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Ann A. Abbott, Research Associate
Donald L. Abramowitz, Environmental Health and Safety Officer (610-526-5166)
Stacey R Adams, Assistant Director of Athletics for Facilities and Operations, Athletics and Physical Education (610-526-5365)
Raymond L. Albert, Professor of Social Work, Director of the Law and Social Policy Program, Chair of Diversity Leadership Group and Diversity Council, EOO Officer (610-520-2636)
Deborah Alder, Access Services Coordinator, Undergraduate College (610-526-7351)
Kordell Alexander, Client Services Technical Lead (610-526-5646)
Leslie B. Alexander, Professor of Social Work and on the Mary Hale Chase Chair in the Social Sciences, Social Work and Social Research (610-520-2635)
Elizabeth Allen, Professor of Russian and Comparative Literature (610-526-5188)
Michael H. Allen, Professor of Political Science on the Harvey Wexler Chair in Political Science and Co-Director of the International Studies Program (610-526-5327)
John L. Amoriello, HVAC System Mechanic, Facilities Services (610-526-7930)
Nell Anderson, Co-Director, Civic Engagement Office and Director of Praxis and Community Partnership Programs (610-526-5031)
Rachel Appel, Digital Collections Librarian (610-526-5093)
Nat Armentrout, Wyndham Manager (610-526-5836)
Grace Armstrong, Chair and Eunice M. Schenck 1907 Professor of French and Director of Middle Eastern Languages (610-526-5386)
Sonya Aronowitz, Senior Associate Director of Gift Planning (610-526-7842)
Ines Arribas, Senior Lecturer in Spanish (610-526-5056)
Shirlee Ashmore, Assistant Teacher, Phebe Anna Thorne School (610-526-7913)
Cori Ashworth, Director for Alumnae Career Engagement (610-526-5230)
Mehmet-Ali Ataç, Associate Professor of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology (610-526-5659)
Elena Aughey, Accounts Coordinator, Dining Services (610-526-7402)
Isabel E. Averill, Lecturer in Math (610-526-7483)


Annette Baertschi, Associate Professor of Greek, Latin, and Classical Studies (610-526-7569)
Darlyne Bailey, Dean of the Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research and Special Assistant to the President for Community Partnerships at Bryn Mawr College (610-526-2603)
John Andrew Bailey, Instructor in the College Seminar Program (610-526-5078)
Gillian Claire Baillie, Service Desk and Circulation Coordinator (610-526-5648)
Sharon Bain, Associate Director, Institutional Grants (610-526-7388)
Jodie A. Baird, Teacher - Phebe Anna Thorne
Martina Balazova, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Judith Balthazar, Interim Dean of the Undergraduate College (610-526-5374)
Mary Ann Bankston, Utlility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Don Barber, Associate Professor of Geology on the Harold Alderfer Chair in Environmental Studies (610-526-5110)
Vito Barbuto, Housekeeping Supervisor (610-526-7929)
Isabelle V. Barker, Assistant Dean and Director of Student Funding (610-526-5371)
Sabree Barnes, Faculty Affairs Associate (610-526-5215)
Casey R Barrier, Assistant Professor of Anthropology (610-526-5025)
Richard Barry, Director of Institutional Research (610-526-6532)
Robyn Barto, Assistant Director, Student Financial Services (610-526-5248)
Moore Bartune, Lead Receiver, Haffner (610-526-7408)
Amanda Erin Barwise, Admissions Fellow (610-526-7901)
Stephen Basciano, Driver,Transportation (610-526-5206)
Mark Baugher, Lecturer in Russian
Jim Baumohl, Professor of Social Work (610-520-2621)
Eileen Bazelon, College Psychiatrist, Health Center (610-526-7360)
Jennifer Beale, Assistant Director/Prelaw Advisor in the Center for Leadership, Innovation and the Liberal Arts. (610-526-5174)
Linda-Susan Beard, Associate Professor of English (610-526-5318)
Peter A. Beckmann, Marion Reilly Professor of Physics (610-526-5634)
Macalester Bell, Associate Professor of Philosophy
Gwendolyn Bennett, Cold Food Cook, Erdman (610-526-7412)
Kaylea Blaise Berard, Lecturer in Spanish (610-526-5049)
Jerry A. Berenson, Chief Administrative Officer (610-526-5183)
Elaine Marie Beretz, Research Associate, Center for Visual Culture
Thomas Bergan, Driver, Transportation (610-526-5206)
Max Bernard, Help Desk Associate (610-526-7525)
ViAnna Mae Bernard, Assistant Director of Residential Life (610-526-7333)
David Bertagni, Chief Technologist and Director of Networking/Telecom (610-526-7438)
Lisa Bethea, Dispatcher, Campus Safety (610-526-7911)
Melanie Bethea, Processing Specialist (610-526-5144)
Raymond Bevidas, Assistant Manager, Erdman Dining Hall (610-526-7421)
Andrew F. Bilotta, Carpenter, Facilities Services (610-526-7930)
Lawrence Anthony Bilotta, Carpenter, Facilities Services (610-526-7930)
Stephen L. Bishop, Instructor (610-526-5198)
Douglas Blank, Associate Professor of Computer Science (610-526-6501)
Jeremy Blatchley, Reference Librarian
Syndi Bleiweis, Assistant Director, Human Resources (610-526-5264)
Tina Bockius, Data Coordinator (610-526-5263)
Danna Bodenheimer, Lecturer (610-526-2600)
Joseph Bohen, Laboratory Research Associate, Chemistry (610-526-5103)
Millie B Bond, Major Gifts Officer, Development (610-526-7805)
Sandra Bonds, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Craig Borowiak, Associate Professor of Political Science, Haverford
Kimberlee Bossard, Service Specialist, Student Administrative Support (610-526-5516)
Carol Bower, Senior Lecturer and Head Rowing Coach, Athletics and Physical Education (610-526-7307)
Christine Boyland, Director, Language Learning Center (610-526-7448)
Margot A. Bradley, GYN Nurse Practitioner, Health Center (610-526-7360)
Mina Brahimi, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Rebecca Bramen, Nurse Practioner (610-526-7360)
Sara Bressi, Associate Professor of Social Work (610-520-2634)
Peter M. Briggs, Professor of English (610-526-5311)
Marian Brill, Program Assistant, Health Professions Advising (610-526-7357)
Peter D. Brodfuehrer, Eleanor A. Bliss Professor of Biology (610-526-5095)
Nancy Brokaw, Associate Director of Constituent Communications, College Communications (610-526-5505)
Andrew Brook, (610-526-5291)
LaTasha Brooks-Turpin, Service Specialist, Student Administrative Support (610-526-5518)
Ann C. Brown, Program Coordinator and Advisor, Bryn Mawr/Haverford Education Program (610-526-5376)
Lee A Brown, Payroll Coordinator, Controller's Office (610-526-5267)
Dawn Bruton, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Dolores A. Burdo, Program Coordinator, Career and Professional Development (610-526-5174)
Sharon Burgmayer, Dean of Graduate Studies and the W. Alton Jones Professor of Chemistry (610-526-5106)
Barbara Burns, Academic Administrative Assistant, Social Sciences (610-526-5331)
Lillian Burroughs, Director of Bi-Co Operations Campus Safety (610-526-7303)
Israel Burshatin, Director, Comparative Literature (610-896-1065)


Butch Cahoone, Lead Carpenter, Facilities Services (610-526-7930)
Jennefer Callaghan, Director of the Writing Center and Lecturer in English (610-526-5302)
Kimberly Callahan, Assoc. Dir. for Investigations
Lisa Camma, Database Management Specialist, Development (610-526-7395)
Diana Campeggio, College Communications Writer (610-526-5503)
Betsy Cancelliere, Executive Assistant, Provost Office (610-526-5055)
Theresa Cann, Assistant Dean and Director of International Education (610-526-7352)
Madeline R. Cantor, Associate Director and Term Professor of Dance (610-526-5602)
Joshua S Caplan, Bucher-Jackson Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Sciences: Biology and Environmental Studies (610-526-5088)
Oliva Cardona, Program Assistant, Thomas (610-526-5198)
Don Carroll, Utility Kitchen Worker, Erdman (610-526-7411)
Thomas James Carroll, Research Associate, Physics
Carlos Cartagena, Research Assistant
Steven M. Carter, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Linda Caruso Haviland, Alice Carter Dickerman Director of the Arts Program and Director and Associate Professor of Dance (610-526-5601)
Millicent Carvalho, Research Associate, Social Work
Nancy Cassano-George, Assistant Director, Wyndham (610-526-5234)
Kimberly E. Cassidy, President (610-526-5156)
David Cast, Professor of History of Art and the Eugenia Chase Guild Chair in the Humanities and Chair of Italian (610-526-5341)
Olivia Castello Castello, Outreach and Education Technology Librarian (610-526-7467)
Roberto Castillo Sandoval, Associate Professor of Spanish & Comparative Literature, Haverford College
Mary A. Cataldi, Associate Controller (610-526-5650)
Janet Ceglowski, Professor of Economics on the Harvey Wexler Chair of Economics (610-526-5182)
Debra Chadwick, Administrative Assistant, Conferences and Events (610-526-7329)
Iliana Chaleva, Electronic Resources and Serials Librarian (610-526-5297)
Berry Chamness, Director Of Collection Management and Discovery (610-526-5295)
Monica Chander, Associate Professor of Biology (610-526-5096)
Helen Hyun Chang, Research Support Education Technician (610-526-5273)
Susan Chaplick, Speech Language Pathologist, Child Study Institute and Phebe Anna Thorne (610-526-5900)
David Marc Chase, Associate Director of Dining Services (610-526-7420)
Leslie C. Cheng, Chair and Professor of Mathematics (610-526-5349)
Xuemei May Cheng, Assistant Professor of Physics (610-526-5357)
Esther Chiang, Mellon Digital Curriculum Assistant (610-526-5475)
Tz'u Chiang, Senior Lecturer in East Asian Studies (610-526-6560)
Andrew Chiarello, Telecommunications Network Engineer (610-526-7966)
Lisa Chirlian, Research Associate, Chemistry (610-526-7456)
Vanessa Christman, Assistant Dean and Director of Leadership and Community Development, The Pensby Center (610-526-6594)
Amanda Susan Chudnow, Associate Director of Annual Giving - Parent Leadership Giving Programs (610-526-5578)
Bernie Chung-Templeton, Executive Director,Bi-College Dining Services (610-526-7410)
Megan Marie Clark, Help Desk Technician (610-526-7434)
Jesus Class, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
April Marie Cleveland, Service Team Specialist, Student Administrative Support (610-526-5512)
Richard James Clow, Assistant Director, Dining Services (610-526-7429)
Jeffrey A. Cohen, Term Professor in Growth and Structure of Cities (610-526-7916)
Jody Cohen, Term Professor in the Bryn Mawr/Haverford Education Program (610-526-5214)
Pamela Cohen, Academic Administrative Assistant, Art, Archaeology and Cities (610-526-5053)
Christine Connelly, Development and Campaign Writer, Development (610-526-5523)
Sarah Conner-Smith, Director of Prospect Development (610-526-7634)
Bryan Connor, Manager, Bi-College OneCard Office, Dining Services (610-526-5645)
David Consiglio, Director of Research Support and Educational Technology (610-526-6534)
Catherine Conybeare, Chair and Professor of Greek, Latin and Classical Studies (610-526-5036)
Alison Cook-Sather, Mary Katherine Woodworth Chair and Professor in the Bryn Mawr/Haverford Education Program and Director of Peace, Conflict and Social Justice Program (610-526-5396)
David G Cooper, Visiting Assistant Professor
Sydney Coppola, Office Assistant, Civic Engagement (610-526-7320)
Lisa Cowan, Office Manager, Campus Safety (610-526-7317)
Frank Cozzone, Mechanical Systems Specialist, Facilities Services (610-526-7930)
Melissa Kramer Cresswell, Director of Planning and Communication (610-526-5287)
Patrick Michael Crowley, Rare Book Catalog Librarian (610-526-5082)
Tim Crowley, Corporal, Campus Safety (610-526-7911)
Selby Cull, Assistant Professor of Geology (610-526-5116)
Glenn Cummings, Associate Dean and Director of Health Professions Advising (610-526-7350)
Rob Cunningham, Chief Instrument Maker, Machine and Instrument Shop (610-526-5625)
Heather D Curl, Lecturer in the Bryn Mawr/Haverford Education Program (610-526-7578)


Mary K. Dabney, Research Associate, Archaeology (610-526-5336)
Anne F. Dalke, Term Professor of English (610-526-5308)
Maria Dantis, Program Administrator and Assistant to Dean (610-526-5074)
Ephi Dardashti, Technical Support Specialist (610-526-5564)
Manar Darwish, Instructor and Coordinator of Bi-Co Arabic Program (610-526-5669)
Dan E. Davidson, Professor of Russian on the Myra T. Cooley Lectureship in Russian and Director of the Russian Language Institute (610-526-5184)
Gregory K. Davis, Associate Professor of Biology (610-526-5089)
Tamara Davis, Chair and Professor of Biology (610-526-5065)
Ralph A. Del Giudice, Coordinator, Multimedia (610-526-7449)
David Del Testa, Research Associate, Growth and Structure of Cities
Diane Dell'Arciprete, Human Resources Coordinator (610-526-5218)
Erin DeMarco, Senior Lecturer and Head Soccer Coach, Athletics and Physical Education (610-526-7345)
Ethel M. Desmarais, Director of Student Financial Services (610-526-7922)
Belinda Detwiler, Waitress, Wyndham (610-526-5236)
Lindsey Dever, Assistant Director of Institutional Research (610-526-6599)
Ann Diaz-Barriga, Director of Development and Alumnae/i Services, Development (610-526-7380)
Christine DiCioccio, Processing Specialist (610-526-7568)
Kimberly DiGiovanni, Library Assistant, Cataloging and End Processing (610-526-5280)
Mary DiMarino, Director of Annual and Reunion Giving, Development (610-526-5123)
Mara Erin Dixon, Staff Psychologist, Child Study Institute (610-526-5900)
Paul Dolhancryk, Head Plumber, Facilities Services (610-526-7930)
Christine Lynn Dolor, Speech Language Pathologist, Phebe Anna Thorne School (610-645-0244)
Camilo Dominguez, Visiting Assistant Professor (610-526-5181)
Willemijn Don, Visiting Assistant Professor (610-526-6561)
Victor J. Donnay, Professor of Mathematics on the William R. Kenan, Jr. Chair and Chair of Environmental Studies (610-526-5352)
Alice A. Donohue, Rhys Carpenter Professor of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology (610-526-5345)
Robert J. Dostal, Rufus M. Jones Professor and Chair of Philosophy (610-526-5063)
Andrew J Douglas, Research Associate, Film Studies
Angela Dowdy, Arts Administrator in the Arts Program (610-526-5210)
Jason Driscoll, Executive Assistant to the CIO and Director of Libraries (610-526-5271)
Margie DuBrow, Director of the Nonprofit Executive Leadership Institute (610-520-2650)
Mary Duke, Staff Nurse, Health Center (610-526-7360)
Bill Dunham, Research Associate
Genny D. Dunne, Career Counselor, Career and Professional Development (610-526-2615)
Sam Duplessis, Development Officer
AnnaJo Dvorak, Waitress, Wyndham (610-526-5236)


Ann Marie Eccles, Enrollment Technology Analyst, Student Adminstrative Support (610-526-7470)
Sue Edgerton, Administrative Assistant to the Dean (610-526-2611)
Radcliffe Edmonds, Professor of Greek, Latin, and Classical Studies (610-526-5046)
Ibrahim Edwards, Utility Kitchen Worker, Erdman (610-526-7411)
Kaye Edwards, Assoc. Professor of Independent College Programs, Haverford College
Christine Eigenbrot, Payroll Manager, Controller's Office (610-526-5252)
Mary M. Eldon, Employee Relations and Benefits Specialist (610-526-5219)
Jeremy Elkins, Associate Professor of Political Science (610-526-5391)
Maria deJ. Ellis, Research Associate
Billie Jo Ember, Grants Associate and Department Coordinator, Russian (610-526-7504)
Billie Jo Ember, Grants Associate and Department Coordinator, Russian (610-526-5187)
Michael Ennis, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Michael Enright, Utility Kitchen Worker, Erdman (610-526-7411)
Jane E. Epstein, Assistant Secretary of the College (610-526-5120)
Ellie Esmond, Co-Director, Civic Engagement Office, and Director of Service and Activism (610-526-6591)
Emily Espenshade, Chief of Staff, President's Office (610-526-5155)
Christopher Jackson Esposito, Senior Desktop Support Specialist (610-526-7440)
Raima Evan, Assistant Dean, Undergraduate College (610-526-5369)
Michael Evans, Officer, Campus Safety (610-526-7911)


Tina Fasbinder, Academic Administrative Assistant, Math (610-526-5348)
Gerald Fayette, Sergeant, Campus Safety (610-526-7911)
Kari A Fazio, Chief Financial Officer (610-526-5641)
Katie Feno, Manager of Public Service Desks (610-526-7445)
Kate Fernandez, Associate Director of Stewardship, Development (610-526-5129)
Steve Finley, Professor of English, Haverford
Susanna Fioratta, Assistant Professor of Anthropology (610-526-5091)
Lisa Flanagan, Retail Operations Manager, UnCommon Grounds (610-526-7413)
Omar D. Foda, Instructor in History (610-526-5389)
Kim Folkes, Associate Director and Financial Aid Database Manager, Student Financial Services (610-526-5250)
Sara Macro Forrest, Field Education Program Coordinator (610-520-2605)
Jaime Forster, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Hamilton Fortune, Driver, Transportation (610-526-5206)
Theodore Foster, Executive Chef,Wyndham (610-526-7405)
Shana Fountain, Full Cook, Rhoads (610-526-7406)
Michelle Francl, Professor of Chemistry and Clowes Fund in Science and Public Policy (610-526-5108)
Terri Freedman, Head Science Librarian (610-526-5118)
Danielle Freeman, Housekeeper, Health Center (610-526-7360)
Andrew Friedman, Assistant Professor of History, Haverford
Carol Fritz, Secretary, Student Life Office (610-526-7331)
Ayako Fukui, Research Associate, Mathematics
Babbie Fulton, Staff Nurse, Student Health Center (610-526-7360)


Travis Galaska, Athletics Communication Director (610-526-7344)
Jesse Gale, Chief Communications Officer
Ann Marie Gallagher, Programmer/Analyst (610-526-7527)
Gerald Gallagher, Driver, Transportation (610-526-5206)
Ignacio Gallup-Diaz, Associate Professor of History (610-526-5037)
David S. Garbe, Lecturer
Mary Ellen Gardner, Accounts Payable Coordinator, Controller's Office (610-526-5258)
Martin L Gaspar, Assistant Professor of Spanish (610-526-5681)
Elaine Gaspare, Secretary and Gift Records Specialist, Development (610-526-5125)
John J Gavin, Receiver and Stockroom Utility, Wyndham (610-526-7405)
Miguel Gayle, Full Cook, Erdman (610-526-7411)
Friday Gargar Gbapaywhea, Food Prep and Pizza Maker, Haffner (610-526-7408)
Diane A Gentry, Associate Director of Prospect Development (610-526-5124)
Carolyn Gertz, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Rosemary Lorraine Giardino, Service Team Specialist, Student Administrative Support (610-526-5510)
Sheila A. Gillin, Senior Assistant Director, Admissions (610-526-7533)
Gail Glicksman, Assistant Dean, Health Professions Advising
Carolyn Godfrey, Assist Director Alumnae Engagement (610-526-5225)
Marissa Martino Golden, Associate Professor of Political Science on the Joan Coward Chair in Political Economics (610-526-5390)
Jonas I. Goldsmith, Associate Professor of Chemistry (610-526-5137)
Jeremy Gonyea, Web Applications and Systems Administrator (610-526-7468)
Kavita Goyal, Assistant Director, NELI Programs (610-526-7789)
Erica Janine Graham, Assistant Professor
Margaret T. Graham, Nursing Aide, Health Center (610-526-7360)
Deborah Grant, Assistant Director Facilities Services for Business Operations (610-526-7937)
Matthew Gray, Associate Director - News Editor, College Communications (610-526-6528)
Steve Green, Director of Transportation (610-526-7570)
Patricia Ann Greenfield, Assistant Director, Career & Professional Development
Wendy M. Greenfield, Executive Director of the Alumnae Association (610-526-5221)
Karen F. Greif, Professor of Biology (610-526-5092)
Patti Grimley, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Helen G. Grundman, Professor of Mathematics (610-526-5347)
Randal Gustitis, Systems Administrator (610-526-7433)


Jennifer Hagenbuch, Customer Service Representative in the Facilities Department (610-526-7942)
Carol Hager, Chair and Professor of Political Science and Director of the Center for Social Sciences (610-526-5328)
Laura Hall-Seelig, Research Associate
Bonnie Hallam, NSF Noyce Program Assistant, Mathematics and Administrative Assistant for the Tri-Co Environmental Studies Program (610-526-7875)
Marianne H. Hansen, Curator/Academic Liasion for Rare Books and Manuscripts (610-526-5289)
Signe Hansen, volunteer, Bryn Mawr Classical Rev
David Hardcastle, Research Associate, Social Work
Jennifer Harford Vargas, Assistant Professor of English (610-526-5309)
Deborah Harley, Receptionist, Human Resources (610-526-5261)
Nieta Harley, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Donna J. Harris, Administrator of Student Services (610-520-2629)
Georgia Harris, Lead Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Mary Elizabeth Harris, Staff Nurse, Health Center (610-526-7360)
Antoinette Harrison, Academic Administrative Assistant in the Graduate School of Social Work and Social Justice (610-520-2607)
Laurie Kain Hart, Professor of Anthropology, Haverford College
Timothy Harte, Chair and Associate Professor of Russian (610-526-5190)
Jennifer Hawkes, Assistant Registrar, Registrar's Office (610-526-5140)
Monica Hawkins, Clinic Coordinator (610-526-7360)
Pat Healy, Academic Administrative Assistant, History, Philosophy and East Asian Studies (610-526-5332)
Jane Hedley, K. Laurence Stapleton Professor of English (610-526-5307)
Sally Church Heimann, GYN Nurse Practitioner, Health Center (610-526-7360)
Carola Hein, Professor of Growth and Structure of Cities (610-526-5045)
Staci Heindel, Psychologist and Co-Director of Assessment Services, CSI (610-526-5900)
Rachel Heiser, Academic Support and Learning Resources Specialist, Dean's Office (610-526-5375)
Gail Hemmeter, Senior Lecturer in English and Director of Writing (610-526-5301)
Maureen Henderson, Office Assistant, Phebe Anna Thorne School (610-526-5910)
Laura Gross Henrich, Program Coordinator (610-526-2616)
Barry Hess, Officer, Campus Safety (610-526-7911)
Jason S. Hewitt, Lecturer and Head Coach of Cross Country and Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field, Athletics and Physical Education (610-526-7306)
Charles R. Heyduk, Associate Dean, Undergraduate College (610-526-5379)
Karen Hickman, Full Cook, Erdman (610-526-7411)
Penelope Higgins Dunham, Research Associates
Pim Higginson, Associate Professor of French (610-526-5388)
Toril Torjesen Hinchman, Lecturer and Assistant Soccer Coach (610-526-5365)
Annmarie Hofmann, Director of Administrative Support, Student Administrative Support (610-526-6598)
David Holland, Administrative Assistant, Treasurer's Office (610-526-5160)
Jessica Hollinger, Associate Director of Experiential Education (610-526-6542)
Diane Hoplamazian, General Kitchen Worker, Erdman (610-526-7411)
Betsy Horner, Director of the Quantitative Learning Center and Lecturer (610-526-5398)
Mary Beth Horvath, Director of Student Activities (610-526-7332)
Jim Huang, Bookstore Director
Shizhe Huang, Associate Professor Chinese and Linguistics, Haverford College
Mariandl Cabell Hufford, Research Associate
Dianne Hull, Assistant Director, Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program, Health Professions Adivising (610-526-7350)
Tom K. Hurster, Instructor in Social Work (610-520-2600)
Michael Hyduke, Call Center and Work Order System Coordinator, Facilities (610-526-7930)
Jonathan Hyman, Research Associate, Solomon Asch Center for the Study of Ethnopolitical Conflict


Bryan Jackson, Full Cook, Haffner (610-526-7408)
Jodi Jacoby, Academic Administrative Assistant, Biology, Geology, and Chemistry (610-526-7392)
Lisa Jenkins, Dispatcher, Campus Safety (610-526-7911)
Anne M. Jensen, Research Associate
Juliet Jeter, Information Specialist, Development (610-526-7381)
Yonglin Jiang, Chair and Associate Professor of East Asian Studies (610-526-5027)
Dianne Johnson, Director of Major and Planned Giving (610-526-6589)
Ian Johnson, Systems Administrator/Lab Coordinator (610-526-7866)
Michael Andrew Johnson, Unix Systems Administrator (610-526-7439)
Mike Johnson, HRIS Manager (610-526-7845)
Reggie Jones, Director of Counseling, Health Center (610-526-7360)
Vernon Jones, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)


Andrea Kaldrovics, Web Communications Specialist (610-526-7426)
Madhavi Kale, Professor of History (610-526-5040)
Anna S. Kamstra, Senior Associate Director of Donor Relations and Stewardship, Development (610-526-7385)
Shobhana Laveen Kanal, Counselor, Health Center (610-526-7360)
Steven Thomas Karacic, Research Associate
Olga Karagiaridi, Lecturer in History
David Karen, Chair and Professor of Sociology (610-526-5395)
Peter G. Kasius, Instructor in Mathematics (610-526-7484)
Jennifer J Keegan, Assistant Director of Admissions (610-526-7877)
John Michael Kelley, Lieutenant, Campus Safety (610-526-7911)
Margaret Kelly, Academic Administrative Assistant, Art, Archaeology, Cities, Program in Film Studies, Gender & Sexuality Studies, Environmental Studies, and the Katharine Houghton Hepburn Center (610-526-5334)
Meghan Kelly, Processing Specialist (610-526-5553)
Timothy Kelly, Mover (610-526-7929)
Christie Kenney, Annual Fund Associate (610-526-5127)
Megan Renee Kenny, Assistant Registrar (610-526-5047)
David M Kenosian, Lecturer in German and German Studies (610-526-7312)
James B. Kent, Receiver/Stockroom Utility, Erdman (610-526-7411)
Kay Kerr, Medical Director, Health Center (610-526-7360)
Toba Kerson, Professor of Social Work (610-520-2632)
Homay King, Associate Professor of History of Art and Interim Director of the Center for Visual Culture (610-526-5397)
Tom King, Executive Director, Bi-co Campus Safety (610-896-1111)
Kristy H. Kingan, Prospect Development Associate (610-526-5128)
Nancy J. Kirby, Coordinator, Alumni Connections, Social Work (610-520-2608)
Karl Kirchwey, Professor of Creative Writing (610-526-5310)
Roland Nickolaus Klemmer, Postal Assistant (610-526-7336)
Ann Klingensmith, Academic Administrative Assistant, Physics and Computer Science (610-526-5358)
Lisa Madelaine Kolonay, Academic Administrative Assistant, Center for Visual Culture and Graduate Group (610-526-5984)
Lisa Kraus, Coordinator, Performing Arts (610-526-5212)
Susan L. Kraus, Legal Specialist, College Counsel (610-526-7981)
Roberta B Krauss, Staff Psychologist, Child Study Institute (610-526-5900)
Michael Krausz, Milton C. Nahm Professor Emeritus of Philosophy (610-526-5062)
Katie R. Krimmel, Associate Dean in the Center for Leadership, Innovation and the Liberal Arts (610-526-5172)
Sara I Kulleseid, Counselor, Health Center (610-526-7360)
Deepak Kumar, Acting Chair and Professor of Computer Science (610-526-7485)
Yan Kung, Assistant Professor of Chemistry (610-526-5460)
Anita Kurimay, Assistant Professor of History (610-526-5040)
Shiamin Kwa, Assistant Professor of East Asian Studies on the Jye Chu Lectureship in Chinese Studies (610-526-5671)


Pasquale P. Labricciosa, Supervisor and Driver, Transportation (610-526-5206)
Andrew Lacey, Web Applications and Systems Administrator (610-526-5630)
Maureen Laraia, Staff Nurse, Health Center (610-526-7360)
Elizabeth Latham, Library Assistant, Cataloging and Reserves (610-526-5829)
Harold Lattore, Utility Kitchen Worker, Erdman (610-526-7411)
Wycliffe Laud, Utility Kitchen Worker, Haffner (610-526-7408)
Evelyne Laurent-Perrault, Visiting Assistant Professor
Patricia O. Lausch, Director, International Student and Scholar Services and Advising (610-526-7390)
Kathleen Lawler, Nurse Practitioner, Health Center (610-526-7360)
Rudy Le Menthéour, Assistant Professor of French and Director of the Institut d'Etudes Françaises d'Avignon (610-526-5674)
Alice Lesnick, Director and Term Professor in the Bryn Mawr/Haverford Education Program and Director of Africana Studies (610-526-7944)
Steven Z. Levine, Professor of History of Art on the Leslie Clark Professorship in the Humanities (610-526-5333)
Dayna Levy, Director Career and Professional Development (610-526-5174)
Beth Lewis, Director of Field Education, Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research (610-520-2617)
Elissa Lewis, Volunteer-Special Collections
Ruth H. Lindeborg, Secretary of the College, President's Office (610-526-5157)
Astrid Lindenlauf, Associate Professor of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology (610-526-5640)
Jan Linowitz, Teacher, Phebe Anna Thorne School (610-526-7386)
Betty Litsinger, Instructor in English (610-526-7745)
Julia H. Littell, Professor of Social Work (610-520-2619)
Tanita Little, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Linda Butler Livesay, Faculty Appointments Coordinator, Provost's Office (610-526-5169)
Linda Locker, Associate Director of Student Financial Services (610-526-5290)
Mark E. Lord, Professor of the Arts on the Theresa Helburn Chair of Drama and Director of the Theater Program (610-526-5211)
Albert Love, Lead Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Claire Luce, Language Enrichment Kindergarten Teacher, Phebe Ana Thorne School (610-645-0244)
Krynn Lukacs, Senior Lecturer in Chemistry (610-526-5109)
Rufus Sylvester Lynch, Research Associate


Camilla M. MacKay, Head, Carpenter Library & Visual Resources and Scholarly Communications Librarian (610-526-7910)
Samuel Magdovitz, College Counsel (610-526-5260)
Peter Magee, Professor of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology and Director of the Middle Eastern Studies Program (610-526-5385)
Stephen J. Magee, Maintenance Electrician, Facilities Services (610-526-7930)
Brigitte Mahuzier, Professor of French (610-526-5384)
Bill Malachowski, Chair and Professor of Chemistry (610-526-5016)
Joanne Maleno, Secretary, Health Center (610-526-7360)
Sally Wood Mallory, Laboratory Research Associate in Chemistry
Michelle M. Mancini, Associate Dean, Undergraduate College (610-526-5372)
Carrise A.J. Mangano, Assistant Director, Student Financial Services (610-526-5514)
Andrew Mantuano, Outreach and Education Coordinator (610-526-5563)
Anthony Mapp, Department Coordinator, Communications (610-526-5565)
Katherine Nicholson Marenco, Lecturer in Geology (610-526-5627)
Pedro J. Marenco, Assistant Professor of Geology (610-526-7580)
Daniel Marks, Locksmith, Facilities Services (610-526-7951)
Joseph Marra, Campus Architect and Associate Director Facilities Services for Planning and Project Design (610-526-7933)
James A. Martin, Professor of Social Work (610-520-2637)
Deby Martinez, Administrative Assistant (610-526-7400)
Harold Maryea, Assistant Director Facilities Services for Maintenance Operations (610-526-7948)
Martin Mastascusa, Director of Human Resources (610-526-5266)
Mark Matlin, Senior Lecturer and Lab Coordinator of Physics (610-526-5355)
Maiko Matsushima, Lecturer in Theater (610-526-5200)
Richard D. Matthews, AV & PC Support Technician, Multimedia (610-526-7449)
Rita Matthews, Nursing Aide, Health Center (610-526-7360)
Rodney Matthews, Computer and Multimedia Specialist (610-526-7449)
Amy Rojek Mayer, Data Integration Librarian (610-526-5281)
Kate McCann, Photographer/Videographer (610-526-5504)
Thomas McCarthy, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Clark R. McCauley, Professor of Psychology and Director of the Solomon Asch Center for Study of Ethnopolitical Conflict (610-526-5017)
Elizabeth McCormack, Associate Provost and Professor of Physics (610-526-5356)
Elizabeth McCormack, Associate Provost and Professor of Physics (610-526-5356)
Justin McDaniel, Technical Director, Goodhart Theater (610-526-7566)
James McDevitt, Dispatcher, Campus Safety (610-526-7911)
Beverly A. McDonell, Speech Language Therapist, Phebe Anna Thorne School (610-526-7637)
Gary W. McDonogh, Chair and Professor of Growth and Structure of Cities and on the Helen Herrmann Chair (610-526-5051)
Jill McElligott, Counselor, Health Center (610-526-7360)
Anne Marie McElwee, Administrative Assistant, Undergraduate Dean's Office (610-526-5378)
James McGaffin, Associate Director Facilities Services for Project Management and Energy (610-526-7984)
Jane A. McGarry, Head, Acquisitions Division (610-526-5283)
Evan McGonagill, Interim College Archivist (610-526-7518)
Maureen McGonigle, Director of Constituency Communications (610-526-7472)
Beth Krom McGowan, Driver, Transportation (610-526-5206)
Maud McInerney, Associate Professor of English, Haverford College
Diane McLaughlin, Annual Giving Volunteer Manager, Development (610-526-7396)
Terry R. McLaughlin, Senior Lecturer and Head Athletic Trainer, Athletics and Physical Education (610-526-7346)
Rosemary McNulty, Prospect Development Coordinator (610-526-5121)
Julie McReynolds, Officer, Campus Safety (610-526-7611)
Paul Melvin, Chair (fall 2013) and Professor of Mathematics (610-526-5353)
Barak Mendelsohn, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Haverford College
Monica L. Mercado, CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow and Director, The Albert M. Greenfield Digital Center for the History of Women's Education (610-526-7515)
Rebecca Mersereau, Research Associate
Michael Messado, Driver, Transporation (610-526-5206)
Filomena Micolucci, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Djordje Milicevic, Assistant Professor of Mathematics (610-526-5354)
Bob Miller, Chief Development Officer (610-526-7878)
Jerry Miller, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Haverford College
Lea R. Miller, Processing Team Manager, Student Administrative Support (610-526-5513)
Kim Milliken, Teacher, Phebe Anna Thorne School (610-526-7637)
Thomas Millward, Head Electrician, Facilities Services (610-526-7930)
Polan M. Mitchell, General Kitchen Worker, Erdman (610-526-7411)
Androniki A. Moleski, Office Coordinator, Child Study Institute (610-526-5900)
Michele Monserrati, Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Italian (610-526-5543)
Deborah A Moran, Kindergarten Assistant, Phebe Anna Thorne School (610-645-0204)
Lillie Morgan, Full Cook, Erdman (610-526-7411)
Pelema I. Morrice, Chief Enrollment Officer (610-526-6522)
Courtney Harmon Morris, Physical Education Instructor, Athletics and Physical Education (610-526-7583)
Thomas J Morton, Visiting Assistant Professor in Growth and Structure of Cities
Thomas Mozdzer, Assistant Professor of Biology (610-526-5098)
Kirsten Mudd, Teacher, Phebe Anna Thorne School (610-526-7913)
Jancy Alejandra Munguia, Research Assistant - Prov Off (610-526-7503)
John Murphy, Project/Relief Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Amy N. Myers, Lecturer in Mathematics and Math Program Coordinator (610-526-6516)
Christian Myers, Development Officer (610-526-5834)
Jenna Myers, Admissions Fellow (610-526-5526)


James Naughton, Mailroom Coordinator, Post Office (610-526-7336)
Maryellen Nerz-Stormes, Senior Lecturer in Chemistry (610-526-5102)
Mark R. Newby, Utility Kitchen Worker, Erdman (610-526-7411)
Kalala J. Ngalamulume, Associate Professor of Africana Studies and History and Co-Director of International Studies (610-526-5042)
Hoang Tan Nguyen, Associate Professor of English and Film Studies (610-526-5403)
Maly Nhek, Production Manager and Assistant Unit Manager, Haffner (610-526-7408)
Stephanie Nixon, Assistant Dean and Director of Diversity, Social Justice and Inclusion and Title IX Officer (610-526-6571)
Cynthia Njie, General Kitchen Worker, Haffner (610-526-7408)
Michael Noel, Professor of Physics (610-526-5363)
Bridget R. Nolan, Lecturer in Sociology (610-526-5677)
Andrew W. Nutting, Assistant Professor (610-526-5407)


Kirsten O'Beirne, Registrar (610-526-5041)
Kimberly O'Connell, Financial Administrative Assistant, Biology, Chemistry, and Geology (610-526-7374)
Joann O'Doherty, Executive Assistant to the Dean, Undergraduate Deans' Office (610-526-5377)
Patricia O'Donnell, Staff Nurse, Health Center (610-526-7360)
Barry O'Keefe, Officer, Campus Safety (610-526-7911)
Ann K. Ogle, Academic Administrative Assistant, Psychology and Education (610-526-5010)
Seung-Youn Oh, Assistant Professor of Political Science (610-526-5077)
Cheryl Osbourne, Corporal, Campus Safety (610-526-7300)
Mary J. Osirim, Provost and Professor of Sociology (610-526-5167)


Cara Palladino, Director of Donor Relations and Stewardship, Development (610-526-5161)
Nancy Paparo, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Diana Eun Mi Park, Technical Support Specialist (610-526-7435)
Heejung Park, Assistant Professor of Psychology
Robin Parks, Associate Director - Publications Editor, College Communications (610-526-5232)
Kimberly Parrent, Assistant Director of Conferences and Events (610-526-7337)
Melissa Pashigian, Associate Professor of Anthropology (610-526-5002)
Nicole Patience, Dietitian in Dining Services (610-526-7417)
Vince Patone, Director of Systems and Web Services (610-526-7382)
Oscar Payne, Office Assistant, Transportation (610-526-5206)
Lee T. Pearcy, Research Associate, Classics (610-526-7804)
Amy Pearlman, Director of Client Services and IT Procurement (610-526-7447)
Craig Pearlman, Volunteer
Darlene Perry, Lead Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
David G. Perry, Inter-Library Loan Coordinator (610-526-5278)
Farnaz Perry, Drill Instructor of Arabic (610-526-6564)
Juliana Perry, Web Services Project Manager (610-526-7554)
Laurel M. Peterson, Assistant Professor of Psychology (610-526-5012)
Agnès Peysson-Zeiss, Lecturer of French and Francophone Studies (610-526-5387)
Alex Pfundt, Educational Technology and Reference Librarian (610-526-7466)
Silvia L. Porello, Lecturer in Chemistry (610-526-5101)
Tanisha Powell, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Valencia Powell, Manager of Office Services, Copy Center/Post Office (610-526-5244)
Adrienne Prettyman, Assistant Professor of Philosophy (610-526-5060)
Jennifer Prudencio, Associate Director, Employer Relations and Internships (610-526-5176)
Eric Pumroy, Associate Chief Information Officer and Seymour Adelman Director of Special Collections (610-526-5272)
Christine Purkiss, Library Assistant, Carpenter and Collier Libraries (610-526-4255)
Marge Pyle, Executive Assistant to the President (610-526-5156)


Maria Cristina Quintero, Professor of Spanish, Director of Comparative Literature and Co-Director of Romance Languages (610-526-5080)


Amy M. Radbill, Production Manager (610-526-7571)
Shivanee Thayakaran Raj, Teaching Assistant, Phebe Anna Thorne School (610-645-0204)
Del Ramers, Image Specialist, Visual Resources Center (610-526-7917)
Jacquelyn Ramsey, Director of Nursing Services, Health Center (610-526-7369)
Michael Ramsey, Card Access Administrator, Campus Safety (610-526-5629)
Nancy Rassiga, Director, Language Enrichment Programs, Phebe Anna Thorne School (610-526-7633)
Sydne Record, Assistant Professor of Biology (610-526-5094)
Brian P Reedy, Officer, Campus Safety (610-526-7911)
Colleen K. Regan, Research Associate, Chemistry
Nicole Kimberly Reiley, Instructor and Head Volleyball Coach, Athletics and Physical Education (610-526-6579)
Elizabeth Reilly, Mellon Digital Curriculum Assistant (610-526-5474)
Joan M. Reilly, Research Associate, Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology (610-526-5339)
Leslie Rescorla, Professor of Psychology on the Class of 1897 Professorship of Science and Director of Child Study Institute (610-526-7318)
Eve Reyes, Lead Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Victoria Reyes, Lecturer in Growth and Structure of Cities (610-526-5470)
Olga Riabova, Instructor in Russian (610-526-5187)
Roberta Ricci, Associate Professor of Italian and Co-Director of Romance Languages (610-526-5048)
Matthew J. Rice, Systems Administrator for the Sciences (610-526-7316)
Rhiain Rice, Programmer/Analyst (610-526-7418)
Jan Richard, Enrollment Data Analyst, Enrollment and Communications (610-526-5502)
Sameerah Richards, Administrative Assistant, Undergraduate Dean's Office (610-526-5375)
Beth Riley, Instructor and Head Coach of Field Hockey (610-526-7308)
Felicia Rivera, Senior Assistant Director, Student Financial Services (610-526-5247)
Carrie Robbins, Lecturer in History of Art (610-526-5652)
Deborah H Roberts, Associate Professor of German, Haverford College
Elaine Robertson, Center Director, Professional Development HSV Certification Officer, Social Work (610-520-2614)
Michael T. Rock, Samuel and Etta Wexler Professor of Economic History (610-526-5179)
Denise Romano, Director of Housekeeping (610-526-7946)
Christina Rose, Assistant Dean of the Undergraduate College (610-526-5147)
Saul G. Rosenthal, Visiting Assistant Professor
David R. Ross, Chair and Associate Professor of Economics (610-526-5180)
Madge Rothenberg, Director of Institutional Grants (610-526-5126)
James J. Rowan, HVAC System Mechanic, Facilities Services (610-526-7930)
Matthew Ruben, Lecturer in English and the Emily Balch Seminars (610-526-7567)
Jennifer Russell, Associate Director for International Recruitment and Coordinator of the Nairobi Exchange Program, Admissions (610-526-7473)
Trish Rutecki, Assistant Director, Student Financial Services (610-526-5515)
Tracy A. Ryan, Accounting Assistant, Alumnae Association (610-526-5226)


Enrique Sacerio-Garí, Dorothy Nepper Marshall Professor of Hispanic and Hispanic-American Studies (610-526-5081)
Bethel A. Saler, Associate Professor of History, Haverford
Lisa Saltzman, Chair and Professor of History of Art and on the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Chair in the Humanities (610-526-5346)
Joanne Sanchez, Processing Specialist (610-526-5145)
Maureen L. Sanders, Technology Purchasing Agent (610-526-7431)
Rodney Scaff, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Christine Schaffer, Desktop Support Specialtist (610-526-7446)
Kathleen Schick, Driver, Transportation, and Dispatcher (610-526-5206)
MaryAnn F. Schiller, Administrative Assistant (610-526-7348)
Joel Alden Schlosser, Assistant Professor of Political Science (610-526-5291)
Jason Schmink, Assistant Professor of Chemistry (610-526-5361)
Nancy J. Schmucker, Associate Director of Alumnae Communications (610-526-5420)
Bethany Schneider, Associate Professor of English (610-526-5319)
Ulrich Schoenherr, Associate Professor of German and Comparative Literature, Haverford
Marc Schulz, Chair and Professor of Psychology and Rachel C. Hale Professor in the Sciences and Mathematics (610-526-5039)
Michael B. Schulz, Chair and Associate Professor of Physics (610-526-5367)
Elizabeth Kimmelman Schwartz, Associate Director of Alumnae Engagement, Reunion Programs, Alumnae Association (610-526-7635)
Molly Cronin Scott, Associate Director of Reunion Giving Programs, Development (610-526-5299)
Monique Renee Scott, Director of Museum Studies
Russell Scott, Doreen C. Spitzer Professor of Latin and Classical Studies (610-526-5034)
Marianna Scribner, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Steven Sensenich, Unit Manager and Assistant Director of Catering and Summer Operations, Haffner (610-526-7409)
Pat Serpentine, Cashier and Accounts Receivable Assistant, Controller's Office (610-526-5251)
Maja Seselj, Assistant Professor in Anthropology (610-526-3032)
Azade Seyhan, Fairbank Professor in the Humanities, Professor of German and Comparative Literature, Chair of German, and Co-Director of Comparative Literature (610-526-5382)
Julie M. Shaon, Development Associate, Development (610-526-5654)
Janet Shapiro, Professor of Social Work and Director for the Center for Child and Family Wellbeing (610-520-2618)
Joshua Shapiro, Assistant Professor of Biology (610-526-5099)
Daniel Shappell, Corporal, Campus Safety (610-526-7911)
Douglas E. Shaw, Utility Kitchen Worker, Erdman (610-526-7411)
Julianne Shea, Library Assistant, Acquisitions (610-526-5282)
Angie Sheets, Director of Residential Life (610-526-7334)
Rebecca Shelton, Programmer/Analyst (610-526-7427)
Denise Shipp, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Isaiah Short, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Tiffany Lorraine Shumate, Assistant Director of Admissions (610-526-5410)
Gina Siesing, Chief Information Officer and Director of Libraries (610-526-5270)
Asya Sigelman, Assistant Professor of Greek, Latin and Classical Studies (610-526-7562)
Susannah M Sinclair, Office Administrator
Jennifer N. Skirkanich, Lecturer (610-526-5090)
Lotte Stausgaard Skrubbeltrang, Research Scholar
Alyssa Delafield Slattery, Gift Planning Program Associate, Development (610-526-6597)
Catharine Slusar, Assistant Professor in Theater (610-526-5422)
Terry Small, Utility Housekeeper, Wyndham (610-526-5236)
Barrington Smith, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Glenn R. Smith, Director of Facilities Services (610-526-7935)
Nona Smith, Director of Sponsored Research, Grants Administration (610-526-5298)
Janine Lee Somers, Senior Staff Accountant, Controller's Office (610-526-5256)
Patricia Sommer, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Rosi Song, Chair and Associate Professor of Spanish and Interim Director (fall 2013) of Gender and Sexuality Studies (610-526-5079)
Cindy Sousa, Assistant Professor of Social Work on the Alexandra Grange Hawkins Lectureship in Social Work (610-526-2623)
Hikmet Isil Sozuer, Visiting Research Scholar
Jennifer Spohrer, Coordinator of Academic Technology Initiatives (610-526-7636)
Susan Starke, Nurse Practitioner, Health Center (610-526-7360)
Tara Stasik, Assistant Dean, Administration, Social Work (610-520-2612)
Tijana Stefanovic, Assistant Treasurer for Financial Planning and Budgets (610-526-7965)
Betsy Stewart, Controller (610-526-5632)
Allyson Stonis, Production Manager, Dining Services (610-526-7411)
William Stroman, Mail Carrier and Postal Driver (610-526-7336)
Walter Rees Stromquist, Research Associate, Mathematics (610-526-5352)
Ellen Stroud, Associate Professor of Growth and Structure of Cities on the Johanna Alderfer Harris and William H. Harris, M.D. Professorship in Environmental Studies (610-526-5660)
Kelly J. Strunk, Associate Director, Praxis (610-526-7967)
David W. Sturgis, Director of Administrative Information Systems (610-526-7436)
Karen Sulpizio, Academic Administrative Assistant, Social Sciences (610-526-5030)
Sarah P. Sultzer, Assistant Director of Employer Relations (610-526-5175)
Bob Sutton, Research Associate
Susan Buck Sutton, Senior Advisor for Internationalization, President's Office (610-526-5158)
Joseph Sweeney, Sergeant, Campus Safety (610-526-7911)


Shelia Tatum, Housekeeping Supervisor (610-526-7929)
Cat Tavares, Officer, Campus Safety (610-526-7911)
Arthur Taylor, Utility Kitchen Worker, Haffner (610-526-7408)
Jamie K. Taylor, Associate Professor of English (610-526-5314)
Linda W. Taylor, Psychologist, Child Study Institute (610-526-5900)
Linda ten Boom, Executive Assistant to Chief Development Officer (610-526-7384)
Christina Teter, Department Coordinator for Enrollment (610-526-5154)
Francis Thack, Associate Director of Prospect Development (610-526-5830)
Anjali Thapar, Chair and Professor of Psychology (610-526-5008)
Sarah Theobald, Academic Program Administrator (610-526-5509)
Alphonia Thomas, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Earl Thomas, Professor of Psychology (610-526-5013)
Kate Thomas, Chair and Associate Professor of English (610-526-5305)
Shalana Thomas, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Annemarie Thompson, Assistant Controller (610-526-5262)
Bryn Thompson, Academic Administrative Assistant, English (610-526-5306)
Kathy Tierney, Director of Athletics and Physical Education, Athletics and Physical Education (610-526-5364)
Daniel Tober, Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in the Humanities and Humanistic Studies
Daniel P. Torday, Visiting Assistant Professor and Director of the Creative Writing Program (610-526-5304)
Victor Torres, Front Desk/Administrative Assistant, Dining Services, Wyndham (610-526-7405)
Ton Tran, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Ellen S. Trantas, Associate Director of Development Operations, Development (610-526-7843)
Michael Tratner, Mary E. Garrett Alumnae Professor of English (610-526-5315)
Lisa Traynor, Professor of Mathematics (610-526-7460)
Elly Truitt, Assistant Professor of History (610-526-5066)
Aaron Tsay, Senior Systems Analyst (610-526-7963)
Marissa Turchi, Senior Assistant Director of Admissions (610-526-5151)
Susan Turkel, Web Assistant
Jennifer Turner, Officer, Campus Safety (610-526-7911)
Rebecca M Tyler, Instructor and Head Coach of Basketball (610-526-5647)


Sharon R. Ullman, Chair and Professor of History and Director of Gender and Sexuality Studies (610-526-5043)


Peaches Vicencio Valdes, Director of Admissions (610-526-7474)
Thomas P. Vartanian, Professor of Social Work (610-520-2624)
Paul Vassallo, Director of Purchasing (610-526-5268)
Michelle Anne Ventriglia, Staff Nurse, Health Center (610-526-7360)
Robert Verdon, Maintenance Electrician, Facilities Services (610-526-7930)
Daniela Holt Voith, Senior Lecturer in the Growth and Structure of Cities Program (610-526-5053)
Zorka Vujaskovic, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)


Lee Carolyn Wacker, Assistant Director, Annual Giving
Celeste T. Wagner, Meal Plan Administrator, Dining Services (610-526-7403)
Jenny Miu-chun Wai, Research Associate
Alicia Wilcox Walker, Assistant Professor of History of Art on the Marie Neuberger Fund for the Study of Arts (610-526-5405)
Emily Mitchell Wallace, Research Associate, Center for Visual Culture
Sara N. Wallace, Director of Principal Gifts (610-526-5551)
Erin J Walsh, Assistant Provost for Administration (610-526-5164)
Irina Walsh, Lecturer in Russian (610-526-5187)
Lauren N. Ward, Program Coordinator, Dean's Office (610-526-7867)
Megan Alana Ward, Database and Information Systems Specialist, Development (610-526-5216)
Vincent B. Ward, HVAC Mechanic, Facilities Services (610-526-7930)
Cynthia Washington, Associate Director for Affinity and Clubs, Alumnae Association (610-526-5233)
Robert Washington, Professor of Sociology (610-526-5392)
Lisa Hernandez-Cuebas Watkins, Laboratory Lecturer
Mark E. Watson, HVAC Foreman, Facilities Services (610-526-7930)
Pamela A. Webb, Research Associate, Archaeology
Arthur Weidle, Lieutenant, Campus Safety (610-526-5633)
Amanda Weidman, Chair and Associate Professor of Anthropology (610-526-5033)
Arlo Brandon Weil, Chair and Professor of Geology (610-526-5113)
Emily C. Weissbourd, Visiting Assistant Professor (610-526-5306)
Marianne Weldon, Collections Manager, Special Collections (610-526-5022)
Kristi Wenrich, Systems Analyst (610-526-7442)
Helen K. White, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Haverford
Susan A. White, Professor of Chemistry (610-526-5107)
Nikki Whitlock, Senior Lecturer and Head Swimming Coach and Aquatics Director, Athletics and Physical Education (610-526-7349)
Vera Whyte, Driver, Transportation (610-526-5206)
Maria T. Wiemken, Associate Treasurer (610-526-5177)
Michelle W Wien, Lecturer in Biology and Rosalyn R. Schwartz Teaching Award (610-526-5259)
Patricia A. Wilkins, Donor Relations Program Associate, Development (610-526-7387)
Richard Willard, Director of Science Services, Machine and Instrument Shop (610-526-7492)
Karen G. Willcox, Library Assistant, Cataloging and InterLibrary Loan (610-526-5697)
Christa Williams, Service Specialist, Student Administrative Support (610-526-5511)
George Williams, Utility Kitchen Worker, Erdman (610-526-7411)
Kevin Williams, Unit Manager, Dining Services (610-526-7411)
Mike Williams, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Robert Williams, Shift Lead (610-526-7952)
Rohan Williams, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Louisa Wilson, Senior Associate Director of Annual Giving Communications, Development
Susanna Wing, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Haverford College
Michael Winston, Utility Kitchen Worker, Erdman (610-526-7411)
Daniel Patrick Wisniewski, Research Associate, Mathematics Department
Robert H. Wozniak, Professor of Psychology (610-526-7342)
James C. Wright, Professor of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology (610-526-5336)
Kathleen Wright, Professor of Philosophy, Haverford
Nathan Daniel Wright, Associate Professor of Sociology (610-526-5394)
Yanhong Wu, (610-526-5027)


Dianna Xu, Chair and Associate Professor of Computer Science (610-526-6502)


Elna Yadin, Research Associate, Department of Psychology
Colin Yeates, Postal Assistant (610-526-7336)
Vippy Yee, Assistant Director of Volunteer Program (610-526-7803)
Lester Younger, Utility Kitchen Worker, Haffner (610-526-7408)
Le Yu, Visiting Research Stu. Ends 8/31/15


Natalie Zamora, Admissions Fellow (610-526-5525)
Lisa L. Zernicke, Director of Conferences and Events (610-526-5058)
Changchun Zhang, Instructor of Chinese (610-526-7974)
Arleen A. Zimmerle, Reference and Media Librarian (610-526-5277)
Julie Zona, Accounts Payable Clerk, Controller's Office (610-526-5257)
Christina Zwarg, Associate Professor of English, Haverford