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Pedro Marenco

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University of Southern California

Geological Sciences

Ph.D., 2007

University of Southern California

Geological Sciences

M.S., 2002

University of Southern California

Computer Engineering and Computer Science

B.S., 2000

Academic Appointments

Bryn Mawr College

Assistant Professor


University of California Riverside

Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellow



National Evolutionary Synthesis Center:  Learning Evolution from the Fossil Record: K-12 Explorations in Deep Time
Project Leader: Yacobucci, M.M.
Co-Leaders: Marenco, P.J., Plotnick, R.E., Smith, D.M.
Proposal to use facilities at NESCent to develop strategies to increase diversity in the evolutionary sciences.

NSF EAR 0921127  Collaborative Research: New Chemo- and Biostratigraphic Framework for the Lower Triassic of the Western U.S.: Towards a high-resolution understanding of Early Triassic events.
Start Date: 10/1/2009
End Date:  10/1/2011
Principal Investigator, Marenco, P.J.
Award amount: $209,156.00

Current Students

Danyelle Phillips (class of 2014)
Alliya Akhtar (class of 2013)

Former Students

Hannah Gatz-Miller (class of 2012)
Sascha Patel (class of 2012) now at Vision Brazil Investments
Ryan Hertz-Thyhsen (class of 2012) now at the University of Wyoming
Christina Lee (class of 2012) now at the American Museum of Natural History
Danielle Niu (class of 2012) now at Dartmouth College
Julie Griffin (class of 2011) now at UC Davis
Erin Miller (class of 2011)now at Boston University
Ryan Bugnaski (class of 2010)