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Katherine Marenco


GEOL 203: Invertebrate Paleobiology (Fall 2012)

Biology, evolution, ecology, and morphology of the major marine invertebrate fossil groups. Lecture three hours and laboratory three hours a week. A semester-long research project culminating in a scientific manuscript will be based on material collected on a two-day trip to the Tertiary deposits of the Chesapeake Bay.

GEOL 236: Evolution (Fall 2012)

A lecture/discussion course on the development of evolutionary thought, generally regarded as the most profound scientific event of the 19th century; its foundations in biology and geology; and the extent of its implications to many disciplines. Emphasis is placed on the nature of evolution in terms of process, product, patterns, historical development of the theory, and its applications to interpretations of organic history. Lecture three hours a week. Cross-listed as BIOL B236, ANTH B236. (Co-taught with Stephen Gardiner)

Past Courses

GEOL 101: How the Earth Works, Laboratory Sections (Fall 2010)
GEOL 102: Earth History, Laboratory Sections
(Spring 2011)
GEOL 103: Earth Systems and the Environment, Laboratory Sections (Spring 2011)
GEOL 120: Origin and Early Evolution of Life (Fall 2010, Second Quarter)