Geology Events and Speakers

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an occasional pot-luck lunch for all students, staff, faculty and other FrOGs (Friends Of Geology).

TBA, PSB 259
Everyone is welcome!

Senior & Graduate Research Presentations

the last Friday of classes, each semester

Geology Major Tea

annually, in spring semester

The "major tea" is an opportunity for first and second year students to meet majors and faculty in Geology and learn more about the Geology major. Commonly, this includes spectacular photographs from the field and good food. Contact the major rep (below) for more information. Everyone welcome!

Major Representative Elections

Special Events

Welcome back barbeque: every September; this year Friday, Sept. 7th- ask the Dept Secretary for directions.
End-of-semester celebration: every December
End-of-year barbeque: every April or May

Stay informed...

To receive e-mail notification of these and other events in Geology, please join the geology listserve. The geolist is also used for important announcements regarding the Geo major, and to share information about summer internships and jobs.