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Dr. Pedro Marenco


Dr. Katherine Marenco

Branching columnar stromatolite
Branching columnar stromatolite from the Neoproterozoic of Sonora, Mexico


Paleontology at Bryn Mawr is focused on understanding Earth's changing life, climates and environments.  Pedro Marenco and his students use geochemical, sedimentologic and petrographic techniques to study mass extinctions and deep time climate change.  Katherine Marenco and her students are interested in organism-substrate interactions, Cambrian and Ordovician ecosystems, and ecosystem engineering (habitat modification through the activities of organisms). She is actively engaged in projects focused on the role of substrates in the Ordovician radiation and quantifying Cambrian bioturbation.  To learn more about paleontology at Bryn Mawr, visit Pedro Marenco's and Katherine Marenco's research pages.