IGCP-574 : Bending and Bent Orogens, and Continental Ribbons



IGCP-574 : Meetings

Bending and Bent Orogens and Continental Ribbons:
Implications for the Paleogeographic and Tectonic evolution of Earth, and the structure of the Lithosphere.


Two meetings are scheduled per year.The meetings and field excursions focus on two main objectives:

(1) Testing of available models of bend development

(2) Identification of data sets necessary to resolve of the origin of bends in general, and to explain the geologic evolution and geometry of specific mountain systems.

Each meeting will involve a field component and a one or two day symposium that will include oral and poster presentations.Presentations will form the basis of peer-reviewed papers to be published in high-impact journals, both as stand-alone contributions and as special issues. Field guides stemming from these meetings are to be published as well. The proponents of this project have a strong record of publication in Geology, Earth & Planetary Science Letters, Nature Geoscience, GSA Bulletin, Tectonophysics, and other high impact journals that shall be targeted for publication of research stemming from this project.

Meeting 1: The Iberian Orocline
Location: Salamanca, Spain
Date: May
Host: Dr. Gabriel Guttierez-Alonso
Field Excursion: 5 day transect of the Cantabrian zone of the Iberian Orocline
Cohost: Held jointly with the final meeting of IGCP 497 (The Rheic)
and Meeting 1a (accessory meeting): The Caribbean
Location: Cuba
Date: March 16-19
Hosts: Antonio García-Casco (U. Granada, Spain; agcasco@ugr.es)
Manuel Iturralde Vinent (MNHN, Cuba; iturralde@mnhnc.inf.cu)
Field Excursion: Subduction and Arc Complexes of Central Cuba
Cohost: Held jointly with IGCP 546 (Subduction Zones of the Caribbean)
Meeting 2: Bent mountain systems of the Black Sea Region
Location: Ankara, Turkey
Date: October 5-9th

Host: Dr. Urdin Bozkhurt
Field Excursion: 5 day field excursion to Isparta Angle


Meeting 1: The Carpathians
Location: Vienna
Date: April
Host: Dr. Victor Mocanu, Dept. of Geophysics, Univ. of Bucharest
Field Excursion: The Hungarian Carpathiams
Cohost: Special Session of the Annual General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union
Meeting 2: Paleogeographic and tectonic evolution of southern South American and Antarctica
Location: Buenos Airies
Host: Augusto Rapalini
Field Excursion: The Patagonian Orocline
Cohost: GEOSUR 2010


Meeting 1: The Calabrian orocline, southern Italy
Location: Napoli, Italy
Date: April
Host: Stefano Mazzoli
Field Excursion: The Calabrian Sicilian bend of the Apennine Orogen
Meeting 2: Evolution of crustal-scale thick-skinned orocline in Kyrgyzstan and Kazahkhstan.
Location: Kazahkstan
Date: September / October
Host: Mikhail L. Bahenov and Natalia M. Levashova
Field Excursion: Lake Balkhash – a transect of the concentric, horseshoe-shaped mountain blet that forms part of the Ural-Mongol orogenic belt. The field trip will focus on Paleozoic arc sequences that make up the Paleo-Kipchak Arc.


Meeting 1: Bends of the Lachlan thrust belt of the Tasmanides
Location: Lachlan belt, eastern Australia
Date: April
Host: Peter Cawood
Field Excursion: The Lachlan belt
Cohost: Bi-annual meeting of the Specialist Group of Tectonics and Structural Geology, Geological Association of Australia
Meeting 2: Bent orogens of the New Zealand / Melanesian region
Location: Aukland
Host: Nick Mortimor
Field Excursion: The bent Dun Mountain ophiolite belt, Northwest of the Alpine fault, New Zealand
Cohost: New Zealand Geosciences Annual Meeting


Meeting 1: The Bolivian Orocline
Location: Argentina
Date: April
Host: Victor Ramos
Field Excursion: The Altiplano and the Bolivian Orocline of the Andes
Cohost: Argentine Geological Congress
Meeting 2: Fold – Thrust evolution during Sevier Orogeny: Formation of progressive arcs during crustal shortening
Location: Denver / Salt Lake City / Jackson
Date: October/November
Host: Adolph Yonkee & Arlo Weil
Field Excursion: The Wyoming Salient – a transect from Jackson, Wyoming to Salt Lake City, Utah, focussed on the frontal thrust systems of the Wyoming Salient. The focus will be on the local structural accommodation zones, along and across-strike distribution of strain, and on the kinematics and mechanics of rotation and arc development.
Cohost: Special Session of the Geological Society of America Annual Meeting


Stephen T. Johnston

School of Earth & Ocean Sciences
University of Victoria
PO Box 3055 STN CSC
Victoria, BC, Canada V8W 3P6
(stj@uvic.ca) Tel: 250 472 4481

Gabriel Gutierrez-Alonso

Area de Geodinamica Interna
Departamento de Geologia
Universidad de Salamanca
37008 Salamanca, Spain
(gabi@usal.es) Tel: 34 923 294488

Arlo Brandon Weil

Department of Geology
Bryn Mawr College
101 North Merion Avenue
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010-2899, U.S.A.
(aweil@brynmawr.edu) Tel: 610 526-5113


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