IGCP-574 : Bending and Bent Orogens, and Continental Ribbons



IGCP-574 : Research Questions

Research Questions

1.Are bends lithospheric scale features, involving bending and buckling of entire tectonic plates, or are they thin-skinned, ending down against crustal detachments?

2.Is the stress field responsible for bend development orogen-normal or orogen-parallel?

3.Are bends of orogenic belts the result of the deformation in response to the same stress field responsible for orogen formation in the first place?

4.Are small-scale bends, for instance those affecting individual thrust faults and local portions of orogenic belts, attributable to the same processes responsible for whole-scale buckling of complete orogenic belts?

5.What drives the formation of large-scale bends of orogenic belts, and how are such bends accommodated within the surrounding crust and lithosphere?

6.Do bends of orogenic belts play a role in focusing and localizing crustal-scale fluid flow, and hence in the distribution and character of orogenic mineral deposits?

7.How do we palinspastically restore bends of mountain belts? Such restorations are crucial to understanding the paleogeographic implications of bend development.

8.Are there multiple different processes that result in similar looking bends, or can we identify some plate tectonic setting or process common to all bends of orogenic belts?

9.Can bends of orogenic belts develop at any time, or do they follow closely in time after the crustal-thickening events responsible for orogen development in the first place?

10.Has bending of orogenic belts been an important process throughout Earth history, or are orogens of certain ages more likely to be characterized by map-view bends?

11.Is bending restricted to orogenic belts, or can we identify pre-collisional bends that were antecedent to subsequent collisional orogenesis?

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