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Activism at Bryn Mawr

Participants in the Program in Gender and Sexuality see an urgent need both for feminist theoretical work and for an active politics of feminism. Like most Women's Studies Programs around the country, Gender and Sexuality is both interdisciplinary and politically relevant; instructors and students in the program work continually to forge relations between analysis and the political aspects of feminism which are also of central concern to them. The Gender and Sexuality Program has, for instance, been a leader in the Praxis initiative at Bryn Mawr College.

Student Run Organizations at Bryn Mawr (full listing)

Rape Awareness Project

Women's Center
The Bryn Mawr College Women's Center, which is located in the Pagoda
building, is an open resource center that serves the greater BMC campus.  We work to address women's, gender/transgender, and sexualityissues (political and personal) through yearly programming and community education. Additionally, we support and maintain a student-operated sexual abuse support group in coordination with the BMC Health Center.

Rainbow Alliance

Activism at Haverford

Survivors of Assault and Rape (SOAR)
Haverford's student-run support group for all survivors of sexual assault and rape, regardless of gender. SOAR members meet once a week at an undisclosed time and location. Meetings are generally run Quaker-meeting style and intend to provide a safe, confidential, and supportive space for students. If interested in becoming a member or receiving emails, please contact

Queer Discussion Group (QDC)
a confidential student group the meets to talk about coming out, support, and other LGBT-related topics

Women in Action
a women's group that meets weekly both for emotional support and activist projects

Lambda Alumni Network, Alumni Office.

MASAR (Men Against Sexual Assault & Rape)

Men's Discussion Group, Steve Watter, Dean's Office

SAGA: Sexuality and Gender Alliance
Meets on Mondays, 10:00 PM in the Saga Lounge (Jones basement), Lounge hours: Monday-Thursday, 8:00-10:00 PM.

SARSE( Sexual Assault and Rape Survivors) Jen Trowbridge '04

Women's Center
The Women's Center is a nonpolitical space that is meant for the whole community's use. It is staffed by students employed by Marilou Allen, director of the Women's Center. During the hours that the Center is open, everyone is welcome to come hang out and use the Center's facilities. At other times, campus groups use the space for meetings (contact us if you would like to do this!). While many of the groups that meet in the center and many of the events the Center sponsors focus on "women's issues," the center hopes that all members of the community can be comfortable using the center.

Women's Discussion Group: Marilou Allen, Dean's Office

Women in Math & Science

Women of Color: contact -,

See also:

Community Resource Guide
Lesbian Bisexual Gay Transgender Center, University of Pennsylvania Comprehensive listing of organizations, hotlines, services,civil rights and politics,recreation, cultural life, opportunities, and events at Penn and in the Philadelphia area.

Activism at Swarthmore

Feminist Activist Sites on the Web

The Ultimate Guide to Activist Resources on the Internet
National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League
National Organization of Women

American Civil Liberties Union



Critical Path AIDS Project
Information on Safer Sex
Library of Congress
Feminism and Women's Studies
Feminist Women's Health Center
John Hopkins Medicine: Women's Health
Medline Plus: Index to Women's Health
Planned Parenthood Southeastern Pennsylvania
Susan Love MD Breast Cancer Foundation

Breast Cancer Network

Breast Cancer Info Center

Center for Disease Control (CDC)l: Breast and Cervical Cancer

John Hopkins Breast Center
Medline Plus: Breast Cancer
Medline Plus: Mammography

Depression and Related Affective Disorders Association (DRADA)
National Alliance on Mental Illness
Ending Violence Against Women, population Reports, Series 1, Number 1
Medline Plus: Domestic Violence
Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse
Rape Victim Advocacy Program
Eating Disorders in a Disordered Culture
John Hopkins Eating Disorders
Medline Plus: Eating Disorders
National Eating Disorders Association

The Body: Women and HIV/AIDS
CDC: Divisions of HIV/AIDS Prevention
CDC: On Hormone Replacement Therapy
Medline Plus: Hormone Replacement Therapy

Am I pregnant?
AmnioNet Fetal development & prenatal diagnosis
Association of Reproductive Health Professionals
Birth Control Methods from The National Women's Health Information Center

Medline Plus: Birth Control and Contraception

Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health
Online Birth Center: Midwifery, Pregnancy, Birth and Breastfeeding
Planned Parenthood

Pro-Choice Public Education Project
Ultimate Birth Control Links Page
The Ultimate Pro-Life Resources List

Legal Issues

Abortion Law Homepage
Abortion Rights Resources
NARAL Abortion and Reproductive Rights: Choices for Women's Reproductive Rights Center


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