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PUBLICATIONS (page numbers link to online abstracts)

Magee, P., H.-P. Uerpmann, M. Uerpmann, S.A. Jasim, M. Handel, D.C. Barber, C. Fritz and E. Hammer, 2009. Multidisciplinary research on the past human ecology of the east Arabian coast: excavations at Hamriya and Tel Abraq (Emirate of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates). Arabian Archaeology & Epigraphy 20, 18-29.

Alley, R.B., J.T. Andrews, D.C. Barber, P.U. Clark, Why an ice shelf for Heinrich events? Comment on “Catastrophic ice shelf breakup as the source of Heinrich event icebergs” by C.L. Hulbe et al. Paleoceanography 20, PA1009, doi: 10.1029/2004PA001086

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Barber, D.C.
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Andrews, J.T., M.E. Kirby, A. Aksu, D.C. Barber, D. Meese, 1998. Late Quaternary detrital carbonate events in Baffin Bay (67 - 74 N):  Do they correlate with and contribute to Heinrich events in the North Atlantic?  Quaternary Science Reviews, 17, 1125-1137.

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