified at the beginning of fall semester.

SELECTION CRITERIA: The St. Andrew's Society looks for the following qualities in selecting recipients:

• a high level of enthusiasm
• respect for and interest in other views and cultures
• involvement in the community
• a genuine and serious interest in the intellectual and cultural benefits of a year abroad in Scotland
• strong interpersonal skills
• the ability to adapt to changing/new situations
• motivation/drive/focus
• financial need

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Students interested in being nominated should submit the online internal application to the deans office by Click Here for Deadlines.


We will choose a nominee very soon after the internal deadline. Final application is due to the Dean’s Office a few days in advance of the external deadline. You will have the opportunity to revise your essay. All nominees are expected to attend a luncheon and interview with the St. Andrew’s Society in Philadelphia in mid- March