A wide array of faculty from various disciplines teach courses that count for Gender and Sexuality Studies credit. This academic year the following faculty will be teaching in the Program:


at Bryn Mawr

Rick Davis, Anthropology
Carolyn Merritt, Anthropology
Casey Miller, Anthropology
Melissa Pashigian, Anthropology
Maja Seselj, Anthropology
Beth Uzwiak, Anthropology
Amanda Weidman, Anthropology
Peter Magee, Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology
Catherine Conybeare, Classics
Radcliffe Edmonds, Classics
Linda Caruso Haviland, Dance
Linda-Susan Beard, English
Anne Dalke, English
Jennifer Harford Vargas, English
Jane Hedley, English
Hoang Nguyen, English
Raymond Ricketts, English
Michael Tratner, English
Brigitte Mahuzier, French
Anita Kurimay, History
Bridget Gurtler, History
Sharon Ullman, History
Steven Levine, History of Art
Lisa Saltzman, History of Art
Michele Monserrati, Italian
Jessica Brook Payson, Philosophy
Marisa Marina Golden, Political Science
David Karen, Sociology
Erika Marquez, Sociology
Bridget Nolan, Sociology
Robert Washington, Sociology
Maria Cristina Quintero, Spanish
H. Rosi Song, Spanish

at Haverford

Ngwane Zolani, Anthropology
Ashly Bennett, English
Asali Solomon, English
Gustavus Stadler, English
Lindsay Reckson, English
Christina Zwarg, English
Ulrich Schoenherr, German
Darin Hayton, History
Kaye Edwards, Independent College Programs
Ian Blecher, Philosophy
Susanna Wing, Political Science
Anne McGuire, Religion


Steering Committee

Gregory Davis, Assistant Professor of Biology
Hoang Nguyen, Assistant Professor of English and Film Studies
H. Rosi Song, Chair and Associate Professor of Spanish, Co-Director of Romance Languages
Sharon Ullman, Professor of History and Director of Gender and Sexuality Studies