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Sample Student Papers

These web pages were created collaboratively by Bryn Mawr undergraduates, faculty, and staff in the library and multi-media services. The site and the essays posted here are used as resources and models for Bryn Mawr students interested in the critical study of moving images. The tutorials were crafted by students and faculty together, based on student essays written in Prof. Jonathan Kahana's film classes.

This work was supported by curriculum development funds from Bryn Mawr College and by a State of Pennsylvania Department of Education Link-to-Learn Higher Education Grant: Improving Technology at Colleges and Universities.

These examples were collaboratively written by Bryn Mawr students and professors in order to give an idea of how to integrate film clips into the body of a paper.

Unlike a real final paper, however, they have been made interactive to illustrate key points:

  • use of terms
  • how to name clips
  • how to stage a close reading

We encourage students to hand in CD-ROMs with their papers with film clip. Use the following resources to learn how to make, quote, and cite these film clips in your papers.

Directions: In order to view helpful comments, mouse over the body of the paper as you read. When you want to view a clip, click on the "Play clip" button that will appear as you mouse over the file name. In order to return to the paper, use your browser's "Back" button.

These examples require the Quicktime player, which you can download for free at the Quicktime website. The movies are pretty big files, so you might have to wait a long time for your computer to download them if you are off-campus.

Paper I : "The Little Engine That Could: Constructing Progress in The General"

Paper II : "Godardian Cinema: Restructuring the Ideology of Bourgeois Film"

If you would like to integrate film clips into your paper, try these tutorials: