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Ann A. Abbott, Research Associate
Donald L. Abramowitz, Environmental Health and Safety Officer (610-526-5166)
Stacey R Adams, Assistant Director of Athletics for Facilities and Operations, Athletics and Physical Education (610-526-5365)
Dilruba Ahmed, Lecturer (610-526-5474)
Raymond L. Albert, Professor of Social Work, Director of the Law and Social Policy Program (610-520-2636)
Deborah Alder, Access Services Coordinator, Undergraduate College (610-526-7351)
Kordell Alexander, Senior Desktop Support Specialist, Academic Lead, Information Services (610-526-5646)
Leslie B. Alexander, Professor of Social Work and on the Mary Hale Chase Chair in the Social Sciences, Social Work and Social Research (610-520-2635)
Elizabeth Allen, Professor of Russian and Comparative Literature (610-526-5188)
Michael H. Allen, Professor of Political Science on the Harvey Wexler Chair in Political Science and Co-Director of the International Studies Program (610-526-5327)
Jeannine Collins Alvare, Field Instruction Liaison, Social Work (610-520-2600)
John L. Amoriello, HVAC System Mechanic, Facilities Services (610-526-7930)
Nell Anderson, Co-Director, Civic Engagement Office and Director of Praxis and Community Partnership Programs (610-526-5031)
Rachel Appel, Digital Collections Librarian (610-526-5093)
Douglas Appleman, Analyst/Programmer, Information Services (610-526-7969)
Grace Armstrong, Chair and Eunice M. Schenck 1907 Professor of French and Director of Middle Eastern Languages (610-526-5386)
Sonya Aronowitz, Senior Associate Director of Gift Planning (610-526-7842)
Ines Arribas, Senior Lecturer in Spanish (610-526-5056)
Shirlee Ashmore, Assistant Teacher, Phebe Anna Thorne School
Cori Ashworth, Director for Alumnae Career Engagement (610-526-5230)
Mehmet-Ali Ataç, Associate Professor of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology (610-526-5659)
Elena Aughey, Accounts Coordinator, Dining Services (610-526-7402)
Isabel E. Averill, Lecturer in Math (610-526-7483)


Annette Baertschi, Associate Professor of Greek, Latin, and Classical Studies (610-526-7569)
Darlyne Bailey, Dean of the Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research and Special Assistant to the President for Community Partnerships at Bryn Mawr College (610-526-2603)
John Andrew Bailey, Instructor in the College Seminar Program (610-526-5078)
Gillian Claire Baillie, Service Desk and Circulation Intern, Information Services (610-526-5648)
Sharon Bain, Associate Director, Institutional Grants (610-526-7388)
Martina Balazova, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Judith Balthazar, Interim Dean of the Undergraduate College (610-526-5374)
Mary Ann Bankston, Utlility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Alyssa Banotai, Associate Director of College Communications, Digital Media Editor (610-526-6524)
Don Barber, Associate Professor of Geology on the Harold Alderfer Chair in Environmental Studies (610-526-5110)
Vito S. Barbuto, Housekeeping Supervisor (610-526-7929)
Isabelle V. Barker, Assistant Dean and Director of Student Funding (610-526-5371)
Sabree Barnes, Faculty Affairs Associate (610-526-5215)
Casey R Barrier, Assistant Professor of Anthropology (610-526-5025)
Richard Barry, Director of Institutional Research (610-526-6532)
Robyn Barto, Assistant Director, Student Financial Services (610-526-5248)
Moore Bartune, Lead Receiver, Haffner (610-526-7408)
Amanda Erin Barwise, Admissions Fellow (610-526-7901)
Stephen Basciano, Driver,Transportation (610-526-5206)
Meredith Laurel Bastian, Research Associate, Anthropology
Jim Baumohl, Professor of Social Work (610-520-2621)
Eileen Bazelon, College Psychiatrist, Health Center (610-526-7360)
Jennifer Beale, Assistant Director/Prelaw Advisor in the Center for Leadership, Innovation and the Liberal Arts. (610-526-5174)
Linda-Susan Beard, Associate Professor of English (610-526-5318)
Wellesley Beckford, Utility Kitchen Worker, Haffner (610-526-7408)
Peter A. Beckmann, Marion Reilly Professor of Physics (610-526-5634)
Gwendolyn Bennett, Cold Food Cook, Erdman (610-526-7412)
Kaylea Blaise Berard, Lecturer in Spanish (610-526-5049)
Jerry A. Berenson, Chief Administrative Officer and Interim Chief Financial Officer (610-526-5183)
Elaine Marie Beretz, Research Associate, Center for Visual Culture
Thomas Bergan, Driver, Transportation (610-526-5206)
Max Bernard, Help Desk Associate (610-526-7525)
ViAnna Mae Bernard, Assistant Director of Residential Life (610-526-7333)
David Bertagni, Chief Technologist and Director of Networking/Telecom (610-526-7438)
Lisa Bethea, Dispatcher, Campus Safety (610-526-7911)
Melanie Bethea, Processing Specialist (610-526-5144)
Raymond Bevidas, Assistant Manager, Erdman Dining Hall (610-526-7421)
Andrew F. Bilotta, Carpenter, Facilities Services (610-526-7930)
Lawrence Anthony Bilotta, Carpenter, Facilities Services (610-526-7930)
Michael Blanche, Counselor, Health Center (610-526-7360)
Douglas Blank, Associate Professor of Computer Science (610-526-6501)
Jeremy Blatchley, Reference Librarian, Information Services (610-526-7918)
Syndi Bleiweis, Assistant Director, Human Resources (610-526-5264)
Tina Bockius, Data Coordinator (610-526-5263)
Danna Bodenheimer, Lecturer
Joseph Bohen, Laboratory Research Associate, Chemistry (610-526-5103)
Millie B Bond, Major Gifts Officer, Development (610-526-7805)
Sandra Bonds, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Craig Borowiak, Associate Professor of Political Science, Haverford
Kimberlee Bossard, Service Specialist, Student Administrative Support (610-526-5516)
Earl Bowen, Lecturer in Social Work (610-526-2631)
Carol Bower, Senior Lecturer and Head Rowing Coach, Athletics and Physical Education (610-526-7307)
Christine Boyland, Director, Language Learning Center, Information Services (610-526-7448)
Anne G. Bradley, Program Coordinator/Trainer, Civic Engagement (610-526-7803)
Margot A. Bradley, GYN Nurse Practitioner, Health Center (610-526-7360)
Mina Brahimi, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Rebecca Bramen, Nurse Practioner (610-526-7360)
Jill Breslin, Instructor and Head Tennis Coach and Club Sport Coordinator, Athletics and Physical Education (610-526-7309)
David Dean Brick, Instructor of Dance (610-526-5210)
Peter M. Briggs, Professor of English (610-526-5311)
Marian Brill, Program Assistant, Health Professions Advising (610-526-7357)
Robert L. Broadrup, Lecturer in Chemistry (610-526-5679)
Peter D. Brodfuehrer, Eleanor A. Bliss Professor of Biology (610-526-5095)
Nancy Brokaw, Associate Director of Constituent Communications, College Communications (610-526-5505)
Andrew Brook, (610-526-5291)
LaTasha Brooks-Turpin, Service Specialist, Student Administrative Support (610-526-5518)
Ann C. Brown, Program Coordinator and Advisor, Bryn Mawr/Haverford Education Program (610-526-5376)
Karen Brown, Dance Instructor
Lee A Brown, Payroll Coordinator, Controller's Office (610-526-5267)
Dawn Bruton, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Dolores A. Burdo, Program Coordinator, Career and Professional Development (610-526-5174)
Sharon Burgmayer, Dean of Graduate Studies and the W. Alton Jones Professor of Chemistry (610-526-5106)
Barbara Burns, Academic Administrative Assistant, Social Sciences (610-526-5331)
Michael A Burri, Lecturer in German (610-526-5666)
Lillian Burroughs, Director of Bi-Co Operations Campus Safety (610-526-7303)
Israel Burshatin, Director, Comparative Literature (610-896-1065)


Butch Cahoone, Lead Carpenter, Facilities Services (610-526-7930)
Jennefer Callaghan, Director of the Writing Center and Lecturer in English (610-526-5302)
Lisa Camma, Database Management Specialist, Development (610-526-7395)
Diana Campeggio, College Communications Writer (610-526-5503)
Betsy Cancelliere, Executive Assistant, Provost Office (610-526-5055)
Theresa Cann, Assistant Dean and Director of International Education (610-526-7352)
Madeline R. Cantor, Associate Director and Term Professor of Dance (610-526-5602)
Joshua S Caplan, Bucher-Jackson Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Sciences: Biology and Environmental Studies (610-526-5088)
Oliva Cardona, Program Assistant, Thomas (610-526-5198)
Joseph Carney, HVAC Mechanic, Facilities (610-526-7930)
Don Carroll, Utility Kitchen Worker, Erdman (610-526-7411)
Safiya Carter, Muslim Religious Adviser
Steven M. Carter, Supervisor, Haffner (610-526-5236)
Linda Caruso Haviland, Alice Carter Dickerman Director of the Arts Program and Director and Associate Professor of Dance (610-526-5601)
Millicent Carvalho, Research Associate, Social Work
Nancy Cassano-George, Assistant Director, Wyndham (610-526-5234)
Eileen Cassidy, Secretary, Information Services (610-526-7443)
Kimberly E. Cassidy, President (610-526-5156)
David Cast, Professor of History of Art and the Eugenia Chase Guild Chair in the Humanities and Chair of Italian (610-526-5341)
Olivia Castello Castello, Outreach and Education Technology Librarian (610-526-7467)
Roberto Castillo Sandoval, Associate Professor of Spanish & Comparative Literature, Haverford College
Mary A. Cataldi, Associate Controller (610-526-5650)
Janet Ceglowski, Professor of Economics on the Harvey Wexler Chair of Economics (610-526-5182)
Debra Chadwick, Administrative Assistant, Conferences and Events (610-526-7329)
Xuzhao Chai, Exchange Student, Physics
Iliana Chaleva, Electronic Resources and Serials Librarian, Information Services (610-526-5297)
Berry Chamness, Director Of Collection Management and Discovery (610-526-5295)
Monica Chander, Associate Professor of Biology (610-526-5096)
Helen Hyun Chang, Research Support Education Technician (610-526-5273)
Susan Chaplick, Speech Language Pathologist, Child Study Institute and Phebe Anna Thorne (610-526-5900)
Amy Rebecca Chapman, ESL Tutor, Writing Center (610-526-5302)
Noah Charney, Laboratory Reserach Associate
David Marc Chase, Associate Director of Dining Services (610-526-7420)
Leslie C. Cheng, Chair and Professor of Mathematics (610-526-5349)
Xuemei May Cheng, Assistant Professor of Physics (610-526-5357)
David Cheung, Science Instrument Specialist (610-526-7488)
Esther Chiang, Mellon Digital Curriculum Assistant (610-526-5475)
Tz'u Chiang, Senior Lecturer in East Asian Studies (610-526-6560)
Andrew Chiarello, Telecommunications Network Engineer (610-526-7966)
Lisa Chirlian, Research Associate, Chemistry (610-526-7456)
Mellissa Chisena, Instructor in Dance
Daniel Chomsky, Lecturer in Political Science (610-526-5291)
Sonu Chopra-Khullar, Lecturer in Computer Science
Vanessa Christman, Assistant Dean and Director of Leadership and Community Development, The Pensby Center (610-526-6594)
Amanda Susan Chudnow, Associate Director of Annual Giving - Parent Leadership Giving Programs (610-526-5578)
Bernie Chung-Templeton, Executive Director,Bi-College Dining Services (610-526-7410)
Megan Marie Clark, Help Desk Technician, Information Services (610-526-7434)
Jesus Class, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
April Marie Cleveland, Service Team Specialist, Student Administrative Support (610-526-5512)
Richard James Clow, Assistant Director, Dining Services (610-526-7429)
Amy Jane Cohen, Subject Area Specialist, Education Program
Emily H. Cohen, Religious Advisor
Jeffrey A. Cohen, Term Professor in Growth and Structure of Cities (610-526-7916)
Jody Cohen, Term Professor in the Bryn Mawr/Haverford Education Program (610-526-5214)
Pamela Cohen, Academic Administrative Assistant, Art, Archaeology and Cities (610-526-5053)
Christine Connelly, Development and Campaign Writer, Development (610-526-5523)
Sarah Conner-Smith, Director of Prospect Development (610-526-7634)
Bryan Connor, Administrator of OneCard Program (610-526-5645)
David Consiglio, Director of Research Support and Educational Technology (610-526-6534)
Catherine Conybeare, Professor of Greek, Latin and Classical Studies (610-526-5036)
Alison Cook-Sather, Mary Katherine Woodworth Chair and Professor in the Bryn Mawr/Haverford Education Program and Director of Peace, Conflict and Social Justice Program (610-526-5396)
Sydney Coppola, Office Assistant, Civic Engagement (610-526-7320)
Lori Strickler Corso, Lecturer
Melanie Cotton, Dance Instructor
Lisa Cowan, Office Manager, Campus Safety (610-526-7317)
Frank Cozzone, Mechanical Systems Specialist, Facilities Services (610-526-7930)
Melissa Kramer Cresswell, Director of Planning and Communication, Information Services (610-526-5287)
Patrick Michael Crowley, Rare Book Catalog Librarian (610-526-5082)
Tim Crowley, Corporal, Campus Safety (610-526-7911)
Selby Cull, Assistant Professor of Geology (610-526-5116)
Glenn Cummings, Interim Associate Dean and Director of Health Professions Advising (610-526-7350)
Rob Cunningham, Chief Instrument Maker, Machine and Instrument Shop (610-526-5625)
Heather D Curl, Lecturer in the Bryn Mawr/Haverford Education Program (610-526-7578)


Mary K. Dabney, Research Associate, Archaeology (610-526-5336)
Anne F. Dalke, Term Professor of English (610-526-5308)
Maria Dantis, Program Administrator and Assistant to Dean (610-526-5074)
Ephi Dardashti, Technical Support Specialist (610-526-5564)
Manar Darwish, Instructor and Coordinator of Bi-Co Arabic Program (610-526-5669)
Dan E. Davidson, Professor of Russian on the Myra T. Cooley Lectureship in Russian and Director of the Russian Language Institute (610-526-5184)
Gregory K. Davis, Associate Professor of Biology (610-526-5089)
Mary Beth Davis, Assistant Dean, Health Professions Advising (610-526-7350)
Richard S. Davis, Professor of Anthropology (610-526-5029)
Tamara Davis, Chair and Professor of Biology (610-526-5065)
Alison Deal, Bookstore Employee (610-526-5321)
Ralph A. Del Giudice, Coordinator, Multimedia, Information Services (610-526-7449)
David Del Testa, Research Associate, Growth and Structure of Cities
Alyssa Delafield, Gift Planning Program Associate, Development (610-526-6597)
Diane Dell'Arciprete, Human Resources Coordinator (610-526-5218)
Erin DeMarco, Senior Lecturer and Head Soccer Coach, Athletics and Physical Education (610-526-7345)
Ethel M. Desmarais, Director of Student Financial Services (610-526-7922)
Belinda Detwiler, Waitress, Wyndham (610-526-5236)
Lindsey Anne Dever, Assistant Director of Institutional Research (610-526-6599)
Ann Diaz-Barriga, Director of Development and Alumnae/i Services, Development (610-526-7380)
Christine DiCioccio, Processing Specialist (610-526-7568)
Kimberly DiGiovanni, Library Assistant, Cataloging and End Processing, Information Services (610-526-5280)
Mary DiMarino, Director of Annual and Reunion Giving, Development (610-526-5123)
Mara Erin Dixon, Staff Psychologist, Child Study Institute (610-526-5900)
Paul Dolhancryk, Head Plumber, Facilities Services (610-526-7930)
Christine Lynn Dolor, Speech Language Pathologist, Phebe Anna Thorne School (610-645-0244)
Camilo Dominguez, Visiting Assistant Professor (610-526-5181)
Jodi B. Domsky, Associate Dean, Health Professions (610-526-7350)
Willemijn Don, Visiting Assistant Professor (610-526-6561)
Victor J. Donnay, Professor of Mathematics on the William R. Kenan, Jr. Chair and Chair of Environmental Studies (610-526-5352)
Alice A. Donohue, Chair and Rhys Carpenter Professor of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology (610-526-5345)
Sarah Sturgess Doody, Director for Alumnae Leadership, Engagement and Enrichment, Alumnae Association (610-526-5316)
Robert J. Dostal, Rufus M. Jones Professor and Chair of Philosophy (610-526-5063)
Andrew J Douglas, Research Associate, Film Studies
Angela Dowdy, Arts Administrator in the Arts Program (610-526-5210)
Nancy Doyne, Instructor in Creative Writing (610-526-5307)
Jason Driscoll, Executive Assistant to the CIO and Director of Libraries (610-526-5271)
Margie DuBrow, Director of the Nonprofit Executive Leadership Institute (610-520-2650)
Mary Duke, Staff Nurse, Health Center (610-526-7360)
Bill Dunham, Research Associate
AnnaJo Dvorak, Waitress, Wyndham (610-526-5236)


Eric R. Eaton, Visiting Assistant Professor of Computer Science (610-526-5061)
Ann Marie Eccles, Enrollment Technology Analyst, Student Adminstrative Support (610-526-7470)
Sue Edgerton, Administrative Assistant to the Dean (610-526-2611)
Radcliffe Edmonds, Paul Shorey Chair and Professor of Greek, Latin, and Classical Studies (610-526-5046)
Ibrahim Edwards, Utility Kitchen Worker, Erdman (610-526-7411)
Kaye Edwards, Assoc. Professor of Independent College Programs, Haverford College
Louisa C. Egan Brad, Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology (610-526-5038)
Christine Eigenbrot, Payroll Manager, Controller's Office (610-526-5252)
Mary M. Eldon, Employee Relations and Benefits Specialist (610-526-5219)
Jeremy Elkins, Interim Chair and Associate Professor of Political Science (610-526-5391)
Lynne J. Elkins, Lecturer in Geology and Director of the Undergraduate Summer Science Research Program (610-526-7971)
Maria deJ. Ellis, Research Associate
Valerie Ellis, Lecturer in the Writing Center
Billie Jo Ember, Grants Associate and Department Coordinator, Russian (610-526-7504)
Billie Jo Ember, Grants Associate and Department Coordinator, Russian (610-526-5187)
Michael Ennis, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Michael Enright, Utility Kitchen Worker, Erdman (610-526-7411)
Jane E. Epstein, Assistant Secretary of the College (610-526-5120)
Ellie Esmond, Co-Director, Civic Engagement Office, and Director of Service and Activism (610-526-6591)
Emily Espenshade, Chief of Staff, President's Office (610-526-5155)
Christopher Jackson Esposito, Desktop Support Specialtist (610-526-7440)
Nia Eubanks-Dixon, Dance Instructor (610-526-5210)
Raima Evan, Assistant Dean, Undergraduate College (610-526-5369)
Michael Evans, Officer, Campus Safety (610-526-7911)


Tina Fasbinder, Academic Administrative Assistant, Math (610-526-5348)
Gerald Fayette, Sergeant, Campus Safety (610-526-7911)
Amanda M. Fegley, Religious Advisor, Pensby Center (610-526-6592)
Katie Feno, Manager of Public Service Desks, Information Services (610-526-7445)
Kate Fernandez, Associate Director of Stewardship, Development (610-526-5129)
Sarita Ferraro, Office Assistant, Transportation (610-526-5206)
Tom Ferrick, Lecturer in Creative Writing (610-526-7567)
Steve Finley, Professor of English, Haverford
Susanna Fioratta, Assistant Professor of Anthropology (610-526-5091)
Debbie Flaks, Instructor in the Bryn Mawr/Haverford Education Program (610-896-1491)
Lisa Flanagan, Retail Operations Manager, UnCommon Grounds (610-526-7413)
Omar D. Foda, Instructor in History (610-526-5389)
Kim Folkes, Associate Director and Financial Aid Database Manager, Student Financial Services (610-526-5250)
Jaime Forster, Utility Housekeeper, Housekeeping (610-526-7929)
Hamilton Fortune, Driver, Transportation (610-526-5206)
Severine Fortune, Instructor in French
Theodore Foster, Executive Chef,Wyndham (610-526-7405)
Shana Fountain, Full Cook, Rhoads (610-526-7406)
Kersti Anna Francis, Assistant Director, Annual Giving (610-526-7553)
Michelle Francl, Professor of Chemistry and Clowes Fund in Science and Public Policy (610-526-5108)
Terri Freedman, Head Science Librarian, Information Services (610-526-5118)
Danielle Freeman, Housekeeper, Health Center (610-526-7360)
Andrew Friedman, Assistant Professor of History, Haverford
Carol Fritz, Secretary, Student Life Office (610-526-7331)
Stefan Froloshki, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Ayako Fukui, Research Associate, Mathematics
Babbie Fulton, Staff Nurse, Student Health Center (610-526-7360)


Travis Galaska, Athletics Communication Director (610-526-7344)
Ann Marie Gallagher, Programmer/Analyst, Information Services (610-526-7527)
Gerald Gallagher, Driver, Transportation (610-526-5206)
Ignacio Gallup-Diaz, Chair and Associate Professor of History and Director of Latin American, Latino and Iberian Peoples and Cultures (LALIPC) (610-526-5037)
Mary Ellen Gardner, Accounts Payable Coordinator, Controller's Office (610-526-5258)
Martin L Gaspar, Assistant Professor of Spanish (610-526-5681)
Elaine Gaspare, Secretary and Gift Records Specialist, Development (610-526-5125)
John J Gavin, Receiver and Stockroom Utility, Wyndham (610-526-7405)
Miguel Gayle, Full Cook, Erdman (610-526-7411)
Friday Gargar Gbapaywhea, Food Prep and Pizza Maker, Haffner (610-526-7408)
Cynthia J Geesey, Instructor in Physical Education, Athletics and Physical Education (610-526-7348)
Diane A Gentry, Associate Director of Prospect Development (610-526-5124)
Fran Gerstein, Field Education Liaison,GSSW
Rosemary Lorraine Giardino, Service Team Specialist, Student Administrative Support (610-526-5510)
Sheila A. Gillin, Senior Assistant Director, Admissions (610-526-7533)
Carolyn Godfrey, Assist Director Alumnae Engagement (610-526-5225)
Marissa Martino Golden, Associate Professor of Political Science on the Joan Coward Chair in Political Economics (610-526-5390)
Jonas I. Goldsmith, Associate Professor of Chemistry (610-526-5137)
Jeremy Gonyea, Web App and Sys Adminstrator (610-526-7468)
Elvin Gonzalez, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Yasmin Goodman, Dance Instructor (610-526-5208)
Margaret T. Graham, Nursing Aide, Health Center (610-526-7360)
Deborah Grant, Assistant Director Facilities Services for Business Operations (610-526-7937)
Jillian Marie Graves, Instructor, Social Work (610-520-2622)
Matthew Gray, Associate Director - News Editor, College Communications (610-526-6528)
Steve Green, Director of Transportation (610-526-7570)
Wendy M. Greenfield, Executive Director of the Alumnae Association (610-526-5221)
Sarah W Greer, Instructor in Athletics
Karen F. Greif, Professor of Biology (610-526-5092)
Patti Grimley, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Helen G. Grundman, Professor of Mathematics (610-526-5347)
Blumie Gurevitz, Religious Advisor
Eli Gurevitz, Religious Advisor
Bridget E. Gurtler, Lecturer in History (610-526-5040)
Randal Gustitis, Systems Administrator, Information Services (610-526-7433)


Jennifer Hagenbuch, Customer Service Representative in the Facilities Department (610-526-7942)
Carol Hager, Chair and Professor of Political Science and Director of the Center for Social Sciences (610-526-5328)
Laura Hall-Seelig, Research Associate
Bonnie Hallam, NSF Noyce Program Assistant, Mathematics and Administrative Assistant for the Tri-Co Environmental Studies Program (610-526-7875)
Nancy J. Halli, Visual Resources Center Image Cataloger, Information Services (610-526-7914)
Marianne H. Hansen, Special Collections Librarian, Information Services (610-526-5289)
Signe Hansen, volunteer, Bryn Mawr Classical Rev
David Hardcastle, Research Associate, Social Work
Jennifer Harford Vargas, Assistant Professor of English (610-526-5309)
Deborah Harley, Receptionist, Human Resources (610-526-5261)
Nieta Marie Harley, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Ed Harman, Assistant Director Facilities Services for Grounds Operations (610-526-7938)
Alexander Harper, Postdoctoral Fellow in Italian (610-526-5044)
Donna J. Harris, Assistant Director of Field Instruction, Social Work (610-520-2629)
Mary Elizabeth Harris, Staff Nurse, Health Center (610-526-7360)
Antoinette Harrison, Academic Administrative Assistant in the Graduate School of Social Work and Social Justice (610-520-2607)
Sally R. Harrison, Senior Philanthropic Advisor (610-526-6530)
Timothy Harte, Chair and Associate Professor of Russian (610-526-5190)
Ian M Hartshorn, Instructor in Political Science
Jennifer Hawkes, Assistant Registrar, Registrar's Office (610-526-5140)
Pat Healy, Academic Administrative Assistant, History, Philosophy and East Asian Studies (610-526-5332)
Jane Hedley, K. Laurence Stapleton Professor of English (610-526-5307)
Sally Church Heimann, GYN Nurse Practitioner, Health Center (610-526-7360)
Carola Hein, Professor of Growth and Structure of Cities (610-526-5045)
Staci Heindel, Psychologist and Co-Director of Assessment Services, CSI (610-526-5900)
Rachel Heiser, Academic Support and Learning Resources Specialist, Dean's Office (610-526-5375)
Susan Helft, Lecturer (610-526-5668)
Gail Hemmeter, Senior Lecturer in English and Director of Writing (610-526-5301)
Maureen Henderson, Office Assistant, Phebe Anna Thorne School (610-526-5910)
Marilyn Motto Henkelman, Director, Phebe Anna Thorne School (610-526-7913)
Laura Gross Henrich, Program Coordinator (610-526-2616)
Barry Hess, Officer, Campus Safety (610-526-7911)
Jason S. Hewitt, Lecturer and Head Coach of Cross Country and Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field, Athletics and Physical Education (610-526-7306)
Charles R. Heyduk, Associate Dean, Undergraduate College (610-526-5379)
Karen Hickman, Full Cook, Erdman (610-526-7411)
Penelope Higgins Dunham, Research Associates
Pim Higginson, Associate Professor of French (610-526-5388)
Loryn Hilferty, Instructor of Italian, Haverford College
Toril Torjesen Hinchman, Lecturer and Interim Head Coach of Soccer (610-526-7345)
Annmarie Hofmann, Director of Administrative Support, Student Administrative Support (610-526-6598)
Margaret Hogan, Field Instruction Liaison, Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research (610-520-2600)
David Holland, Administrative Assistant, Treasurer's Office (610-526-5160)
Jessica Hollinger, Associate Director of Experiential Education (610-526-5284)
Diane Hoplamazian, General Kitchen Worker, Erdman (610-526-7411)
Betsy Horner, Director of the Quantitative Learning Center and Lecturer (610-526-5398)
Mary Beth Horvath, Director of Student Activities (610-526-7332)
Shizhe Huang, Associate Professor Chinese and Linguistics, Haverford College
Tracey Hucks, Associate Professor of Religion, Haverford (610-896-1486)
Mariandl Cabell Hufford, Research Associate
Dianne Hull, Assistant Director, Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program, Health Professions Adivising (610-526-7350)
Jennifer L. Hurley, Instructor in Growth and Structure of Cities (610-526-7747)
Tom K. Hurster, Instructor in Social Work (610-520-2600)
Michael Hyduke, Call Center and Work Order System Coordinator, Facilities (610-526-7930)
Jonathan Hyman, Research Associate, Solomon Asch Center for the Study of Ethnopolitical Conflict


Allan Irving, Lecturer at the Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research


Bryan Jackson, Full Cook, Haffner (610-526-7408)
Carolyn Rose Jacoby, Research Associate
Jodi Jacoby, Academic Administrative Assistant, Biology, Geology, and Chemistry (610-526-7392)
Jeffrey Januzelli, Short Order Cook, UnCommon Grounds (610-526-7413)
Lisa Jenkins, Dispatcher, Campus Safety (610-526-7911)
Anne M. Jensen, Research Associate
Cordelia Allen Jensen, Lecturer (610-526-5477)
Juliet Jeter, Information Specialist, Development (610-526-7381)
Yonglin Jiang, Chair and Associate Professor of East Asian Studies (610-526-5027)
Anthony L. Johnson, Officer, Campus Safety (610-526-7911)
Dianne Johnson, Director of Major and Planned Giving (610-526-6589)
Ian Johnson, Systems Administrator/Lab Coordinator (610-526-7866)
Michael Andrew Johnson, Unix Systems Administrator, Information Services (610-526-7439)
Reggie Jones, Director of Counseling, Health Center (610-526-7360)
Vernon Jones, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)


Andrea Kaldrovics, Web Communications Specialist, Information Services (610-526-7426)
Madhavi Kale, Professor of History (610-526-5040)
Anna S. Kamstra, Senior Associate Director of Donor Relations and Stewardship, Development (610-526-7385)
Shobhana Laveen Kanal, Counselor, Health Center (610-526-7360)
Emmanuel Karagiannis, Research Associate, Solomon Asch Center for the Study of Ethnopolitical Conflict
David Karen, Chair and Professor of Sociology (610-526-5395)
Peter G. Kasius, Instructor in Mathematics (610-526-7484)
Jennifer J Keegan, Assistant Director of Admissions (610-526-7877)
Maggy M. Keegan, Special Assistant, President's Office (610-526-5163)
John Michael Kelley, Lieutenant, Campus Safety (610-526-7911)
Margaret Kelly, Academic Administrative Assistant, Art, Archaeology, Cities, Program in Film Studies, Gender & Sexuality Studies, Environmental Studies, and the Katharine Houghton Hepburn Center (610-526-5334)
Meghan Kelly, Processing Specialist (610-526-5553)
Timothy Kelly, Mover, Housekeeping Department (610-526-7929)
Laura Kemper, Lecturer and Assistant Athletic Trainer, Athletics and Physical Education (610-526-7422)
Christie Kenney, Annual Fund Associate (610-526-5127)
Megan Renee Kenny, Assistant Registrar (610-526-5047)
David M Kenosian, Lecturer in German and German Studies (610-526-7312)
James B. Kent, Receiver/Stockroom Utility, Erdman (610-526-7411)
Kay Kerr, Medical Director, Health Center (610-526-7360)
Toba Kerson, Professor of Social Work (610-520-2632)
Homay King, Associate Professor of History of Art and Interim Director of the Center for Visual Culture (610-526-5397)
Tom King, Executive Director, Bi-co Campus Safety (610-896-1111)
Kristy H. Kingan, Prospect Development Associate (610-526-5128)
Dale Kinney, Eugenia Chase Guild Professor Emeritus of the Humanities and Professor Emeritus of History of Art and Director of the Graduate Group (610-526-5342)
Karl Kirchwey, Professor of Creative Writing (610-526-5310)
Virginia A. Kirk, Field Instruction Liaison, GSSWSR (610-520-2600)
Roland Nickolaus Klemmer, Postal Assistant (610-526-7336)
Ann Klingensmith, Academic Administrative Assistant, Physics and Computer Science (610-526-5358)
Lisa Madelaine Kolonay, Academic Administrative Assistant, Center for Visual Culture and Graduate Group (610-526-5984)
Lisa Kraus, Coordinator, Performing Arts (610-526-5212)
Susan L. Kraus, Legal Specialist, College Counsel (610-526-7981)
Roberta B Krauss, Staff Psychologist, Child Study Institute (610-526-5900)
Michael Krausz, Co-Interim Chair and Milton C. Nahm Professor of Philosophy (610-526-5062)
Katie R. Krimmel, Associate Dean in the Center for Leadership, Innovation and the Liberal Arts (610-526-5172)
Sara I Kulleseid, Counselor, Health Center (610-526-7360)
Deepak Kumar, Professor of Computer Science (610-526-7485)
Yan Kung, Assistant Professor of Chemistry (610-526-5460)
Anita Kurimay, Assistant Professor of History (610-526-5040)
Shiamin Kwa, Assistant Professor of East Asian Studies on the Jye Chu Lectureship in Chinese Studies (610-526-5671)


Pasquale P. Labricciosa, Supervisor and Driver, Transportation (610-526-5206)
Andrew Lacey, Web Applications and Systems Administrator, Information Services (610-526-5630)
Monique V. Laird, Instructor, French Department (610-526-7748)
Judith LaLonde, Research Associate in Chemistry (610-526-5679)
Tamara Lapman, Senior Assistant Director of Admissions (610-526-7876)
Maureen Laraia, Staff Nurse, Health Center (610-526-7360)
Elizabeth Latham, Library Assistant, Cataloging, Circulation, and Print Reserves, Information Services (610-526-5829)
Harold Lattore, Utility Kitchen Worker, Erdman (610-526-7411)
Wycliffe Laud, Utility Kitchen Worker, Haffner (610-526-7408)
Patricia O. Lausch, Assistant Director for International Student and Scholar Services and Advising (610-526-7390)
Kathleen Lawler, Nurse Practitioner, Health Center (610-526-7360)
Rudy Le Menthéour, Assistant Professor of French and Director of the Institut d'Etudes Françaises d'Avignon (610-526-5674)
Alice Lesnick, Director and Term Professor in the Bryn Mawr/Haverford Education Program and Director of Africana Studies (610-526-7944)
Steven Z. Levine, Professor of History of Art on the Leslie Clark Professorship in the Humanities (610-526-5333)
Dayna Levy, Director Career and Professional Development (610-526-5174)
Beth Lewis, Director of Field Education, Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research (610-520-2617)
Ruth H. Lindeborg, Secretary of the College, President's Office (610-526-5157)
Astrid Lindenlauf, Associate Professor of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology (610-526-5640)
Jan Linowitz, Teacher, Phebe Anna Thorne School (610-526-7386)
Betty Litsinger, Instructor in English (610-526-7745)
Julia H. Littell, Professor of Social Work (610-520-2619)
Tanita Little, Utility Housekeeper, Housekeeping (610-526-5236)
Linda Butler Livesay, Faculty Appointments Coordinator, Provost's Office (610-526-5169)
Linda Locker, Associate Director of Student Financial Services (610-526-5290)
Mark E. Lord, Professor of the Arts on the Theresa Helburn Chair of Drama and Director of the Theater Program (610-526-5211)
Albert Love, Lead Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Claire Luce, Language Enrichment Kindergarten Teacher, Phebe Ana Thorne School (610-645-0244)
Krynn Lukacs, Senior Lecturer in Chemistry (610-526-5109)
Rufus Sylvester Lynch, Research Associate


Camilla M. MacKay, Head, Carpenter Library & Visual Resources and Scholarly Communications Librarian (610-526-7910)
Ali John Madani, Instructor (610-526-5680)
Samuel Magdovitz, College Counsel (610-526-5260)
Peter Magee, Professor of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology and Director of the Middle Eastern Studies Program (610-526-5385)
Stephen J. Magee, Maintenance Electrician, Facilities Services (610-526-7930)
Brigitte Mahuzier, Professor of French (610-526-5384)
Bill Malachowski, Chair and Professor of Chemistry (610-526-5016)
Rebecca Malcolm-Naib, Dance Instructor (610-526-5208)
Joanne Maleno, Secretary, Health Center (610-526-7360)
Sally Wood Mallory, Laboratory Research Associate in Chemistry
Michelle M. Mancini, Associate Dean, Undergraduate College (610-526-5372)
Carrise A.J. Mangano, Assistant Director, Student Financial Services (610-526-5514)
Andrew Mantuano, Staff Education and Support Specialist, Information Services Department (610-526-5563)
Anthony Mapp, Department Coordinator, Communications (610-526-5565)
Kathryn W. Marcolina, Career Counselor, Career and Professional Development (610-520-2615)
Katherine Nicholson Marenco, Lecturer in Geology (610-526-5627)
Pedro J. Marenco, Assistant Professor of Geology and on the Rosabeth Moss Kanter Change Master Fund (610-526-7580)
Daniel Marks, Locksmith, Facilities Services (610-526-7951)
Joseph Marra, Campus Architect and Associate Director Facilities Services for Planning and Project Design (610-526-7933)
James A. Martin, Professor of Social Work (610-520-2637)
Marcia L. Martin, Dean Emeritus of the Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research (610-520-2606)
Deby Martinez, Administrative Assistant (610-526-7400)
Harold Maryea, Assistant Director Facilities Services for Maintenance Operations (610-526-7948)
Martin Mastascusa, Director of Human Resources (610-526-5266)
Michele M Mathes, Lecturer in Social Work (610-520-2600)
Mark Matlin, Senior Lecturer and Lab Coordinator of Physics (610-526-5355)
Maiko Matsushima, Lecturer in Theater (610-526-5200)
Richard D. Matthews, AV & PC Support Technician, Multimedia, Information Services (610-526-7449)
Rita Matthews, Nursing Aide, Health Center (610-526-7360)
Rodney Matthews, Computer and Multimedia Specialist, Information Services (610-526-7449)
Amy Rojek Mayer, Data Integration Librarian, Information Services (610-526-5281)
Kate McCann, Photographer/Videographer (610-526-5504)
Thomas D. McCarthy, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Clark R. McCauley, Professor of Psychology and Director of the Solomon Asch Center for Study of Ethnopolitical Conflict (610-526-5017)
Tom McCauley, Research Associate
Elizabeth McCormack, Associate Provost and Professor of Physics (610-526-5356)
Justin McDaniel, Technical Director, Goodhart Theater (610-526-7566)
James McDevitt, Dispatcher, Campus Safety (610-526-7911)
Beverly A. McDonell, Speech Language Therapist, Phebe Anna Thorne School (610-526-7637)
Gary W. McDonogh, Chair and Professor of Growth and Structure of Cities and on the Helen Herrmann Chair (610-526-5051)
Jill McElligott, Counselor, Health Center (610-526-7360)
Anne Marie McElwee, Administrative Assistant, Undergraduate Dean's Office (610-526-5378)
James McGaffin, Associate Director Facilities Services for Project Management and Energy (610-526-7984)
Jane A. McGarry, Head, Acquisitions Division, Information Services (610-526-5283)
Evan McGonagill, Project Assistant, The Albert M. Greenfield Digital Center for the History of Women's Education (610-526-7518)
Maureen McGonigle, Director of Constituency Communications (610-526-7472)
Beth Krom McGowan, Driver, Transportation (610-526-5206)
Maud McInerney, Associate Professor of English, Haverford College
Daniel L. McLaughlin, Mover, Housekeeping (610-526-7929)
Diane McLaughlin, Annual Giving Volunteer Manager, Development (610-526-7396)
Terry R. McLaughlin, Senior Lecturer and Head Athletic Trainer, Athletics and Physical Education (610-526-7346)
Rosemary McNulty, Administrative Assistant, Development (610-526-5121)
Julie McReynolds, Officer, Campus Safety (610-526-7611)
Paul Melvin, Chair (fall 2013) and Professor of Mathematics (610-526-5353)
Monica L. Mercado, CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow and Director, The Albert M. Greenfield Digital Center for the History of Women's Education (610-526-7515)
Rebecca Mersereau, Research Associate
Michael Messado, Driver, Transporation (610-526-5206)
Filomena Micolucci, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Elizabeth G. Mietlicki-Baase, Lecturer in Biology
Djordje Milicevic, Assistant Professor of Mathematics (610-526-5354)
Bob Miller, Chief Development Officer (610-526-7878)
Casey J. Miller, Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology (610-526-5657)
Jerry Miller, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Haverford College
Lea R. Miller, Processing Team Manager, Student Administrative Support (610-526-5513)
Kim Milliken, Teacher, Phebe Anna Thorne School (610-526-7637)
Thomas Millward, Head Electrician, Facilities Services (610-526-7930)
Patty Mitchell, House Manager, Pen-Y-Groes (610-526-5156)
Polan M. Mitchell, General Kitchen Worker, Erdman (610-526-7411)
Androniki A. Moleski, Office Coordinator, Child Study Institute (610-526-5900)
Michele Monserrati, Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Italian (610-526-5543)
Deborah A Moran, Kindergarten Assistant, Phebe Anna Thorne School (610-645-0204)
Lillie Morgan, Full Cook, Erdman (610-526-7411)
Pelema I. Morrice, Chief Enrollment Officer (610-526-6522)
Courtney Harmon Morris, Physical Education Instructor, Athletics and Physical Education (610-526-7348)
Thomas Mozdzer, Assistant Professor of Biology (610-526-5098)
Elaine O'Halloran Mshomba, Instructor of Swahili (610-526-6564)
Kirsten Mudd, Teacher, Phebe Anna Thorne School (610-526-7913)
Jancy Alejandra Munguia, Research Assistant - Prov Off (610-526-7503)
John J. Murphy, Project/Relief Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Shannon A. Murphy, Dance Instructor
Curtis P. Murray, Field Education Liaison
Amy N. Myers, Lecturer in Mathematics and Math Program Coordinator (610-526-6516)
Christian Myers, Development Officer (610-526-5834)
Jenna Myers, Admissions Fellow (610-526-5526)


Ganapathy Narayanaraj, Instructor (610-526-5383)
Sara Bressi Nath, Associate Professor of Social Work (610-520-2634)
James Naughton, Mailroom Coordinator, Post Office (610-526-7336)
Maryellen Nerz-Stormes, Senior Lecturer in Chemistry (610-526-5102)
Paul D. Neuman, Senior Lecturer in Psychology (610-526-5015)
Stephanie Newberg, Field Education Liaison, Social Work (610-520-2601)
Mark R. Newby, Utility Kitchen Worker, Erdman (610-526-7411)
Kalala J. Ngalamulume, Associate Professor of Africana Studies and History and Co-Director of International Studies (610-526-5042)
Hoang Tan Nguyen, Associate Professor of English and Film Studies (610-526-5403)
Maly Nhek, Production Manager and Assistant Unit Manager, Haffner (610-526-7408)
Adrienne Niles, Associate Director of Admissions and Team Leader for communications and Campus Visits, Undergraduate Admissions (610-526-5149)
Stephanie Nixon, Director of Diversity, Social Justice and Inclusion (610-526-6571)
Cynthia Njie, General Kitchen Worker, Haffner (610-526-7408)
Michael Noel, Professor of Physics (610-526-5363)
Bridget R. Nolan, Lecturer in Sociology (610-526-5677)
Andrew W. Nutting, Assistant Professor (610-526-5407)


Kirsten O'Beirne, Registrar (610-526-5041)
Kimberly O'Connell, Financial Administrative Assistant, Biology, Chemistry, and Geology (610-526-7374)
Joann O'Doherty, Executive Assistant to the Dean, Undergraduate Deans' Office (610-526-5377)
Patricia O'Donnell, Staff Nurse, Health Center (610-526-7360)
Barry O'Keefe, Officer, Campus Safety (610-526-7911)
Polly O'Keefe, Counselor (610-526-2645)
Ann K. Ogle, Academic Administrative Assistant, Psychology and Education (610-526-5010)
Seung-Youn Oh, Assistant Professor of Political Science (610-526-5077)
Iruka Okeke, Associate Professor of Biology, Haverford
Samuel Olshin, Senior Visiting Studio Critic in the Growth and Structure of Cities Program (610-526-5053)
Cheryl Osbourne, Corporal, Campus Safety (610-526-7300)
Mary J. Osirim, Interim Provost and Professor of Sociology (610-526-5167)
Thomas F Owston, Assistant Athletics Coach (610-526-7348)


Cara Palladino, Director of Donor Relations and Stewardship, Development (610-526-5161)
Diana Eun Mi Park, Technical Support Specialist, Information Services Department (610-526-7435)
Robin Parks, Associate Director - Publications Editor, College Communications (610-526-5232)
Kimberly Parrent, Assistant Director of Conferences and Events (610-526-7337)
Melissa Pashigian, Associate Professor of Anthropology (610-526-5002)
Nicole Patience, Dietitian in Dining Services (610-526-7417)
Vince Patone, Director of Systems and Web Services (610-526-7382)
Jessica Payson, Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy (610-526-5544)
Lee T. Pearcy, Research Associate, Classics (610-526-7804)
Amy Pearlman, Director of Client Services and IT Procurement (610-526-7447)
Hyewon K Pechkis, Lecturer in Physics (610-526-7846)
Joseph A Pechkis, Lecturer in Physics (610-526-5461)
Kelly A. Pennoni, Instructor in Physical Education, Athletics and Physical Education (610-526-7348)
Darlene Perry, Lead Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
David G. Perry, Inter-Library Loan Coordinator (610-526-5278)
Farnaz Perry, Drill Instructor of Arabic (610-526-6564)
Juliana Perry, Web Services Project Manager, Information Services (610-526-7554)
Laurel M. Peterson, Assistant Professor of Psychology (610-526-5012)
Agnès Peysson-Zeiss, Lecturer of French and Francophone Studies (610-526-5387)
Alex Pfundt, Educational Technology and Reference Librarian (610-526-7466)
Silvia L. Porello, Lecturer in Chemistry (610-526-5101)
Tanisha Nicole Powell, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Valencia Powell, Manager of Office Services, Copy Center/Post Office (610-526-5244)
Adrienne Prettyman, Assistant Professor of Philosophy (610-526-5060)
Olive Prince, Dance Instructor
Anne Pringle, Library Volunteer (610-526-7462)
Jennifer Prudencio, Associate Director, Employer Relations and Internships (610-526-5176)
Ashley N. Puig-Herz, Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish (610-526-6539)
Eric Pumroy, Associate Chief Information Officer and Seymour Adelman Director of Special Collections (610-526-5272)
Christine Purkiss, Library Assistant, Carpenter and Collier Libraries, Information Services (610-526-5653)
Christine Purkiss, Library Assistant, Carpenter and Collier Libraries, Information Services (610-526-4255)
Christine Purkiss, Library Assistant, Carpenter and Collier Libraries, Information Services (610-526-5653)
Marge Pyle, Executive Assistant to the President (610-526-5156)


Maria Cristina Quintero, Professor of Spanish, Director of Comparative Literature and Co-Director of Romance Languages (610-526-5080)


Amy M. Radbill, Production Manager (610-526-7571)
Liv Raddatz, Instructor in Growth and Structure of Cities (610-526-5383)
Meredith K Rainey, Dance Instructor (610-526-5210)
Michaile E. Rainey, Senior Associate Director (610-526-5173)
Del Ramers, Image Specialist, Visual Resources Center, Information Services (610-526-7917)
Ramaa Ramesh, Dance Staff (610-526-5210)
Jacquelyn Ramsey, Director of Nursing Services, Health Center (610-526-7369)
Michael Ramsey, Card Access Administrator, Campus Safety (610-526-5629)
Nancy Rassiga, Director, Language Enrichment Programs, Phebe Anna Thorne School (610-526-7633)
Charles Raysik, Driver, Transportation (610-526-5206)
Sydne Record, Assistant Professor of Biology (610-526-5094)
Brian P Reedy, Officer, Campus Safety
Cynthia Pushaw Reeves, Lecturer (610-526-5477)
Colleen K. Regan, Research Associate, Chemistry
Nicole Kimberly Reiley, Instructor and Head Volleyball Coach, Athletics and Physical Education (610-526-6579)
Elizabeth Reilly, Mellon Digital Curriculum Assistant (610-526-5474)
Joan M. Reilly, Research Associate, Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology (610-526-5339)
Greg Reith, Assistant Mover, Housekeeping (610-526-7929)
Leslie Rescorla, Professor of Psychology on the Class of 1897 Professorship of Science and Director of Child Study Institute (610-526-7318)
Eve Reyes, Lead Housekeeper (610-526-7946)
Roberta Ricci, Associate Professor of Italian and Co-Director of Romance Languages (610-526-5048)
Matthew J. Rice, Systems Administrator for the Sciences, Information Services (610-526-7316)
Rhiain Rice, Programmer/Analyst, Information Services (610-526-7418)
Jan Richard, Enrollment Data Analyst, Enrollment and Communications (610-526-5502)
Sameerah Richards, Administrative Assistant, Undergraduate Dean's Office (610-526-5375)
Raymond Ricketts, Lecturer in English and Emily Balch Seminars (610-526-7749)
Jeannette Riddle, HRIS Analyst (610-526-7845)
Beth Riley, Instructor and Head Coach of Field Hockey (610-526-7308)
Ruth A. Rin, Instructor
Felicia Rivera, Senior Assistant Director, Student Financial Services (610-526-5247)
Carrie Robbins, Lecturer in History of Art (610-526-5652)
Deborah H Roberts, Associate Professor of German, Haverford College
Elaine Robertson, Center Director, Professional Development HSV Certification Officer, Social Work (610-520-2614)
Lauren Robertson, Physical Education Instructor, Athletics and Physical Education (610-526-7348)
Emily Robin, Senior Associate Director of Major Gifts (610-526-5117)
Peggy Robinson, Administrative/Program Coordinator, Social Work (610-520-2605)
Michael T. Rock, Samuel and Etta Wexler Professor of Economic History (610-526-5179)
Marina Rojavin, Lecturer in Russian (610-526-5185)
Denise Romano, Director of Housekeeping (610-526-7946)
David Romberg, Lecturer in Film (610-526-5380)
Christina Rose, Assistant Dean of the Undergraduate College (610-526-5147)
David R. Ross, Chair and Associate Professor of Economics (610-526-5180)
Madge Rothenberg, Director of Institutional Grants (610-526-5126)
James J. Rowan, HVAC System Mechanic, Facilities Services (610-526-7930)
Matthew Ruben, Lecturer in English and the Emily Balch Seminars (610-526-7567)
Janis Ruise, Religious Advisor
Norman Rusin, Instructor in Italian
Jennifer Russell, Associate Director for International Recruitment and Coordinator of the Nairobi Exchange Program, Admissions (610-526-7473)
Trish Rutecki, Assistant Director, Student Financial Services (610-526-5515)
Tracy A. Ryan, Accounting Assistant, Alumnae Association (610-526-5226)


Enrique Sacerio-Garí, Dorothy Nepper Marshall Professor of Hispanic and Hispanic-American Studies (610-526-5081)
Stephen G. Salkever, Mary Katharine Woodworth Professor Emeritus in Political Science (610-526-5330)
Jacqueline Salmon, Field Instruction Liaison, Social Work (610-520-2600)
Lisa Saltzman, Chair and Professor of History of Art and on the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Chair in the Humanities (610-526-5346)
Joanne Sanchez, Processing Specialist (610-526-5145)
Lauren Sanchez, Laboratory Instructional Assistant
Maureen L. Sanders, Administrative Assistant to the CIO, Information Services (610-526-7431)
Rodney Scaff, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Christine Schaffer, Desktop Support Specialtist (610-526-7446)
Kathleen Schick, Driver, Transportation, and Dispatcher (610-526-5206)
MaryAnn F. Schiller, Administrative Assistant (610-526-7348)
Joel Alden Schlosser, Assistant Professor of Political Science (610-526-5291)
Jason Schmink, Assistant Professor of Chemistry (610-526-5361)
Nancy J. Schmucker, Associate Director of Alumnae Communications (610-526-5420)
Bethany Schneider, Associate Professor of English (610-526-5319)
Gregory R. Schneider, Lecturer in Mathematics (610-526-5350)
Ulrich Schoenherr, Associate Professor of German and Comparative Literature, Haverford
Marc Schulz, Chair and Professor of Psychology and Rachel C. Hale Professor in the Sciences and Mathematics (610-526-5039)
Michael B. Schulz, Chair and Associate Professor of Physics (610-526-5367)
Elizabeth Kimmelman Schwartz, Associate Director of Alumnae Engagement, Reunion Programs, Alumnae Association (610-526-7635)
Molly Cronin Scott, Associate Director of Reunion Giving Programs, Development (610-526-5299)
Russell Scott, Doreen C. Spitzer Professor of Latin and Classical Studies (610-526-5034)
Marianna Scribner, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Steven Sensenich, Unit Manager and Assistant Director of Catering and Summer Operations, Haffner (610-526-7409)
Pat Serpentine, Cashier and Accounts Receivable Assistant, Controller's Office (610-526-5251)
Maja Seselj, Assistant Professor in Anthropology (610-526-5032)
Jill K. Settlemyer, Development Officer (610-526-7556)
Azade Seyhan, Fairbank Professor in the Humanities, Professor of German and Comparative Literature, Chair of German, and Co-Director of Comparative Literature (610-526-5382)
Julie M. Shaon, Development Associate, Development (610-526-5654)
Janet Shapiro, Professor of Social Work and Director for the Center for Child and Family Wellbeing (610-520-2618)
Joshua Shapiro, Assistant Professor of Biology (610-526-5099)
Daniel Shappell, Corporal, Campus Safety (610-526-7911)
Douglas E. Shaw, Utility Kitchen Worker, Erdman (610-526-7411)
Julianne Shea, Library Assistant, Acquisitions, Information Services (610-526-5282)
Angie Sheets, Director of Residential Life (610-526-7334)
Rebecca Shelton, Programmer/Analyst, Information Services (610-526-7427)
Lesley Ellen Shipley, Lecturer (610-526-7747)
Denise Shipp, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Elliott Shore,
Isaiah Short, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Tiffany Lorraine Shumate, Assistant Director of Admissions (610-526-5410)
Anooradha Iyer Siddiqi, Lecturer
Gina Siesing, Chief Information Officer and Director of Libraries (610-526-5270)
Asya Sigelman, Assistant Professor of Greek, Latin and Classical Studies (610-526-7562)
Jennifer N. Skirkanich, Lecturer (610-526-5090)
Catharine Slusar, Lecturer in Theater (610-526-5422)
Terry Small, Utility Housekeeper, Wyndham (610-526-5236)
Barrington Smith, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Glenn R. Smith, Director of Facilities Services (610-526-7935)
Mariann W. Smith, Curatorial Assistant (610-526-5418)
Nona Smith, Director of Sponsored Research, Grants Administration (610-526-5298)
Janine Lee Somers, Senior Staff Accountant, Controller's Office (610-526-5256)
Rosi Song, Chair and Associate Professor of Spanish and Interim Director (fall 2013) of Gender and Sexuality Studies (610-526-5079)
Cindy Sousa, Assistant Professor of Social Work on the Alexandra Grange Hawkins Lectureship in Social Work (610-526-2623)
Jennifer Spohrer, Coordinator of Academic Technology Initiatives (610-526-7636)
Richard Stahnke, Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics (610-526-5412)
Katherine Kiefer Stark, Dance Instructor
Susan Starke, Nurse Practitioner, Health Center (610-526-7360)
Tara Stasik, Assistant Dean, Administration, Social Work (610-520-2612)
Tijana Stefanovic, Assistant Treasurer for Financial Planning and Budgets (610-526-7965)
Sean Steinrock, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Benjamin E. Stevens, Visiting Assistant Professor of Greek, Latin and Classical Studies (610-526-7959)
Betsy Stewart, Controller (610-526-5632)
Allyson Stonis, Production Manager, Dining Services (610-526-7411)
William Stroman, Mail Carrier and Postal Driver (610-526-7336)
Ellen Stroud, Associate Professor of Growth and Structure of Cities on the Johanna Alderfer Harris and William H. Harris, M.D. Professorship in Environmental Studies (610-526-5660)
David W. Sturgis, Director of Administrative Information Systems (610-526-7436)
Karen Sulpizio, Academic Administrative Assistant, Social Sciences (610-526-5030)
Sarah P. Sultzer, Assistant Director of Employer Relations (610-526-5175)
Robert F. Sutton, Research Associate
Susan Buck Sutton, Senior Advisor for Internationalization, President's Office (610-526-5158)
Joseph Sweeney, Sergeant, Campus Safety (610-526-7911)


Ana Tamayo, Instructor (610-526-5668)
Jia Tao, Visiting Assistant Professor of Computer Science (610-526-5061)
Katie Tarr, Senior Lecturer and Head Lacrosse Coach and Senior Woman's Administrator, Athletics and Physical Education (610-526-7305)
Evrydiki Tasopoulou, Visiting Assistant Professor in Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology (610-526-5383)
Shelia R. Tatum, Housekeeping Supervisor (610-526-7929)
Cat Tavares, Officer, Campus Safety (610-526-7911)
Arthur Taylor, Utility Kitchen Worker, Haffner (610-526-7408)
Jamie K. Taylor, Associate Professor of English (610-526-5314)
Linda W. Taylor, Psychologist, Child Study Institute (610-526-5900)
Linda ten Boom, Executive Assistant to Chief Development Officer (610-526-7384)
Christina Teter, Department Coordinator for Enrollment (610-526-5154)
Francis Thack, Associate Director of Prospect Development (610-526-5666)
Anjali Thapar, Chair and Professor of Psychology (610-526-5008)
Sarah Theobald, Academic Program Administrator (610-526-5509)
Alphonia Thomas, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Earl Thomas, Professor of Psychology (610-526-5013)
Kate Thomas, Chair and Associate Professor of English (610-526-5305)
Annemarie Thompson, Assistant Controller (610-526-5262)
Bryn Thompson, Academic Administrative Assistant, English (610-526-5306)
Kathy Tierney, Director of Athletics and Physical Education, Athletics and Physical Education (610-526-5364)
J. C. Todd, Lecturer in Creative Writing and the Emily Balch Seminars (610-526-5413)
Daniel P. Torday, Visiting Assistant Professor and Director of the Creative Writing Program (610-526-5304)
Victor Torres, Front Desk/Administrative Assistant, Dining Services, Wyndham (610-526-7405)
Ton Duc Tran, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Ellen S. Trantas, Associate Director of Development Operations, Development (610-526-7843)
Michael Tratner, Mary E. Garrett Alumnae Professor of English (610-526-5315)
Lisa Traynor, Professor of Mathematics (610-526-7460)
Lorett Treese, Archivist, Information Services (610-526-5285)
Gabriella Troncelliti, Instructional Assistant in Italian (610-526-5198)
Elly Truitt, Assistant Professor of History (610-526-5066)
Aaron Tsay, Senior Systems Analyst, Information Services (610-526-7963)
Marissa Turchi, Senior Assistant Director of Admissions (610-526-5151)
Charles Turner, Driver, Transportation (610-526-5206)
Jennifer Turner, Officer, Campus Safety (610-526-7911)
Rebecca M Tyler, Instructor and Head Coach of Basketball (610-526-5647)


Sharon R. Ullman, Professor of History and Director of Gender and Sexuality Studies (610-526-5043)


Peaches Vicencio Valdes, Director of Admissions (610-526-7474)
Thomas P. Vartanian, Professor of Social Work (610-520-2624)
Paul Vassallo, Director of Purchasing (610-526-5268)
Michelle Anne Ventriglia, Staff Nurse, Health Center (610-526-7360)
Robert Verdon, Maintenance Electrician, Facilities Services (610-526-7930)
Kim Vindler, Instructor in Social Work (610-520-2600)
Daniela Holt Voith, Senior Lecturer in the Growth and Structure of Cities Program (610-526-5053)
Laura Duncan Vriend, Instructor of Dance (610-526-5210)
Zorka Vujaskovic, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)


Celeste T. Wagner, Meal Plan Administrator, Dining Services (610-526-7403)
Jenny Miu-chun Wai, Research Associate
Alicia Wilcox Walker, Assistant Professor of History of Art on the Marie Neuberger Fund for the Study of Arts (610-526-5405)
Brian Wallace, Curator/Academic Liaison for Art and Artifacts (610-526-5335)
Emily Mitchell Wallace, Research Associate, Center for Visual Culture
Sara N. Wallace, Director of Principal Gifts (610-526-5551)
Erin J Walsh, Assistant Provost for Administration (610-526-5164)
Irina Walsh, Lecturer in Russian (610-526-5187)
Michelle Wang, Instructor of History of Art (610-526-7748)
Lauren N. Ward, Program Coordinator, Dean's Office (610-526-7867)
Megan Alana Ward, Database and Information Systems Specialist, Development (610-526-5216)
Vincent B. Ward, HVAC Mechanic, Facilities Services (610-526-7930)
Cynthia Washington, Associate Director for Affinity and Clubs, Alumnae Association (610-526-5233)
Robert Washington, Professor of Sociology (610-526-5392)
Mark E. Watson, HVAC Foreman, Facilities Services (610-526-7930)
Pamela A. Webb, Research Associate, Archaeology
Arthur Weidle, Sergeant, Campus Safety (610-526-7911)
Amanda Weidman, Chair and Associate Professor of Anthropology (610-526-5033)
Arlo Brandon Weil, Chair and Professor of Geology (610-526-5113)
Emily C. Weissbourd, Visiting Assistant Professor
Marianne Weldon, Collections Manager, Special Collections (610-526-5022)
Frank S. Welsh, Research Associate, Geology
Kristi Wenrich, Systems Analyst, Information Services (610-526-7442)
Oanh Whalen, Office Assistant,Pensby Center (610-526-6592)
Helen K. White, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Haverford
Susan A. White, Professor of Chemistry (610-526-5107)
Nikki Whitlock, Senior Lecturer and Head Swimming Coach and Aquatics Director, Athletics and Physical Education (610-526-7349)
Vera Whyte, Driver, Transportation (610-526-5206)
Maria T. Wiemken, Associate Treasurer (610-526-5177)
Michelle W Wien, Lecturer in Biology and Rosalyn R. Schwartz Teaching Award (610-526-5259)
Patricia A. Wilkins, Donor Relations Program Associate, Development (610-526-7387)
Richard Willard, Director of Science Services, Machine and Instrument Shop (610-526-7492)
Karen G. Willcox, Systems Specialist, Information Services (610-526-5697)
Christa Williams, Service Specialist, Student Administrative Support (610-526-5511)
George Williams, Utility Kitchen Worker, Erdman (610-526-7411)
Kevin Williams, Unit Manager, Dining Services (610-526-7411)
Mike Williams, Utility Housekeeper, Housekeepig (610-526-5236)
Morea A. Williams, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Robert P. Williams, Shift Lead, Housekeeping (610-526-7952)
Rohan Williams, Utility Housekeeper (610-526-7929)
Louisa Wilson, Senior Associate Director of Annual Giving Communications, Development (610-526-5338)
Michael Winston, Utility Kitchen Worker, Erdman (610-526-4711)
Daniel Patrick Wisniewski, Research Associate, Mathematics Department
Leslie E. Wood, Program Assistant, Health Professions (610-526-7350)
Robert H. Wozniak, Professor of Psychology (610-526-7342)
James C. Wright, Professor of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology (610-526-5336)
Nathan Daniel Wright, Associate Professor of Sociology (610-526-5394)
Yanhong Wu, (610-526-5027)


Dianna Xu, Chair and Associate Professor of Computer Science (610-526-6502)


Elna Yadin, Research Associate, Department of Psychology
Colin Yeates, Postal Assistant (610-526-7336)
Lester Younger, Utility Kitchen Worker, Haffner (610-526-7408)


Natalie Zamora, Admissions Fellow (610-526-5525)
Lisa L. Zernicke, Director of Conferences and Events (610-526-5058)
Changchun Zhang, Instructor of Chinese (610-526-7974)
Arleen A. Zimmerle, Reference and Media Librarian, Information Services (610-526-5277)
Julie Zona, Accounts Payable Clerk, Controller's Office (610-526-5257)
Christina Zwarg, Associate Professor of English, Haverford