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Geology 209 - Quantitative Natural Hazards

Arlo B. Weil

Department of Geology
Park Science Room 130

This course will examine the natural hazards that occur on Earth and their effects on society. The emphasis will be on 1) the actual risk that natural disasters pose, their geographical distribution, the perceived risk that people associate with them, and the various methods of response, and 2) the fundamental principles behind what causes natural disasters and why they occur. A complete understanding of natural disasters requires some concepts from mathematics, physics and chemistry. There will be a few equations, and computer exercises that will be quantitative, so you need some algebra and geometry from high school. The primary objective of the course is to arrive at an understanding and appreciation of the impact that extreme natural events have, or can have, on the lives of people and communities, as well as the geology behind these often devastating phenomena. To this end, we will examine the causes and characteristics of phenomenon like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, storms, floods, giant sea waves, meteor impacts, climate changes, and mass extinctions.

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