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Rudist bivavles from Baja California
Geology 203 - Invertebrate Paleobiology

Pedro Marenco in Sonora, Mexico
Pedro J. Marenco

Department of Geology
Class: Park Science Room 300


This course is designed to help students become well-versed in the methods, theories and applications of the broad field of invertebrate paleobiology.  In particular, we will discuss the biology and ecology of important fossil groups as well the intricacies of understanding the fossil record.  The course includes a two-day field trip to the Miocene of coastal Maryland during which we will collect fossils for a semester-long project incorporating principles of taphonomy, paleoecology and functional morphology.  The project will culminate in a paper written in a style appropriate for submission to a paleontological journal.

Learning Goals

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • identify important fossil groups in hand sample, outcrop and thin section.
  • discuss and explain evolution and the fossil record to the general public.
  • convey your research to the scientific community in academic journals.


This course meets twice a week for a three-hour period consisting of integrated lecture and lab components in order to apply learned principles to physical samples.

Classroom:  Park 300
Meeting times:  Tuesdays and Thursdays 1-4


The most current course syllabus is available on Blackboard.