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Each year, Bryn Mawr students apply for a number of prestigious national scholarships and fellowships, often with great success. These fellowships may provide funding for the last years of undergraduate education, for graduate education both in the US and abroad, or even for travel and independent research not tied to an academic institution. What all these fellowships have in common is an arduous and time-consuming application process. Applications may commonly require a "personal statement," a specific proposal for research or a course of study, one or more interviews, anywhere from three to eight letters of recommendation, as well as more straightforward biographical data forms. Thus, you must begin to familiarize yourself with the applications requirements well in advance of deadlines.

Several fellowships require official institutional nomination, and for all of these, an initial application must be submitted internally by a deadline that may be more than two months before the external deadline. An internal review committee generally will interview applicants in order to prepare the letter of nomination, or, in cases the number of nominees is limited, as part of the internal selection process.

Seeking advice and input from faculty and other advisers or mentors is a crucial part of the process of deciding to apply for a fellowship. Each fellowship that requires internal nomination has one official adviser/liaison here at the College, listed on the descriptions pages. Begin by reviewing the information available online, both on these pages and on the official fellowships websites, and then contact the adviser to discuss your interest in applying. 

On this website, you will find information and guidance on the fellowships, and the application process from beginning to end gathered from inside and outside resources. The website is geared to helping you as much as possible throughout these various phases.