Below are links providing access to raw GPR data files for manipulation, processing and plotting.

Right click, or press-and-hold, on the links below to download the raw PulseEKKO GPR data files from the Fall 2003 survey of the pond. Note that there are two files for each survey line. One is the header data for the line, and the other contains the trace data itself. The EkkoView program requires that both of these files be present.

These data files should be placed in a new directory or folder named "BMCPondGPR", within a folder named "Data", within same directory as the EkkoView program files.

Be aware that when EkkoView edits or processes the data files, a new folder is created (e.g., "Edit1") within the BMCPondGPR folder. The orginal files are left intact, and copies are edited.

The filename suffixes (.dt1 and .hd) must be kept intact for EkkoView to recognize the files as GPR data.

Main bay line: data & header

Forebay line 1: data & header

Forebay line 2: data & header

Forebay line 3: data & header


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