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At Bryn Mawr

Praxis: Praxis courses help you think about yourself, what you're learning, and what you want to do with what you're learning. This is especially true of Praxis III courses! Those considering independent projects like the Watson and Fulbright should really consider including a Praxis III in their course of study.

Career and Professional Development: The staff of the CPD don't just help you find jobs -- they help you figure out your future. The office oversees the Carnegie Endowment Junior Fellows program and has information on other programs of interest to fellowship applicants. 

Writing Center: Writing Center tutors are trained to help with personal statements for graduate school and fellowships.  To help them help you, provide them with a description of the fellowship you're applying for and of what they're expecting of the personal statement. 

Summer grants: Before you build a tree house, build a bird house.  Before you apply for years of funding, apply for months of funding! 


College and University Fellowship Websites

Universities and colleges that are larger than Bryn Mawr frequently have dedicated fellowships advising offices, with one or more full-time staff members and very extensive websites.  The following are some links to colleges or universities that provide an enormous amount of helpful information on their websites!  Please be aware that they may include information about fellowships that Bryn Mawr students are not eligible for.

Reed College: for advice on the Rhodes and Marshall

Columbia University: for a searchable database of fellowships.

Cornell University: a very extensive searchable database

Willamette University: for advice on the application process