Photos from ground-penetrating radar survey of Rhoads Pond, Bryn Mawr College campus, during lab for GEOL 205 (Sedimentary Materials and Environments), Fall 2003.

The field photos below show Rhoads Pond, the inflatable rubber boat used for our GPR survey, the alignment of the antennae in the boat, and various stages of the survey work in main bay and forebay.

Photo 1. Setting up gear on the south side of the main bay, Rhoads Pond.

Photo 2. 100 MHz GPR antennae aligned end-to-end in boat (center of antennae approx. 1 m apart); note aluminum supports beneath antennae in wooden floor of boat.

Photo 3. Start location of main bay GPR survey line, at earthen dam, N side of Rhoads Pond.

Photo 4. Nearing midpoint of main bay GPR survey line. Note concrete and metal box, behind boat. This structure provides access to pipes and valve at the Pond's drainage outlet. Future surveys will need to evaluate how much interference this feature creates in the GPR survey profiles.


Photo 5. Approaching shallow water toward end of main bay survey line. Note line tenders on shore the helped keep boat on straight track for survey.

Photo 6. Middle of forebay GPR survey line #2. Note inlet to pond (storm drain outlet) in background, near line tenders.

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