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Current Semester

Fall 2009

GEOL B101 How the Earth Works
An introduction to the study of planet Earth—the materials of which it is made, the forces that shape its surface and interior, the relationship of geological processes to people, and the application of geological knowledge to the search for useful materials. Laboratory and fieldwork focus on learning the tools for geological investigations and applying them to the local area and selected areas around the world. Three lectures and one afternoon of laboratory or fieldwork a week. One required one-day field trip on a weekend. (Elkins, Weil, Division II with Lab)

GEOL B203 Paleobiology

Biology, evolution, ecology, and morphology of the major marine invertebrate fossil groups. Three lectures and one three-hour laboratory a week. A semester-long research project introducing computer-aided morphometric analysis will be based on material collected on a two-day trip to the Tertiary deposits of the Chesapeake Bay. (Marenco, Division II with Lab)

GEOL B205 Sedimentary Materials and Environments

An introduction to sediment transport, depositional processes, and stratigraphic analysis, with emphasis on interpretation of sedimentary sequences and the reconstruction of past environments. Three lectures and one lab a week, plus a weekend field trip. Prerequisite: GEOL 101, 102, 103 or instructor permission. Recommended: GEOL 202 and 203. (Barber, Division II with Lab)

GEOL B236 Evolution

(Gardiner, Marenco, Division II; cross-listed as ANTH B236 and BIOL B236)

GEOL B310 Introduction to Geophysics

An overview covering how geophysical observations of the Earth’s magnetic field, gravity field, heat flow, radioactivity, and seismic waves provide a means to study plate tectonics. Also covered are the geophysical techniques used in mineral and energy resources exploration, and in the monitoring of groundwater, earthquakes and volcanoes. Three class hours a week. Prerequisites: GEOL 101 and PHYS 101, 102. (Weil)

GEOL B341 Marine Geology

An introduction to the structure of ocean basins, and the marine sedimentary record. Includes an overview of physical, biological, and chemical oceanography, and modern coastal processes such as shoreline erosion. Meets twice weekly for a combination of lecture, discussion and hands-on exercises, including one day-long field trip. Prerequisite: GEOL 101, 102 or 103, and 205, or permission of instructor. (Barber)

GEOL B350 Advanced Topics in High Temperature Geochemistry

A seminar studying the geochemistry and origins of igneous rocks. Includes igneous petrography and examination of the chemistry of igneous materials to approach questions about igneous petrogenesis. How to use major element, trace element, and isotopic chemistry as tools to study igneous systems. Prerequisites: GEOL 202. (Elkins)