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Important Deadlines for French Majors

Senior Year

Senior Essay:

    • Monday, February 15:
      Annotated bibliography due.
    • Monday, February 29:
      Thesis statement and outline due.
    • Monday, March 28:
      Rough draft of essay due.
    • Monday, April 11:
      Final draft of essay due.
    • May 2-5:
      Oral Exams

Senior Thesis: 

    • Thursday, October 8:
      - Declaration of intention to do a senior thesis.
      - Meet with Pim Higginson for the expectations for a thesis and the various deadlines involved.
      - Select readers.
    • Thursday, November 5:
      -Thesis proposal due. See details on linked guidelines page.
    • Thursday, December 10:
      - Final draft of thesis proposal due.
      - Set up meeting schedule with First Reader.
    • Winter Break.
      - Begin research.
    • Thursday, February 4:
      - Annotated bibliography due.
      - Set schedule of chapter submission with primary reader.
    • Thursday, February, 18:
      - Submit a full thesis outline and working plan to primary reader.
    • Thursday, April 7:
      - Rough draft of the thesis due to the primary and secondary readers.
    • Thursday, April 21:
      - Final draft of the thesis due to all readers.  Schedule oral exam.
    • May 2-5:
      - Oral exams. A clean copy of the thesis printed on high-quality paper due at the time of the oral exam.

Transdisciplinary Track:

  • September 7-11:
    - Meet with first (departmental) and second (outside) readers to finalize writing schedule. You will be asked to first produce an outline, then an annotated bibliography, and finally, chapters.
  • Monday, October 5:
    - Outline of project and tentative bibliography due.
  • Monday, October 26:
    - Annotated bibliography due. Ask your readers weeks in advance what that means.
  • Monday, November 30:
    - First chapter due.
  • Monday, January 11:
    - Second chapter due.
  • Monday, February 1:
    - Third chapter due.
  • Monday, February 29:
    - Rough draft of entire thesis due.
  • By Friday, April 4.
    - Draft will be returned corrected by both readers.
  • Friday, April 18:
    - Final Draft due.
  • May 2-5:
    - Oral exam. A clean copy of the thesis printed on high-quality paper due at the time of the oral exam.