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Courses Taught by Don Barber

Fall 2009      barber in the lab

GEOL B205 Sedimentary Materials and Environments
An introduction to sediment transport, depositional processes and stratigraphic analysis, with emphasis on interpretation of sedimentary sequences and the reconstruction of past environments. Three lectures and one lab a week, plus a weekend field trip. Prerequisite: GEOL 101, 102, 103 or instructor permission. Recommended: GEOL 202 and 203. (Barber, Division IIL)

GEOL B314  Marine Geology
An introduction to the structure of ocean basins and the marine sedimentary record.  Includes an overview of physical, biological and chemical oceanography, and modern coastal processes such as shoreline erosion and other consequences of sea-level rise.  Meets twice weekly for a combination of lecture, discussion and hands-on exercises, including one day-long field trip.  Prerequisite: GEOL 101, 102 or 103, and 205, or permission of instructor. (Barber).

Spring 2010

GEOL B103 Earth Systems and Environment
This integrated approach to studying the Earth focuses on interactions among geology, oceanography and biology. Also discussed are the consequences of population growth, industrial development and human land use. Two lectures and one afternoon of laboratory or fieldwork per week. A required two-day (Fri.-Sat.) field trip is taken in April. (Barber, Elkins,Division IIL; cross-listed as CITY B103)