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Geology 101 - Physical Geology

Arlo B. Weil

Department of Geology
Park Science Room 130

At the end of our 15-week meeting, I hope that all class participants will have a fundamental understanding of the DYNAMIC third rock from the sun (Earth). Topics will include, but are not limited to: an understanding of geologic time, how our planet came to be, the physical processes that are, and were, active in forming our planet, what processes govern the physiographic features we observe around us everyday, the influences we have on the well-being of our planet, and lastly what as scientists and "earthlings" do we still not fully understand about this great planet.

Ultimately, I hope that this class inspires you to become keen observers of the planet on which you live, as well as provide you with the intellectual foundation to be able to think about, ask and answer many diverse questions concerning physical geology.

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