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Katherine Marenco

Publications (* denotes student co-author)

Marenco, K.N., Bottjer, D.J., and Corsetti, F.A. In prep. Trends in Early Cambrian bioturbation: quantitative paleoecology of the Death Valley and White Inyo Mountains successions, western U.S.A.

Marenco, P.J., Marenco, K.N., and Lubitz, R.L.* In prep. The Kanosh Formation (Middle Ordovician, Utah): mixed siliciclastic-carbonate deposition within an oxic intra-platform basin.

Marenco, K.N., and Wilson, M.A. In prep. Palaeoecology of a cryptic shell-encrusting community: observations from ‘upside-down’ skeletozoans in internal moulds (Upper Jurassic of southern England).

Marenco, K.N., and Bottjer, D.J. 2011. Quantifying bioturbation in Ediacaran and Cambrian rocks. in Laflamme, M., Schiffbauer, J.D., and Dornbos, S.Q., (eds.), Quantifying the Evolution of Early Life: Numerical Approaches to the Evaluation of Fossils and Ancient Ecosystems, Topics in Geobiology Series, v. 36, Springer, Dordrecht, p. 135-160.

Marenco, K.N., and Bottjer, D.J. 2010. The intersection grid technique for quantifying the extent of bioturbation on bedding planes. Palaios, v. 25, p. 457-462.

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Marenco, K.N., and Bottjer, D.J. 2007. Ecosystem engineering in the fossil record: early examples from the Cambrian Period. in Cuddington, K., Byers, J.E., Wilson, W.G., and Hastings, A., (eds.), Ecosystem Engineers: Plants to Protists, Elsevier Inc., Burlington, MA, p. 163-184.

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